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| September 12, 2022


Seems like a bunch of minor things – but this is the kind of things that loses troops to CIVLANT when they could be retained.

The Air Force comes in at the top of the list –  Child care at Eglin is such a problem that since 7th SF moved in, they had to build a day care and the waiting list is still huge, despite an average drive of an hour ONE-WAY. Think of adding 4 hours to a soldier’s/airperson’s (?) day just to take their kid or pick them up.

“This is endemic of the retention and recruiting problem we’re having right now,” said retired Army Special Forces Col. Stu Bradin, president and CEO of the Global SOF Foundation.

Bradin got involved in advocating for a child development center after 7th SFG families approached him for help about three years ago. Recently, the foundation held a video teleconference about the child care issue, expecting around 25 people, he said. He was astounded when more than 500 people took part.    Military Times

There’s relief on the way, but part of it is pay-for-play like Montessori (not cheap) or 5 years off. I know, if the Army wanted you to have kids they would have issued them – but that attitude has been costing us good troops for at least 50 years I know of.

And again with the AF, now that they are phasing out the Global Hawk they have a bunch of enlisted ‘pilots’ who need jobs.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr. and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass floated their plan for those airmen in a November 2021 letter. They laid out options for the pilots to commission as officers, which requires a college degree, or to pursue enlisted jobs outside the cockpit like flight engineer, aircraft loadmaster or refueling specialist.

Many waited eight months before they were asked to list their three most preferred jobs. Some were allowed to commission as long as they stayed in the remotely piloted aircraft field, the letter said. One or two others were approved to train into non-RPA jobs.

Over the summer, they received bad news: Many were disqualified for most of the nearly five dozen careers they were offered in lieu of flying the Global Hawk.  Most of the positions were in understaffed fields related to information technology or communications, one airman told Air Force Times. They were tailored to early- and mid-career airmen, with few jobs senior enough for those transferring in from the Global Hawk enterprise.

Military Times II

Now, let’s not forget the Army: due to release a new updated Human Resources HR platform, they are kicking the can down the road:

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army — otherwise known as IPPS-A — was originally scheduled to go live across the entire Army in December 2021, before failed systems tests led senior leaders to order a nine-month delay

But the extra time wasn’t enough, despite the Army declaring in May that they were on track, and officials acknowledged that there’s not a new release timeline in place following the latest delay. Army Times reported Aug. 15 that another delay could occur after the service scuttled a scheduled shutdown of several older HR systems, with the IPPS-A functional management director acknowledging in a phone interview that a fully functional release wouldn’t be possible for Sept. 20.  Military Times III

Usedtabe contracts had clauses with penalties for non-performance – looks like government contractors don’t have them. Nice work if you can get it. (In fairness, the Pentagon is notorious for post-contract changes – if today they  wanted a replacement for a Jeep, by half-way through the build the spec sheet would build a C17.)

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“Army National Guard Launches Free Child Care For Soldiers During Drill Weekends”

“The National Guard Bureau launched a $3.6 million pilot program this month that provides free child care to eligible Guard soldiers in six states during drill weekends to help retain single parents in the service.”

“The bureau chose to test the program in six states — Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia and Washington — that already have a statewide licensing program to ensure that safety requirements are met. The nonprofit organization Childcare Aware of America, which already contracts with the Defense Department for community-based child care, will oversee the program and offer space in traditional and in-home day cares.”

Hack Stone

The Army knew what they were doing when they awarded the IPPS-A software contract to a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government. On the plus side, the procurement Officer received a box factory reject red hats from the company.


Sounds like there is a good business opportunity to open up a string of Child Care places near Military Bases. Maybe hire some of those single moms that normally work nights. Or some of the dependapotomuses that sit around most of the day eating Bon Bons and watching soap opreas.

They oughta keep them drone pilots. We gonna need ’em…soon. I have concerns that with the way the pilots of real planes are leaving, ALL of the aerial artillery platforms will become drones.

