Afghan crew attempts to fly Black Hawk, they crash

| September 11, 2022

The Taliban’s defense ministry reports that a U.S. made Black Hawk crashed, killing at least three crew members. Five others were wounded. Afghanistan did have US trained pilots, but they fled as it became evident that the previous Aghan government was going to fall and be replaced by the Taliban.

From the Associated Press:

ISLAMABAD (AP) — At least three Afghan crew members were killed Saturday when a U.S.-manufactured Black Hawk helicopter they were flying crashed, the Taliban’s defense ministry said.

The statement said that five others were wounded in the accident during a training session overseen by Afghanistan’s defense ministry at the capital of Kabul.

It is not known how many U.S. choppers remain in the hands of the Taliban government. As the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed in mid-August last year, dozens of Afghan pilots fled to Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Afghan air force pilots played a key role, alongside their U.S. counterparts, in the 20-year war against Taliban insurgents that ended with the departure of foreign troops last year. The airstrikes inflicted heavy casualties among the Taliban and repeatedly drove them from positions they had seized in different parts of the country.

The Associated Press has more information here.

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Always figured the Taliban wouldn’t be able to fly the aircraft we left behind…at least not very far.


Hey, they did fly it as far as the crash site, so there is that.

At least when the ARVN Pilots ran out, they took their choppers with them. It’s almost like it was the plan for the Affy pilots to leave their aircraft for the Tally Bans. Too bad we can’t target the locations of all the equipment that was left behind with some Tomahawks…or just nuke the site from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.

I have exactly ZERO (0) phuques to give for these dead mofos.


Or more than once.


Cam whoring isn’t telecommuting you Norkbot.


Tallywhagger did not post this spam.


Speaking of not going far, trying to fake being one of you guys does not get me far.



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Tallywhagger did not post this spam.


Would’a been better if they crashed on a crowd of rag-heads.


Guess their pilots went to “The Bernath Center for Terrorists Who Can’t Fly Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.”


Were they also supported by All-Points Logistics?


Inshallah Flight School


I read this and laughed. I reread this in a Derek Zoolander voice and laughed some more.


Me too!😂😂😂


All they needed to know was how to take off.


“What is this? A school for ants!!”





“Flying” a helo is pretty straightforward. Getting it there and back again, not so much.

Hack Stone

A Board Of Inquiry investigation will show that the pilots killed were lacking in the requisite training for operating the aircraft. None of them completed their Diversity and Recognizing White Supremacy courses.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet they had no SHARP Training whatsoever as well!

Forrest Bondurant

They would all be alive had they been wearing reflective belts.

A Proud Infidel®™

Nearly any 1SG or CSM will attest to that!


What a shame…


There should’ve been more goat-f*ckers aboard.


I can’t believe those left behind did not have some sort of IFF
related hardware that without the proper codes would not get
them far. Or even better, controlled from afar. Just sayin.

Pave Pusher

That’s… not how any of that works….

Mike B

Read a recent article about a Afghani helo pilot that chose to remain and work with the Taliban.

Question is, how many other qualified pilots did the same thing…?


These “pilots” were trained by the unqualified pilots apparently.

The Stranger



Sent Kid Squid a text. He’s been chasing it all morning.

RGR 4-78

Suxs to be you BerTallinath. 😡 


Surprise, surprise, Sgt. Carter! Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could have seen this coming.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A damned expensive way to kill off some TallyWhacker MooseLimbs, but I’ll take any small victory I can get right now.


Lawndart stupidity by you, Abdul– no 72 virgins for that!

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” I will only show you this once!”

A Proud Infidel®™

A perfectly good Helicopter turned into scrap metal.


But it smelled like a goat?


Collective has various meanings, depending on the context. Man gots to know his left from his right, hat from his glove.

It helps to read the instructions before trying to fly stuff.


That’s what happens when prayer time gets in the way of the flight training…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



They got this. They just need to push on and keep trying. Maybe put some troops in the back as well.





Looks like the classic spill hot coffee in lap syndrome.

USMC Steve

At this rate of failure, I can predict with confidence that soon there will be none in the inventory.


This warms my old, angry heart.


A Taliban trying to fly a Blackhawk is like a Democrat politician trying to govern…  😜  😉  😜 

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