Weekend Open Thread

| October 21, 2022

“You make my son look like Elon Musk… Failure!” In one of his YouTube videos, Steven He parodies being an Asian father who rebukes a ghost that paid his home a visit. The above is a Steven He meme that I used against a troll on Twitter, leveraging a word that is frequently mentioned in He’s videos. Enjoy your weekend!

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Congrats, I guess.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

ANd what a great birthday present (Sunday)

Commissioner Wretched

Many happy returns of the day!

Have a very happy birthday and don’t forget to thank your mom and dad! 🎂


Happy Birthday and Happy Lording over the finest gang of cutthroat killers, sham artists, show off’s, PX Heroes, and the occasional US Army Certified 9’Th Infantry Division Ski Instructors and proud dickweeds, all of us !!!

GO ARMY BEAT NAVY! and Chair Force!

A Rat from Kong on your FIRSTNESS! And another Congolese Rat for throwing a Birthday Party. Will there be cake AND ice cream?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

YES! Cake AND ice cream.


Blue bell, gotta be Blue Bell or Basking Robbins !!!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Let the celebration begin.
Top shelf imbibables.
Hand rolled ceegars from aged & cured Central American leaf.
Cat head biscuits fresh and warm from the oven.
Comfy easy chairs to sink into.

Darts! My invitation must have been lost in the mail!


Congratulations and salutations!

HOORAY!!! I wasn’t even at the computer much to my chagrin…I was in another office visiting with folks who had been out…catching up…so speaking of catching up….


Sorry, I mean PETDRSN, here you be…

I hear they may be available for a shot time and there also may be an opening for Prime Minister if you’re so inclined…


Cong Rats, Yer Royal Prez Sire!

Hack Stone

Not even close




Nope. Third. Best finish in months. I’ll take it.

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Commissioner Wretched

Congrats to the President Elect! In honor of his FIRSTness, I present the week’s trivia! All, enjoy!

Did George Washington return an escaped pet dog to an enemy commander in battle?
By Commissioner Wretched

So I’m on the prowl for something funny and unusual to wear for Halloween later this month. What can I find … especially if, as usual, I wait until the last minute to get a costume?
Well, let’s see … how about these ideas?

• Spam™ – yes, there is a costume for people who want to dress up as a can of Spam. Why you would want to dress up as a can of Spam, I cannot imagine, but there it is.

• Along that line, how about costuming yourself as a package of Oscar Meyer Wieners™ and hot-dogging it around the neighborhood? (I’ll be sorry I made that pun. It’ll ketchup with me, but I relish it.)

Commissioner Wretched

• Maybe a Barbie™ or Ken™ costume, complete with the box the doll arrives in?

• Or the silliest one yet – costuming yourself as a giant roll of toilet paper.

More to come as I search out the best Halloween getup for 2022 … but for now, the real reason you’re here. The trivia!

Did you know …

… the nation of India is named after the Indus River? What makes that noteworthy is the fact that the Indus River does not flow in India; it flows in Pakistan. (I’m not even going to try and sort this one out.)


If I recall correctly, at one time part, if not all, of Pakistan was considered part of India.

Dad was in India on oil business during the/a India/Pakistan war. He was disgusted by both groups.

Commissioner Wretched

… you’re never sure of who you chat with online? Take, for example, the couple from Bosnia who were heavily involved in online chat rooms, to the point where they each felt they were cheating on their spouse. The funny thing is … it turned out they were chatting with each other all along and did not know it. (“Funny” being a relative term in this case, though I’ll wager it made for some interesting discussions.)

… the first state to officially celebrate Father’s Day as a holiday was the state of Washington? The first official statewide celebration was held there on June 19, 1910. Father’s Day was the brainchild of Sonora Smart Dodd (1882-1978), who created the holiday to go with Mother’s Day, which had been recognized a short time earlier. (And we fathers are very glad she did that!)

Hack Stone

Hack Stone

That Bosnian couple should have caught on when it was discovered that they both like Pina Colada’s and getting caught in the rain.

Commissioner Wretched

… you may be in possession of a snood? Well, it’s possible, anyway. A snood is a type of hairnet that is used to protect and shape mustaches. (“What’s a snood?” “Nothing much, what’s a snood with you?”)

… a species of fish takes “til death do us part” literally? The Mahi-mahi fish stay with their mates for life. In the event one of the pair is caught by fishermen, the other will stay in the same location, waiting for their mate to come back. (And they wait, and wait, and wait some more …)

… before trees evolved, Earth is thought to have been covered with giant mushrooms? This would have been about 400 million years ago. (Now that’s a picture I would love to see!)

Commissioner Wretched

… a dog which escaped its British owner during the Revolutionary War was returned by the man who would be our first President? During the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777, a little terrier dog belonging to British General Sir William Howe (1729-1814) got away from its master and wandered into the area where musket balls were flying. The shooting stopped for a while, and the dog was scooped up and presented to the Colonial commander, General George Washington (1732-1799). While the soldiers who presented the dog intended for Washington to keep it as a trophy, the general instead had the dog fed, cleaned and brushed, then had it returned to Howe. (I cannot tell a lie, that’s a sweet story. Well, I can tell a lie, but I’m not in this case.)

Commissioner Wretched

… you are always able to see your nose? Your brain simply ignores it. (And if you’re Jimmy Durante, you have a lot for your brain to ignore! Look him up, kids.)

