Medley: Military wokeness investigation, petition to fire hard grader professor, missile crashes in South Korea

| October 5, 2022

Republicans look to investigate negative Biden military policies…

If the Republicans gain the House, one action it would take is to investigate wokeness in the military. Representative Jim Banks, Republican from Indiana, indicated that certain investigations would be a top priority. A GOP House would prioritize cleaning up the mess that Team Biden left with the military, to include the COVID vaccine mandates and other factors impacting recruiting.

From Newsmax:

Banks was asked whether the GOP would block diversity and equity initiatives, such as critical race theory.

“Those are issues that we’ve been very passionate about in the minority, and I guarantee we’ll be just as passionate about them when we get the majority,” Banks told

House Armed Services Committee ranking member Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., in line to be chairman of the committee if Republicans regain the majority, told the website: “All this wokeness in the military, we are going to be aggressively trying to root that stuff out.”

Republican efforts to roll back a vaccine mandate or other administration initiatives probably would be futile because President Joe Biden likely wouldn’t sign GOP-sponsored bills.

Also, Democrats could maintain control of the Senate — something that could prevent such bills from even reaching Biden’s desk.

However, Republicans controlling the House could result in messaging bills, as well as hearings and investigations concerning vaccine mandate, diversity initiatives, and anti-extremism efforts, reported.

Newsmax has details.

Students sign petition complaining about difficult professor…

jim joe college.png

Maitland Jones Jr., who has four decades of teaching at Princeton, was fired from his position at New York University. Students signed a petition complaining that his classes were difficult. They claimed that the grades that they received from the professor did not match the efforts that they put into the class. The petition pressed on about the high percentage of withdrawals and low grades.

From Fox News:

Jones, 84, told the New York Times that he started seeing a loss of focus among students about a decade ago, but the problem was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

“They weren’t coming to class, that’s for sure, because I can count the house,” Jones told the newspaper. “They weren’t watching the videos, and they weren’t able to answer the questions.”

A spokesperson for New York University disagreed with the way Jones’ dismissal has been framed, saying that in addition to the petition, Jones’ class also had a “very high rate of student withdrawals” and “evaluations scores that were by far the worst” across the school’s undergraduate science courses.

“In short, he was hired to teach, and wasn’t successful,” an NYU spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “NYU has lots of hard courses and lots of tough graders among the faculty — they don’t end up with outcomes that raise questions about the quality and effectiveness of the teaching, as this class did.”

Before lecturing at NYU, Jones pioneered a new way of teaching that emphasized problem-based learning over a “lecture-memorize-regurgitate facts” style, Princeton University’s Dean of Faculty wrote.

Could it be that the negative evaluations were driven by retaliation rather than by merit? Fox News has the article here.

A South Korean ballistic missile crashed during a joint exercise…

Missiles were fired as a part of a joint South Korean and US military exercise. One of these missiles, launched by the South Koreans, crashed on the ground and caused an impromptu light show. People who heard the crash and subsequently saw the burning took to the Internet, prompting officials to shed light on what happened. Netizens feared that the North Koreans had launched an attack.

From the Associated Press:

A Joint Chiefs of Staff official, who spoke on condition of anonymity during a background briefing, said the missile’s warhead didn’t explode during the crash and that the fire was caused by burning rocket propellant. The official said the missile fell soon after liftoff and that no civilian facilities were affected.

Kwon Seong-dong, a governing party lawmaker representing Gangneung, wrote on Facebook that a “weapons system operated by our blood-like taxpayer money ended up threatening our own people” and called for the military to thoroughly investigate the missile failure. He also criticized the military for not issuing a notice about the failure while maintaining a media embargo on the joint drills.

“It was an irresponsible response,” Kwon wrote. “They don’t even have an official press release yet.”

South Korea’s military acknowledged the malfunction hours after internet users raised alarm about the blast and posted social media videos showing an orange ball of flames emerging from an area they described as near the air force base. It said it was investigating what caused the “abnormal flight” of the missile.

Officials at Gangneung’s fire department and city hall said emergency workers were dispatched to the air force base and a nearby army base in response to calls about a possible explosion but were sent back by military officials.

The U.S. and South Korean militaries are conducting the joint exercises to show their ability to deter a North Korean attack on the South. During Tuesday’s drills, they conducted bombing runs by F-15 strike jets using precision munitions and launched two missiles each that are part of the Army Tactical Missile System.

Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was scheduled to return to waters east of South Korea on Wednesday to demonstrate the allies’ “firm will” to counter North’s continued provocations and threats. The carrier was part of drills last week with South Korea and Japan.

The Associated Press title for this story provided hints about their bias.


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Dr. Maitland Jones Jr. is 84 years old.

