Patriot Day Open Thread

| September 11, 2022

The official name for September 11 in the US is “Patriot Day”, a day of remembrance. Today is the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Although the US is set to issue the last of the National Defense Service Medals at the end of this year, the fight continues. The other side intends to keep fighting on their end until the whole world is under the banner of their version of Islam. We must not forget that day, nor lose sight of what we must continue doing. 

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Never forget.

The Stranger



Disclosure, I am not the real Tallywhagger! I am not the first one that has tried to push a multi marketing scheme.



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Rest In Peace To Those Who Lost Their Lives On 9-11-2001.

* The Twin Towers

* The New York City Fire Department

* The New York City Police Department

* The Port Authority Police Department

* Emergency Medical Technicians

* Paramedics

* American Airlines Flight 11

* United Airlines Flight 175

* The Pentagon

* American Airlines Flight 77

* Shanksville, PA United Airlines Flight 93

Never Forget.

In honor of Colonel David M. Scales, US Army. He and I were stationed with the Army Staff in 2001 and met with others for Bible study during our lunch hour. I PCSed the summer of 2001. Found out later that a NCO who attended our Bible study survived, with burns from the Jet fuel. Two months later, my unit and I deployed forward to the Sandbox.


“9/11 Mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Awaits Trial After Two Decades”

Milo Mindbender

I was at work doing a tire swap when Neal Boortz came on the air and announced that a light aircraft had just struck one of the towers. He is an aviator and was confused because it was clear skies in the NY air space. I went upstairs to fetch a cup a coffee, and saw the second plane strike live on the news immediately knew it wasn’t accidental, and our whole attitudes would be changed.
The original date was rumored to have been the same date as the USS Cole, but people missed their flights and it got waved off.
We found the plans in Manila, after an apartment fire back in the 90’s but they were scoffed at as in doable even though it read like a Tom Clancy plotline.
I personally did not deploy, but several of my unit members have.
Thank you for reading my ramble, as the caffeine stabilizes my day.


The Bojinka Plot (from the plans found in Manila) was a little bit different; but likely would have been doable.


I was heading up to my camp in Aroostook County on a beautiful September morning. Could have waved to the sons of bitches that crossed at Houlton.
Never forget.

Old tanker

I was shaving having been retired a while. I heard about it on the radio then spent the next couple hours glued to the tv. I had pulled the pin from the Army in May 2000. A couple days later I got on the phone to MILPERCEN and asked if I could come back and help. The person on the other side laughed and said if I were an E-5 definitely, but they had more than enough O-5’s already. A few years later they called ME and asked if I were interested in returning but by then I had blown 2 discs in my back and would never pass the physical much less do PT. A whole career training and instructing and never used it.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has a reminder that today is known as Patriot Day […]

The Pirates Cove

BlueCord Dad

Lived and worked(29 yr LEO) in Northern NJ. That day I was in the shower getting ready for my shift when my cell blew up, closely followed by the recall order. Those people will not stop. Neither should we.
Fidelis ad Mortem


Definitely. And don’t forget what first responders and people trapped in the towers faced.


This is horrifying.


The fight never ends.


It has been 21 years since 9/11. KSM is still breathing while many of our fellow service members are not.

The FBI/CIA are spying on Americans while we let terrorist cross our border.

Our government and many of our fellow citizens will never learn.


Spot on, Senior, you nailed it. What the foriegn enemies of our Republic haven’t been able to do with explosives, they have done by installing domestic enemies into all levels of our grubermint…including but not limited to, The JEF. The Religion of Pieces is still a Clear and Present Danger to all of us. Never forget, yes, but sadly, some will never learn.

We had just finished watching Training DVDs on Outside Plant Security (Cell Towers/Remote Switching Sites, ect) when I shut down the DVD Player and the local broadcast came up just a few minutes before the 2nd plane hit the Towers. Pagers and cell phones were already lighting up to dispatch us to the just discussed locations. Ironically, Corporate Security had been more concerned with busting techs that got hurt on the job than with real security.