… the offspring of a zebra and a donkey is called a zonkey? (Sounds like something you win on Let’s Make a Deal, if you ask me.)

… a pound of quarters and a pound of dimes are worth the same amount? There are about 200 dimes in a pound, and 80 quarters in a pound. Both of those equate to $20. (There’s a good money joke in here somewhere, but I don’t want to try and dig it out.)

… some people may think that you are erinaceous? If they do, I’m sorry. Being erinaceous means that you resemble a hedgehog, either in appearance or with just a prickly personality. (So if your friends persist in calling you “Sonic,” now you know why.)

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Commissioner Wretched

… the first business to use a computer for its needs was a tea shop in England? In 1951, the J. Lyons & Co. tea shop developed the LEO, or Lyons Electronic Office, to handle its accounting needs. The room-sized computer could calculate sales, invoices, supplies, orders and payroll. The owner of the company purchased the computer despite having no idea of what a computer was or what it could do. (And the rest, as they say, is history.)

… London black taxi cabs are tall for a reason? The idea is so that gentlemen wearing top hats won’t have to remove them. (Yeah, like anybody wears top hats now.)

… anteaters have no teeth? That’s right, they swallow ants whole. (I’ll bet they tickle when they go down the hatch, too.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the president who gave the longest inauguration speech had the shortest term in office? William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), the ninth man to serve as President of the United States, gave an almost two-hour-long inauguration speech on March 4, 1841, after being sworn into office. The speech was 8,578 words in length. It was a cold, snowy day in Washington, and Harrison – a former army general – was not wearing any warm outer garments. Harrison caught cold shortly afterward, and the cold developed into pneumonia, which claimed the 68-year-old president’s life exactly one month after he was sworn in. (There’s room here for a joke about long-winded politicians, but I won’t do it. Boy, am I lazy this week.)

Now … you know!

Hack Stone

So his personal pronoun is He?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You bet’cha, buddy boy


Just missed it!


Maybe you mean this….

comment image

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Don Adams – Marine Corporal. Received the Purple Heart on Tulagi.

Edward Platt – Army Radio Operator in WWII.


Adam West – Drafted Army, served as a Television Announcer on AFRTS.

Burt Ward – Never served, Viet Nam Draft Number 327.

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Beat word, mine was 336


I was already getting a suntan in Phu Bai, Viet of the Nam when my number (072) was pulled. /s

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics works balls.


Had one of those moments at 0254 this morning when I went to wash my hands after answering another call of nature – and the tap just hissed air.
The well had quit on us.

Fortunately, it was just a case of a bug caught in the switch keeping the pump from coming on. But with the pump being 19 years old, it’s service life is close to complete. Gotta budget now for a new one.

Spent the day shade-tree mechanic-ing. But it went well, so my AST Mechanic’s Certification is still good.
(American Shade Tree)

Y’all have a great weekend.


Fire ants? Those little boogers love the electrical circuits on wells. Poe had to deal with them several times when he lived in Bandera County.


I checked for them Poe, but in this case it appears to have been a roach. #1 Son had a frog short his out.

Fire ants are a plague – we are constantly battling the little monsters.


I read Trump wants his deposition broadcast on live TV so there can be limited chances of “editing for time constraints “.

Let’s see who does and who doesn’t agree with his request.


He generated a spike of the ball that went 70 mph into the girl’s head.


What needs to happen is for all of the other schools on that team’s schedule to do the same. They can carry the shame of an unearned undefeated season. Hell, carry it all the way through to the state championships and they can get a meaningless title. That’s how you stop this shit. Just refuse to play along.


OAM shares a video with you knuckle draggers.


Awesome video!


The commander-in-chief (in name only) & the supposed most powerful man in the world is at it again. Bite-Me is totally lost.
‘Lord help us’: ‘Mental acuity’ of Joe Biden is ‘again under question’ – YouTube

Hack Stone

Are you sure that isn’t more malarkey from lying dog faced pony soldiers?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m-a-gonna say “Present” and award myself Honorary First once again.



I stumbled upon Steven He’s channel by accident one day and got hooked. He is great, super funny!

Old tanker

I had never seen any of that guy’s video’s. Pretty funny stuff, thanlks.


I’m not a huge fan of ocean fishing, the idea of bouncing a lure off the bottom never seemed like sport to me.

With all that being said:


INDIANA — School Board Candidate …NOT ALL NAZIS WERE BAD

He wrote, “All Nazis weren’t ‘bad,’ as you specify. They did horrible things. They were in a group frenzy in both cases you site (sic). Who is to say if we were both there in the same place and same time, that we wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

Keefer went on to say Nazis were victims of “presentism” — judging old acts by today’s standards — and said maybe one day … we’d look back at Covid differently, specifically when it comes to folks who threw such a fit about it during the pandemic.

I hope this dude runs for much, much higher office.

2028 Doctor Keefer, or you’re on reefer!

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Since I sniff a new phony coming…..

Here’s a known Phony Defender
(who tried to help out J.R. Majewski)….
now playing
Phony Good Dad.

While parading his youngest son at a recent event.
You know…
For religion.
And partisan politics.
Because he’s now all about the kids.

As he has
4 children with
4 mothers,
and a LONG history of being a deadbeat dad,
with abandonments,
stiffing moms for child support,
including arrears,
and even jumping states to avoid paying child support….

This history pretty much kills the Teddy Daniels
Phony Good Dad shtick.