Sexually explicit books found in DOD middle and high school libraries

| October 27, 2022

Sexually explicit books were found in DOD schools for military kids. One book provided detailed instructions on having sex, another emphasized radical gender ideology, yet another book recounts the author’s experience with anal sex. One of the books provided the different names for breasts and male genitalia. Many of these books were added in the last two years.

From Fox News:

Middle Schools

Books found in DoDEA middle schools were found to contain stories of a 6-year-old engaging in oral sex, children becoming drag queens, discussions on masturbation as well as references to anal sex. Books such as “Trans Teen Survival Guide” offered information about changing one’s gender using hormones and surgery.

Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World

“Aristotle and Dante” by Benjamin Alire Saenz, published in October 2021, is about two teens who fall in love. Most of its pages discuss having sex, planning to have sex, sexual pleasure and sexual desire.

“I’m thinking Dante could charm the pants off me. And my underwear too,” the book said. “All I can think about is sleeping next to you. Both of us naked.”

Another book by the same author, “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” discusses masturbation.

“Dante enjoyed kissing. And I suspected he liked masturbating too. I thought masturbating was embarrassing. I didn’t even know why. It just was. It was like having sex with yourself,” the book said.

“Ari, Do you masturbate? I’m thinking…. I’m a little obsessed with this topic lately. Maybe it’s just a phase. But, Ari, if you do masturbate, what do you think about?”

Middle School is a Drag

The book by Greg Howard, which was published February 2020, is about a 12-year-old boy who starts a talent agency business for child drag queen performers.

One of the kids he signs is an 8th-grader named “Mistress of Madness and Mayhem.”

Fox News has additional information.


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I reiterate my comment in the next article, about the lack of a noose or hangman emoji.


Well, you can’t have everything. But we all know that Apple is busy coming up with critically needed emojis such as the “pregnant man” emoji.

Amateur Historian

Here ya go (My best attempt):

I \O/ l
I /\ I

Amateur Historian



Close enough.


It’s not “corruption of minors” when left/libtard proggies do it…


And this is also how they roll:
comment image

Hack Stone

Perfectly acceptable in a 6th grade library, but don’t you dare discuss these topics at work, or it is off to HR for you.


Take any of those books to work and hand them to a fellow employee of the opposite sex or not, and you will be charged with creating a hostile work environment. Which may result in you being fired, if not otherwise disciplined. That is akin to putting a “Penthouse” fold-out up on the office bulletin board.


I remember going to Dad’s workplace on a weekend and wandering around looking at the various ‘adult’ calendars there. As a rule they had a clear plastic sheet with a strategically placed bikini printed on it, but that never stopped me from taking a peek.
That’s when I learned some women shave more than just their legs.

Today, that would get you fired, but I’m beginning to wonder what some school calendars look like now…


This is sick, sick, sick with no vaccination in sight! How can it be stopped? It’s shocking that within my lifetime ladies in my family never spoke with one another above a whisper about anything in their personal lives and wouldn’t dream of being seen publicly in the bits and pieces of clothing we too often are exposed to when we reluctantly leave the sanctity of our humble abodes in order to re-supply.
When did we surrender decency, modesty, morality, and self respect for this filth?
I’m mid 80s and feel sick when I return. Is there a doctor in the house?
Throughout the years from the Civil War, men in my family who didn’t work in strategic manufacturing jobs served in the military and I would now if I could! You and your families have my sincere respect and gratitude.
Bless you each and everyone.


Wow, now the DOD is in cahoots with the school groomers.


comment image


I’m at a complete loss for words. It’s time we stop encouraging bright young people to join this shit show, they can do better.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Suggestion; research the relevant laws concerning sex, (child) pornography and minors. Find out what you need to do to have a sheriff (local/county/state) and/or MP (Federal) tag along with you as you go to the school library.
Start pulling the child porn books from the library shelves.
When a “librarian” comes along and starts making noises about you pulling books off the shelves, ask if that person placed/authorized these particular books on the shelf making them accessible to minors. Have the relevant LEO arrest that person for child pornography.
Push and push HARD against these pedo pervs.

Yep, these perverts aren’t gonna be stopped until We, The People, Rise up, Resist, Rebel, and Revolt against the groomers/molesters.

On my daily jaunts thru the news feeds looking for FGS, I see all kinds of articles on child molesters/solicitors/pr0n possessors getting busted/locked up for having this material and doing these things. I wonder if this a regional thing with the prosecution of it or the sheeple have just decided to let a very small minority force their perversions on the rest of us.

We gonna need more wood chippers.


We can fix this!


Sure, that sounds bad when taken out of context.

I’m sure Marie Harf (remember that colossus of intellect?) will remind is that this is a nuanced issue and story we are not astute enough to understand.


Heard an interesting discussion on a local Seattle station today while planting hardneck garlic…
It is acceptable to be transexual but not acceptable to be transnational.

One case discussed was Senator Elizabeth Warren and her claim of tribal heritage. Another was Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau and appearing in blackface.

If one, transexual is ok why not the other?


Before anyone gets excited, the only groomers I support are dog groomers.

The talk radio host was pointing out that the leftist/socialist party supports one but don’t you dare do the other.


There’s an old expression: “Be open-minded, but not so open-minded that you brain falls out.” I think too many people have had their brains fall out.

And transracial (not transnational) is another interesting cultural battleground — some claim that’s not the right word for people claiming to be of a different race than their birth one, because the word already has been used in adoptive families for a different meaning… but as someone who is all in favor of gay marriage, I’d argue the same applies there.

I may find a ‘transracial’ person who is bone white claiming to be black odd, just as I find a dude with a dick claiming he’s a woman odd… but I have no problem with them doing it as long as I don’t need to preferentially hire them, for example or magically know their preferred race lest I offend them.


When do we form up with the torches and pitchforks?


Too many of these around, definitely. When I was younger, our school had multiple copies of a book where a key plot point in an early chapter was two young girls -teenagers, at best?- scheming to rape their own fucking father in order to get pregnant.


What’s the context of the story? How explicit is it? Does it go into detail about the sexual encounter? Does it glorify the encounter or at least attempt to ‘mainstream’ the practice?

Old tanker

I fail to see how the numerous laws regarding pornography and supplying same to minors does not apply in cases like this. IMO the laws should be vigorously enforced and the pedophile responsible for making the material available to minors should be in jail, preferably in gen pop with a special pedophile prison uniform. Absent that there are other cures for it. One pill is sufficient to cure pedophilia.