Missing M240. Ooops…

| August 28, 2022

Seems the Army misplaced an M240 machine gun out at Ft. Irwin. CID is posting wanted posters (above ) to encourage anyone who knows of it to drop a dime.

Are you currently somewhere near the Army’s National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, California? If so, have you seen an M240B machine gun? If you have, or you know anyone who has, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division would like to know.

And now we get to the interesting part:

The poster says that the currently astray crew-served weapon was last seen on Aug. 4.

Task and Purpose

Two and a half weeks?

Wonder how many searches have been done? How many ‘police-call’ type lines of soldiers walking across training areas? I remember entire exercises being shut down while a missing weapon was searched for, and once when the entire 3rd Cavalry Regiment had to tie their weapon slings to their LBE harnesses with 3′ of paracord (really sucked for folks like M60 gunners) – for months,  over a temporarily misplaced rifle. Missing Machine gun? One suspects several links in the chain of command are cursing and preparing civilian resumes.

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“several links in the chain of command”

I see what you did there.


No way they can link me to this. Call my lawer. Tho that orphan would help to shore up the defences of the North Wall. If it shows up, I’ll let them know.   :arandammo: 


Same same. I’ll let them know if I find it. Later… Much later.


That’ll spoil your day/week/month/year

Gotta wonder what the heck happened.


Yea. Some knuckle lost a friggin’ K-BAR on a field maneuver once. The games were long and legendary. (Spoiler alert: No K-BAR was ever recovered, life moved on).


*Of course a K-BAR is much different than an M240. I imagine long sleepless nights were had be all…


Had a similar situation at Ft. Carson where some rifle went missing and they shut down all of the roads in and out of the base. Every car was searched, at least those leaving.

The weapon was eventually found but I cannot remember the specifics other than that it was recovered quickly.


Seems ol’ ‘Ret is in a posting mood today. So, this CWO I worked with walks into the COC one afternoon with a beautiful A4 (Ramadi ’04). “Hey, look what I acquired at the 7-Day! (i.e. shitty trailer that sells stuff when deployed) just now!!!”. Mind you, most Marines still had the A2 at that time, so we ogled it for a bit (it had a scope!). After about two hours of no Gy/1st Sgt/Capt frantically calling around looking for it, he got nervous and approached me with it slung on his shoulder. “Dude! What TF do I do with this thing!”. I told him to take it to SgtMaj B, and report it as a potentially abandoned weapon. So that’s what he did. The SMAJ eventually figured out it was from Ramadi Proper across the River left behind by some PFC Snuffy augmenting a QRF.! Yea, sometimes I wonder how the rest of his deployment worked out. Assuming, not so well… So, Just one of many funnies from the days. I have a headful of them. (Oh, they sent a second QRF just to retrieve it.).


We once had PMO and CID come shut down a live Tank Table VIII exercise (back when we had tanks there) at Ft Huachuca to fingerprint and interview everyone who had been in the field for a week in regards to a missing computer back on base that went missing a few days earlier, … several… miles away.

Oddly no one reported an M60A3 Tank idling anywhere near the crime scene around the time it occured, but naturally, we dirty reservist tankers must have been right at the top of the suspect list.


When I was a platoon leader my rule was that everyone drew out and turned in their own weapon. I got a new platoon sergeant in and he hated that policy because “other platoons did mass turn in”.

As soon as I left he convinced the new PL to do mass weapon turn in. The very first exercise they went on together an M9 came up missing. The entire unit spend the weekend back from the field on lock down for three days. It was found, some enterprising soul had hidden it underneath a conex, no doubt to retrieve it later.

The platoon sergeant was RFC.


Do you suppose SFC Dingleberry might have intended such?


He went to work for range control after that, so maybe.


If I find it I can keep it, right? Asking for a friend.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(just file and acid off the seial numbers)

Old tanker

My thought is by now the weapon is in the control of the cartels. How the unit got to leave without a 100% weapon turn in is beyond me.


[Shifty eyes]
Why no, I haven’t seen your missing M240B.
[Shifty eyes]

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Will a pic of the SAW be pasted on milk bottles????

Hack Stone

No, on the side of Monster Energy Drinks.


If I read correctly, not a SAW. While the minimi is an impressive weapon, it’s no 240B.

Incidentally, the M240B was the first weapon in my career to make me eat crow. I believed, and still believe, that there was nothing wrong with the M60 – but the 240 is a better weapon.

The Stranger

The minimi is the basis for the SAW.