How many around here remember way back yonder when the JUMPS (Joint Uniform Military Pay System) was FIRST (ht 2 Hack Stone) rolled out? My pay and allowances were screwed up for over 4 months until Junior Senator Sam Nunn got an appeal from wifey. The Gnrl was not happy and told the F&A Major to get it straight or the Major would become a PFC. Good times!



We remember JUMPS!

We still have copies!

We also remember being paid IN PERSON as well as paying Soldiers.

And hand carrying our sealed records to our next duty station…😉






He’ll yeah!


And I remember guarding the duffel bags full of cash on payday.


“And hand carrying our sealed records”

They don’t do that anymore? Can’t trust those elite volunteer types, eh?

I remember being paid in cash in Germany. Pretty easy way back then when net pay was so little after making your way through the pay line. (gotta feed the 1st Sgt.s favorite charity, buy a bond, etc.). Then at Benning we got paid by check, and the first stop was the nearby off-post liquor store that also happened to cash paychecks. It had at least six armed security bubbas that I could see. Probably the safest place in Columbus on paydays. The busiest, too. Stand in line, (no sudden moves, hands prominently empty) pay the check-cashing fee, buy a 1/2 pint payday starter kit on your way out.

Ah, good times.


Yup. PCS-ed to Germany (from Korea, with TDY en route at Ft. Bliss) and Finance there (which didn’t do check-to- bank yet) ran out of 100s, 50s and 20s then used-up tons of 1s to keep from depleting their 10s and 5s too bad when I settled my travel voucher. (Made ’em redo the calculation and count to make sure.) Took it to community bank in a plastic AAFES bag.



You wrote:

“strip joints, payday loan storefronts, and used car lots outside the gates.”

We don’t think those exist anymore…alot of places/cities/towns have “cleaned” up establishments such as what you mentioned.

Have not seen any of those in quite some time.

Some bases have “lemon lots”, i.e. used cars, trailers, boats for sale.

Strip Joints? Been to alot of Army/Air Force/Navy bases and never saw any of those outside the gates of those bases.

Do know both Bragg and Benning (Fayetteville and Columbus) have really changed.

What we do see now are Fast Foods, Mom &Pop Restaraunts on various Ethnic/Culture Foods, Dry Cleaners, Barbershops, Alteration Shops, Daycares. etc outside of gates…WAY beyond those gates.

Even when we were Overseas, we never saw those establishments you mentioned.

When and where did you see those places?

Mike B

There’s a strip joint out the gate of Eglin AFB, the Matador Club.


Thank You. Mike B! Now We Know.

April 2022:

“From strip club to Brazilian restaurant? Mary Esther’s Club 51 building has been sold”


“It’s getting hot in here? Strip club catches fire”

Mike B

They referred to The Matador as the Matawhore when I was stationed in the area.

Picked up drunk aircrew from there several times, as I was a Designated Driver.


Hi, David.

Thought you meant 2022, not the 70s and 80s.

Isn’t that OBE since the daycare article you posted is 2022?

Fort Ord shut down in the 90s.

This happened in 2014 in Columbus, GA:

“Mayor seeks to close Carousel and Foxy Lady Lounge”

Columbus and Fayetteville have really changed from the 60s, 70s, 80s.

Not familiar with the gates outside of Bliss.

When was the last time you were at Bliss, Benning and Ord?

Heck, we remember when there were Enlisted Clubs, NCO Clubs and Officer Clubs at Army Bases. We remember “Bring Your Boss Night”.

We don’t think those Clubs exist anymore. We remember a certain US Army General Officer who tried to shove his personal religious beliefs (think Joseph Smith) down the Army’s throat in the attempt to ban alcohol, cigarettes, Playboy magazines, etc etc on Army installations, which MAY have started the disbanding of those Clubs….


We also had a certain US Marine Corps General Officer who tried to shove his personal religious beliefs down the Marine Corps throat in the late ’90s.

We referred to him as “The Poisonous Dwarf”.




“That Time Mormons Accidentally Went To War With The US Army”

“The Army had its ups and downs in the Plains Wars of the mid-1800s. There’s no denying that. Say what you will about their performance, they never sought to destroy American settlements. But, due to a bizarre misunderstanding, the Mormons of the Utah Territory thought the U.S. Army was on the way to wipe out their burgeoning religion.”