Topski beat to the mention of a Real Hero. Honor to meet Rick in the early 90s.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I mentioned in the past about going over the Manhatten bridge and seeing Tower 1 on fire and going through Chatham Square and watched the 2nd plane hit tower 2, and 3 out of 4 crew members made it out of Bank America tower 1 after delifering foreign currency and sadly the crew member in the truck parking garage didn’t make it. So RIP to all that didn’t survive that day along with FDNY/LBFD Brothers Terry Hatten and Kenny ‘Igor” Marino and post 9/11 illneses to FDNY/LBFD Brothers Billy Quick, John Eldrich and NYPD/LBFD Richie Wentz. RIP Brink’s co-worker “Joey” Trombino and My LBFD unit 233 rig Capt. Mikey Ornaur who went on a number of mutual aids into NYC. The rig looked like shit along with the bunker gear when they got back. My working hours prevented me from going during those mutual aids. After the horrific event, a mutual aid program was set up for Nassau and Suffolk County Volunteer Fire Depts. along with other NYS Volly and paid Depts.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The thing that sucked about Volly’s ocupying FDNY fire houses was that some of the FDNY Hard core union members didn’t treat the Volly’s right and there were houses with members that had Long Island NY Volly’s/ FDNY members that requested their own Volly rigs to stand by and were treated great. Some of the rigs were destroyed along with the 343 so hence the shortage. Now they have MOBEX (mobilization excersizes) with Volly’s going into NYC to drill with the FDNY and the FDNY Chief in charge told his members straight out about the treatment and getting along with the Volly companies and didn’t want to hear any bad shit about any kind of mis treatment.


I never made it down to help either Jeff. Still bothers me some days, especially this day.. I was walking out the back door of my station, coming off shift when wife called me and said a plane had hit the first WTC. Ran back inside, switched the TV from Sports center to news ( with much complaining from the crew) stood there and watched till just after the second plane hit. Knew it was an attack at that point. Drove home then, and watched the rest unfold at home with family.


His story was mentioned in an episode of shows on NatGeo last night – very difficult to watch but it is more important to watch and remember those we lost on this day. Also remember those they left behind, and the many who dealt with this horrible day firsthand.

The Stranger

Jonn used to put up a post regarding COL Rescorla (Ret.) every 9/11. COL Rescorla served with MG Hal Moore at LZ X-Ray during the Battle of Ia Drang Valley back in ‘65. RIP, sir and RIP to Jonn as well.


Hell of a man! The world is poorer without him


We thank God every year that due to a broken anle, our niece was stuck in a cab blocks away instead of in the subway under the Towers like usual.

Dave Hardin

When radical beliefs go unchallenged… unquestioned… unaccountable.

Faith in such things is a celebration of willful ignorance.

Islam is a disease of the mind.


Nailed it

RGR 4-78

To all of those lost that day and those lost during the war on terror, may you all Rest in Peace.


Our son was one of the thousands who volunteered in the years after.
Dad (WW II, CIB) was on his deathbed just before AB Son left. I remember him telling him “I’m going to be like you, Grandpa.” AB Son was deployed as SAW gunner for a Striker. Dad was machine gunner for his platoon.

God bless these young men and women who stepped up.
Our current Administration is not fit to lick the bottoms of their boots after patrol.

The war still rages on many fronts. Let us prove faithful on our watch.


Spot on GB


If TOW happens to be lurking. Hang tough with your crew and family today Brother.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I was retired & living/working in SLC.
All I could do is watch on the tube at work, rage and cry.

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Nice post Lars, thanks for the info




TNX Lars.
That was pretty good. My dad was a gunner/togglier on a B17.



Thank You for sharing this wonderful story…107 years old..Wow…!



I hope I am still driving my vette at 104. Not sure how everyone else will feel about it.


Thank you.

The Stranger

I just read that US military prosecutors are in the process of working out a plea deal with KSM that would take the death penalty off the table in exchange for a guilty plea.


Whatever they’re going to do, they should hurry before he dies of old age.

Mike B

I was at work when it happened. I was an Air Reserve Technician (ART), assigned to an AFSOC unit. We knew we would be deploying and started getting equipment preped.

A few days after the attack, the unit put us on Active Duty Orders, on 29 Sept we received Presidential Activation Orders (One year recall to Active Duty, that would end up being two consecutive years), two weeks later we deployed as part of TF Sword. Our unit was pivotal in supporting Hit Night on 19 Oct 2001.

After the Task Force completed its primary objective, in December 2001, some people/units went North some us went home. Up to that point we had aircraft at 3 locations, we consolidated down to one location. I went home, and three months later went back over.

Now I’m just an Old Grey Retired USAF TSgt….With a lot of miles on the chassis. Hard to believe it’s been 21 years already, in my mind it seems like it was just yesterday!

Never Forget….


I was on the other side of the world in Kosovo out in the Russian sector with my brigade commander when the task force battle desk called us to let us know what was going on. That was a interesting drive back to Camp Bondsteel.