He must really love teaching!

“At N.Y.U., Students Were Failing Organic Chemistry. Who Was to Blame?”


“82 of his 350 students signed a petition against him.”


And the University Deans terminated Dr. Jones’s contract????

“University officials tried to placate the students, even allowing them to withdraw from the class retroactively…”

Sounds as if $$$$ for the University is involved in this…

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

At 82 Y.O., I don’t think Dr Jones has to worry about retirement. He can sit back & watch civilization crash & burn due to ignorant students who were allowed to graduate without passing required course work.
A big middle finger & a hearty “FU” will suffice.

Waaaah! The old phoagie made us learn the material and get correct results! He’s biased against non-thinking people!


Borrowing from a former President of the Medical University of South Carolina “Organic Chemistry is a memory marathon”

This was stated in relation to things they looked at foeprospective medical students.

As Medical School is a memory marathon how you do in Organic is a leading indicator how you will do at Med School.

Organic is typically a sophomore level course and is generally considered the course that washes most folks out of Chemistry degree programs. It also weeds folks out of Chemical Engineering.

I compare the roughly 25 per cent (82/350) of students who whined to my own experience of the final exam for Physical Chemistry

Thirteen of us took the final exam second semester Junior year. There were 10 Fs 2 Ds and 1 A. My F had a enough points that I survived and managed to pass the course, my roommate took it again the following year. One of the other fellows who took it again the following year failed it after having been accepted at Med School.


I don’t want a doctor who went to NYU now.


I went to undergrad with two friends who went to medical school after their military service. They both graduated and became MD’s. When home on leave a couple of times, I watched them study. From my limited observations, it looked like medical school was a huge exercise in memorization. Law school requires a substantial amount of memorization, as well. So, if one can’t successfully memorize stuff one wouldn’t otherwise care about, one’s success at either profession or their schools is questionable.


In spite of what the education-industrial complex says, memorization is essential for success in any field. All their crap about teaching kids to think instead of “rote memorization” is utter bullshit, an excuse for their failure to teach them anything at all. I am a math major, and I couldn’t have learned any sort of math without doing a shitload of “rote memorization”. Even learning how to do that “critical thinking” the so-called “educators” adore requires memorizing certain procedures or algorithms. Successful problem-solving also requires practice, and practice is basically memorization.


Got to know the material. All the “skills” in the world mean zilch without content for them to do stuff with.

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13 minutes of some great points by a Canadian, points to ponder!

The Struggle is Real…



Ole Brandon Boy and his Minions are dividing our Nation….


He didn’t believe or mean a word of that. Someone else wrote it, and he merely read it off the prompter.


That was worth a watch!!!!

Thanks very much!


And in the meantime…

“Texas Guardsman Dies By Self-Inflicted Gunshot On Border Mission”

Sadly, this will never stop. We had Soldiers take their lives in the Sandbox during the early stages of OEF and OIF.

The hardest thing to do was to notify their families that their Husband/Wife, Son/Daughter, Father/Mother did not die due to the enemy.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease. Suicide Is Not Painless.


Unless they’re actively engaged in some kind of construction project, you’re never going to convince me that putting National Guard Soldiers on the border is a good idea. Unless we declare war on Mexico and designate the border as a free-fire zone, troops on the border is expensive, counter-productive political eyewash. They can’t pursue, they can’t apprehend, CBP already has enough camera operators and admin staff. They can’t do anything without CBP supervision and that pulls agents off the line. Tucson Sector has already closed most of the highway checkpoints in order to reallocate agents. But hey, “I’ll put troops on the border” sounds awesome in political soundbites. The reality is very different.


200 Wisconsin National Guardsman to be deployed to Horn of Africa for 10 months. Oh joy, cross off Thanksgiving & Christmas at the homestead /s. Running low on AD troops?🙄 Could use NG assistance in SW Florida.
Wisconsin National Guard troops deployed to Africa (


Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti as part of CJTF-HOA?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I took early retirement at age 62 and am enjoying it. waiting to be in the 80’s and retire or keep working I guess depends on what kind of income is coming in if retirement is chosen.


Yup. As a happy retiree, life couldn’t be better.

As far as the prof goes, if he’s been teaching this course as long as I think, he could teach while in a coma. For him, it probably makes it worth getting up in the morning. Fair play to him.


When I was in college in the 70s, as an English major with a double major in alcoholism, I seem to hazily remember all the Pre-Med pogues sweating bullets of blood over Organic Chemistry. If only they’d known that they just had to bitch about how harrrrrrd the prof was.

Remind me to only get treatment from docs over 50 years old!

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About “woke” anything, this… well, such might not be the best for readiness:
comment image

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