Probably had something to do with polygamy. Illegal in the US, but I read that the Saints had grown rather fond of wives #1, #2, #3,… and were quite upset with the federal authorities trying to sever those sacred bonds of matrimony–(probably out of sheer envy).


I may or may not have an ancestor who wintered over in northern Utah on the way to the California gold fields. He bought 4 lots in Ogden from Brigham himself about 3 days after the original survey was complete. Built a furniture store down the street from Browning’s hardware store. That got me wondering about a familial connection to St. John Moses. Turns out, ancestor moved to Willard before the birth of St. John. Turns out, he was baptized by John’s older brother. 3 wives soon followed. Well, technically 2. #1 kicked him out when he brought home #2.



Did not realize you made a snarky!

Please, next time, please use *sarc*

You have to admit…it did draw some conversation! 😆😅🤣😂

Thank You, David!


“Columbus and Fayetteville have really changed”

How about Phenix City, Alabama? I remember it as being off limits.


And if they weren’t near, there was always a knowledgeable cab driver who could find them.

Hack Stone

So just how are college girls going to earn tuition money?

Hack has a great story about attending a PME at the location formerly known as a strip club, which he will share when he gets off work later today.


What about college BOYs???

Guys strip as well!!

Equal Rights!!! After all, this IS 2022…and the Military DOES Female Military Members!!!


Hack Stone

Some time back in 1986, the French Creek Enlisted Club had a “Chippendale’s” type show for the female type Marines and dependents. Our Company Gunny, always thinking of the Marines under his command, told them “When those women exit that club when the show ends, they’ll be “all revved up with no place to go’. That’s when you guys swoop in, you won’t even have to buy them a drink.”


All the “those” bars are gone from Sheridan Rd. and Ft. Sill Blvd. off Fort Sill now– only Dragon West on Cache Rd. out past 82nd Street is left.

Foreign dudes who come here (usually from less partying-friendly places) ask “Is Dragon West still there?” often.

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They have probably moved a little farther out now that transportation is much more available to our boys in uniform. I do remember a certain hotel in downtown Columbus that had a certain reputation (The Waverly?).


“outside the gates.”

They must not have paid off the EM club/PX managers or matched their take from the club’s slot machines.

Freakin’ vultures at the Phuoc Vinh PX. Car dealer in the lobby where you could make a down payment and have a shiny new car waiting for you when (if) you got home, tight next to a custom tailor salesman–he takes your measurements, mails you nice suits, etc., from Hong Kong or India (with branch offices also at Benning, etc.)…

Don’t know how it is now, but there was never any lack of folks in or out of uniform, inside or outside the gates, who were more than willing to help you dispose of your disposable income back in the dark ages.

Hack Stone

Rumor had that back in 1982 – 1983 time frame, the last thing that the 29 Stumps Base Sergeant Major was able to push trhough was no beer sales at the Seven Day Store after 19:00. His retirement plan? He opened a liquor store, which was in the first strip mall outside the gate. Hack would have written Main Gate, but 29 Stumps had only one gate, not counting that rear gate out by the golf course, which nobody knew about.


My son, should sinners entice you, do not go if they say, “Come along with us! Let us lie in wait for blood, unprovoked, let us trap the innocent; let us swallow them alive, like Sheol, whole, like those who go down to the pit! All kinds of precious wealth shall we gain, we shall fill our houses with booty; cast in your lot with us, we shall all have one purse!” My son, do not walk in the way with them, hold back your foot from their path! (New American Bible, Proverbs 1:10-15)


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Hack Stone

Is that $85 an hour in US currency or in Red Hat Software?


He trades in BernathBucks and his closest companion is still in the Portsmouth jail.


> He trades in BernathBucks

Are BernathBucks used to invest in Monkress Mutual Funds?

Hack Stone

BernathBucks can only be redeemed at the Tigard Oregon Bi-Mart.