Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Joe

| October 5, 2022

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Release in Response to OPEC+

The OPEC+ alliance of oil-exporting countries cut oil production to bolster sagging prices, a move that will adversely affect the struggling global economy. Vastly more important to Medicated Joe and his Handlers is the inevitable raise in politically sensitive pump prices for U.S. voters just ahead of midterm elections.

The decision comes between members of the OPEC cartel and non-members, the most significant of which is Russia. It will sharply cut the cartel’s oil production by two million barrels a day. In a statement, OPEC+ said the decision was based on the “uncertainty that surrounds the global economic and oil market outlooks.”

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) was built to alleviate domestic supply shortages in emergencies, not artificially increase supply to drive energy costs down.  Instead of addressing the root causes of this self-inflicted energy crisis, Joe continues to double down on policies that will not solve our economic recession and will fail to relieve prices at the pump.

The U.S. taxpayer spent the money to build the SPR, but the release does not directly benefit the U.S. consumer. Biden is dangerously squandering a resource and risking our national security for elusive political points.

Biden to release 10M more barrels from Strategic Petroleum Reserve in November in wake of OPEC+ cuts

Strategic Petroleum Reserve release will be in addition to 180M barrels released since April

By Caitlin McFall FOX Business

President Biden on Wednesday said he would release 10 million more barrels of oil from the U.S.’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in November in a move to counter raising gas prices again.

His decision was announced just hours after Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) said it would be cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day.

The cuts will restore the oil market for top producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia but are also expected to drive up costs at the pump globally.

But Biden’s attempt to circumvent the spike in gases prices, expected to hit the market in time for the midterm elections, may not prove all that effective.


The White House condemned the OPEC+ decision and said in a joint statement released by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and NEC Director Brian Deese that Biden was “disappointed by the shortsighted decision by OPEC+ to cut production quotas while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Fox News

That’s rich, Medicated Joe chastising OPEC about oil production. UFB. As for the SPR release, the United States uses some 20 million barrels of oil every day. Midterms are a month out and the fear is getting palatable.

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Hack Stone

According to the Democrats, America needs that gas to drive pregnant men to Planned Parenthood.


Hack, you don’t suppose the Saudis don’t believe in pregnant men? That maybe unlike everyone else in the world who all love American Ultra Progressives they don’t like them and maybe don’t want them to win the election?


When I tell people that we are selling off our war reserve of oil stocks so that the Democrats can try to win a mid term election by hiding the disaster of energy and economic policies that they implemented they look at me like they have heard it for the first time.


He better save some for the 2024 election!


He might not need if we lose the upcoming war because we are out of oil.


Are those Meta stocks? FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is cratering. Once one of the top 10 wealthiest individuals on earth – not anymore. His $140B paper wealth dropped to about $70B seemingly overnight and continuing its freefall. Layoffs, and closing of offices are the order of the day. Directly meddling in elections w/ Zuckerbucks, getting in bed w/ the corrupt FBI, invading privacy of users, censoring contrarian viewpoints, perpetuating wokeism, etc. Yea, the karma is real.


To break “woke” Facebook’s domination of America, all folk had to do was convince ’em a really bad rip-off of Second Life was the future of teh Interwebz? Who knew?

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How about “Come and Listen To A Story ‘Bout A MORON Named Joe”…

There. Fixed It For Ya.




We are stealing that meme you posted…


pookysgirl, WC wife

So am I!


How about “Come and Listen To A Story ‘Bout A MORON Named Joe” whose VP pick was nothing but a Ho.

Then one day he was swimming at the pool and someone said he’s nothing but a fool.




Our very own beloved AW1Ed has to approve your message!



18 second video:



C’mon man. Voting for Desantis? That dude ain’t black! 😷




Not only is the conservative side of the argument good at doing memes, but they’re also good at making predictions. This meme was generated on March 14, 2021.

Biden no need for Vaseline America his boot is already greased.png

We Like This One….


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Looks like I’ll have to go to sleep underneath an oil truck tonight so I can get up nice and oily and get on TAH to see if their is a SITREP about a man named joe the shmo


Ending the use of the reserves will cause a rapid price climb, all the better to encourage folks to buy electric cars.

Just wait. About mid November things are going to get very weird.


Get? Where’ve you been for almost a year now? Oh, wait… “If you think it can’t get worse, it can and it will.” –Brad Pitt



“About the time someone says’Cheer up! Things could get worse!’ they usually do.”


Well, if one bought shares or options in a fuel ETF (not naming names, but I used UCO. Do your own DD!) and rode it up, sold to cover one’s initial costs, then a savvy individual could cover any outlying costs with the house’s money. (what’s a contango?)

But I know nothing. Don’t listen to anything I: type, say, convey, directly or bourbonly, under act or deed, to the detriment of yourself and/or others. This isn’t advice, you’ll lose all your toenails.

Anywho,…. 1,000 round bulk Winchester packs of 5.56 NATO can be found at 42.4c/rnd for 55gr M193, and 44.4c/rnd 62gr M855, BUT to get those prices you need to purchase before 04DEC and use a rebate. (there may be cheaper, good luck)

^that however was advice^

Now back to the Kentucky nectar!


Seems high. I don’t normally buy at over .25/rd. M193? Who shoots with a 1:12 barrel anymore? Or even a 1:9? Unless I am varmint shooting, I don’t see the point. And why bother with green tip? Lot’s of better choices out there. Like rolling your own.


193 does just fine in faster twists.
Green tip is good stuff, for a’many reasons.
Generally I agree but reloading sucks and the target of suppressive fire doesn’t know what’s being chucked over their heads. Neither do steel gongs.

Hate to break this to you and the group, the lowest you’ll ever seen again for bulk 5.56 is 33c/round.

Quote me on that.


I was watching for this, waiting for ZSR reference. Not sure if it’s 5.56 velocity put pressing X to doubt.
Now if you wanna did thru all the foreign made garbage I’ll accept PMC to eat that crow.
I’ll insert the ‘yeahbuts’ here: I meant real, American made stuff.

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Lotta older 1:12 guns around. Not like they wear out in a hurry.


Better to have and not need than the reverse.

Buy now, you may beat a rush on it.


Some ammo did a 3X during The Demonrat-Facilitated Summer of Mostly Peaceful Riotous Destruction and Love, aka The Year of the Mostest Perfect Election of Allz Timezes.

I’ve said it before, worth repeating (imho): He who panics first panics best.

With this misAdmin’s constant flouting of normal constitutional process, by way of Executive Action and captured functions (I’m looking at you, “AFT”), there is no limit to how much they will attempt to thwart our Rights.

Plan accordingly.


Is it just me or does it appear that Russia and OPEC+ are trying to get Biden out of office? It’s almost like they DON’T want the Global Economic Forum (read: New World Order) to run the United States as another stepping block to the rest of the planet.


We, the corporation-pretending-to-be-a-republic, have been pissing off the planet for some time. An alternative to USD, a commodity-based trade union that could threaten US hegemony, is their goal.

To the pending down votes, I don’t like what I said either! Makes me feel like shit to admit a truth but look at it from the perspective of smaller, extorted countries.

Also, China is azzhoe and I’m not sure an OPEC+/BRICS+ union will be any more moral then the Fed’s manipulation.

There will be a change. This is certain.


Just think about the ramifications of monetary platinum

Pt World.png
Skivvy Stacker

Oh, don’t worry, the prices at the pump will go down as soon as Cotton Eye Joe warns those greedy gas station owners to lower their prices again.