The North Carolina wannabe Eunuch maker and the Georgia murder mystery

| October 5, 2022

Woman accused of attempting to castrate her stepson

A woman in North Carolina faces several charges, among these charges is an alleged attempt to castrate her five-year-old stepson. She was arrested on these charges, which includes attempted murder, felony child abuse, malicious castration, etc.

From Fox News:

Bracey Renee Byrd, 33, was arrested Friday and charged with attempted murder, felony child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury, malicious castration, first-degree kidnapping and three counts of felony child abuse with physical injury.

The woman was taken to jail and given a $2 million secured bond, FOX 8 reported.
An investigation into the alleged abuse came after the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office received a referral on July 29 from the Wilson County Department of Social Services about possible child abuse.

The child was taken to the Wilson Medical Center Emergency Department with third-degree burns and other injuries.

The young child was then transported to UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill for further treatment.

Fox News has additional details.

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Murder victim’s money transfer is close to daughter’s boyfriend’s owed fines amount…

This story has been ongoing since last month. A woman is reported as missing. Before she went missing, she wired her daughter some funds, informing the daughter where she could find the house key. According to the article, they have not yet named suspects in this case.

From Fox News:

The day before deputies discovered Georgia office manager Debbie Collier dead in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, she sent a mysterious money transfer to her daughter along with a confusing message.

“They are not going to let me go love you there is a key to the house in the blue flowerpot by the door,” she wrote to her daughter, Amanda Bearden, along with the $2,385 Venmo payment.

The sum Bearden received the day her mother went missing is “very close” to the amount her live-in boyfriend, Andrew Giegerich, owed in probation fines, two law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Viewers of the “Grizzly True Crime” podcast revealed the connection Monday, after adding up a series of imposed fines and calculating payments Giegerich had already made.

Fox News has the rest of the story.



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Uh, Oh…

thebesig: Have you been watching alot of “Dateline” or CBS’s “48 Hours” or “20/20” or “The First 48″…


That’s OK. We watch them as well…


Who needs television when there is the internet? My TV sits covered in dust 3 feet from my computer monitor, and I haven’t seen my TV remote in months (I only use it as a paper weight to hold a book open to the correct page). Hundreds of TV channels, all unwatched.

I must confess, however, that I have been known to watch the occasional TV show on the internet–“Have Gun Will Travel”, for instance. And my legal studies, of course–Judge Judy and Judge Milian (unable to find heart-shaped emoji).

E-4 Mafia For Life

I have the l ink to the Cliff Notes of episodes of Short Attention Span Theater.


Looks like Venn’s Razor meets Occam’s Cat in this Crazy World!


Andrew and Amanda might as well have erected a 20′ X 40′ neon sign pointing at their home, stating “We did it”!


This is why cops say the majority of crooks are stupid, and most are caught due to their own dumbass mistakes.

E-4 Mafia For Life

“Malicious castration?”
I’m all for benign castration of libtards and democrats as long as it’s irreversible.
And for the seriously stupid; emasculation sentencing.
This was an act of evil. It makes zero sense.


Would it be wrong of me to which Bracey Renee Byrd a chemical sterilization using a sulfuric acid douche?

That is my visceral reaction.

My considered reaction is that Bracey Renee Byrd is insane (at least in the sense that many feminists progressives are).


She definitely should no be allowed to reproduce or be around children.


…not…, dammit. Still not ESL proficient.