Chinese ‘law enforcement’ set up shop on US soil

| October 7, 2022

The Chinese Communist Party has set up “police stations” in Europe and in North America. Individuals assigned to these stations are tasked with “persuading” Chinese nationals, in the nation they are located in, to return to China to face prosecution. “Persuasion” includes threats to family members still in China, to include banning children from attending school as well as shutting down bank accounts.

From Fox News:

Some reported tactics used to compel Chinese nationals to return include threatening and intimidating family members in China. A suspect’s children can be banned from attending school, and their family’s bank accounts can be frozen and their property confiscated.

“They will interrogate people, maybe detain people,” Harth said. “There’s also guilt by association. There are accounts of people being prosecuted or arrested for the presumed charges against their family members” abroad.

China will “do anything really to convince them to persuade their family members to come back,” she added. “Nothing seems to be too impressive or too harsh” for the CCP.

If those tactics fail, the CCP will deploy its international officers to directly approach the suspect as a means of “persuasion,” according to Harth.

“That’s a clear message to anyone seeking to leave China, already having left China, that you’re not safe anywhere,” she said.

China’s reported extradition missions operate without knowledge or approval from the local government, Harth told Fox News.

“This is obviously completely illegal. This is no regular international police cooperation,” she said. “These have been set up without any knowledge of local authorities, without any requests.”

The Chinese government has claimed that the stations provide services to its citizens living abroad, like renewing IDs and driver’s licenses, the Chinese embassy told The Irish Times. While that may be true in part, Harth said, the stations are largely used to enhance China’s overseas law enforcement capabilities.

The CCP’s idea of “enforcement” is broad. Chinese nationals exercising their freedom of speech in the host nation could find themselves in violation of one or a combination of Chinese laws. These individuals would be subject to “persuasion” to return to China to face prosecution.

Fox News has additional information here.

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National sovereignty, the Chicoms have it everwhere because they feel like it– bow to Beijing, lesser nations!

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AW1 Rod

There’s more.

A friend of mine who lives in that area (who hasn’t yet smartened up and gotten out of New York) tried to check the place out for himself, and was chased away.

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Just in about that:

“Republicans Demand Answers from Biden Officials on Report China Opened Police Arm in NYC,” by Houston Keene, FoxNews via Yahoo! News, 7 Oct 2022

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As long as “the big guy” gets his cut, he’s good with it..

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like the Nazis did when they were persuading “Good Germans to return to the Fatherland”.


Ahh, the German American Bund. They had summer camps, too. But theirs didn’t look like concentration camps. Maybe some of our computer ninjas can put up the satellite photos of this New Palz Chicom facility.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

My Grandparents in Richmond Hill Queens NYC next door neighbor attended the Bund meetings in Manhatten and he was of the Jewish faith. I remember my parents talking about it after the war……


Red Star above and the Crescent below with the Flag in the middle. Emperor Bi-Dung and Big ears are soo proud.

Someone read the Dead Sea War Scrolls and found Zuns Zoo!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

These places aren’t embassies, are they?
They aren’t sovereign territory, are they?

Dunno, probably not– not that the Chicoms respect anybody else, because they don’t.

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So, any accident that happens in, or, or to those places cannot be construed as an attack on their country, am I correct?

Asking for an acquaintance.


I’m sue the FBI would use all of their resources investigating such an incident, though. Trying to burn down federal courthouses, not so much.

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Here’s the address of the national headquarters for Chinese Communist Party law enforcement in the United States:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 


Commissar will show up to explain that China is not communist in 4-3-2-1.


Communists gonna commie.