IF you get caught with it, just claim you’re Taliban and Biden left it for you


Whoa…..searching that training area, in august, would suck much. Hell, it’s the damn Mojave desert! Too many nooks and crannies to hide stuff in.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Got two stories for ya, one AZ, one HI.
The AZ one is long, hopefully not too long.
Happened at Fort We-Got-Cha (Huachuca).
I was still active duty, and was TDY/visiting back to my old unit (11th Sig Thunderbirds). Found the whole unit in lockdown.
Found out that the unit had had an FTX.
One company had just put a noob (PVT?SPC?) into the arms room. When the callout came for the muster, instead of doing an individual weapon signout, the armorer allowed the PLT sergeants into the arms room, who just started handing out weapons without strict accountability. There were signatures on the inventory form, but no matchup between soldier and weapon.
(Inventory sez weapon #45 to PVT Snuffy, but PVT Snuffy was handed weapon #78)
Oops. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
At end of FTX, and weapons turn in, one weapon missing. Oops!
Normally, it would be easy to match missing weapon to inventory signature to soldier. BWHAHAHAHAHA!! Not this time.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Post-wide lockdown, stop-and-search at the gates of all cars.
Whole unit, including NCOs and officers living off post and on-post housing, were called in and restricted to the barracks. Period. Barracks. No PX. No messhall. Nada. Zilch.
The unit went back, AS A UNIT, to the FTX area to do a “sweep”. Multiple times. Weapon not found.
MPs and CID were called in to investigate and interrogate. Everybody. Weapon not found.
When I was there, the unit had been in lockdown for two weeks. Weapon not found. As far as I know, the M16 was never found. What happened to all involved, I don’t know, I’d left before it was over.
The only thing that I can figure, is that some enterprising troop realizing the “gift” that had been handed him (unaccounted M16), upon return from the FTX, found a way to immediately hide it/get it off post before the fecal matter hit the rotating oscillating device. And managed to keep their mouth shut (the hardest part) during the entire investigation.

“Post-wide lockdown, ….”

When I was in Germany in pre-terrorism days our unit ammo dump came up short one (1) case of hand grenades. Panic ensued. Unfortunately I had the misfortune of being on guard at said ammo dump the previous night. I got a personal escort (armed) for the duration and a free trip to Div. HQ for a follow-up “interview” with CID. An interesting few days until someone discovered the missing grenades in the back of a truck. Broke the monotony, and as a young and stupid and innocent PFC I had nothing to fear. Right?

Had two similar fuckups in 11th, both on returning from the field. #1, HHC 86th comes up with 4 extra weapons. A quick inventory shows that the 4 cooks attached to them for the field (cooks were from another company) turned their weapons into HHC, no serial number check. #2. A brilliant young 2LT is inventorying CCI upon returning from the field. He’s missing two Kik-13’s. He also finds another company is +2. He reports the two missing, doesn’t check the two extra or even report it. 4 hour lockdown. He finally mentions the extra two. Yeahhhh. Only time I ever heard the Bn Cdr use profanity. I even learned something new.


Just had to Google that. Wikipedia says—
“Even though the KYK-13 was first introduced in 1976 and was supposed to have been obsoleted by the AN/CYZ-10 Data Transfer Device, it is still widely used because of its simplicity and reliability.[1] A simpler device than the CYZ-10, the KIK-30 “Really Simple Key loader” (RASKL) is now planned to replace the KYK-13s, with up to $200 million budgeted to procure them in quantity”

As a taxpayer, I laugh through the tears.


The 13 was very close to Soldier proof. Held what was needed, nothing extra. The Crazy 10 held every damn fill and CEOI the brigade used and was excessive when you need like 3 fills. Very easy to accidentally zeroize too.


“The 13 was very close to Soldier proof.”

Every once in a while the Army gets (probably accidentally) a good piece of equipment. They then spend mucho time and money “improving” it.

A Proud Infidel®™

The US Army Motto is often “Fix it until it’s FUBAR!”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Episode #2 – Hawaii.
(Hopefully shorter)
As 625th Signal, support for the 25th Infantry (Electric Banana Leaf), Schofield Barracks, went to The Big Island, Pohakuloa Training Area (home of the Lava Dawgs), for an FTX.
During the FTX it seems as if some doofus NCO had lost a KYK13 crypto fill. Oops!
When this was found out, I was near a unit tent, and heard the Bn Cdr ranting about the loss. Now, if you remember the old AN/PRC-77, you’ll remember that you could attach a handset to listen and talk, but you COULD NOT attach a speaker to listen, even though they both had the same connector (different wiring). I heard that BN CDR through that handset as clearly and as loudly as if I’d heard him through a speaker. I
The entire unit was lined up to do a sweep of the area where the fill had been lost. Fill not found. Sweep again. Fill still not found.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(continued #2 Hawaii)
The only thing that saved the day was that a reservist was driving from one side of the island to the other through the PTA for a weekend drill, and saw/found the fill at the side of the road. Picked it up, took it to his unit, turned it in, contacted the 25th, all was restored.
HA! You think.
Long story short (too late!), The KYK had been attached to a PRC-77, all of which had been dragged down the road behind a deuce-&-a-half. Oops.
When the unit tried to turn the radio in for repair (broken front panel/torn off handset connections, full of gravel, rattled like maracas), I rejected it as it was NOT an accident or FW&T. I made the unit cdr fill out and sign paperwork releasing it for “destruction” (beyond 50% cost of repair, parts obsolete, older radio).

Fun times. And yes, I still miss “the life”.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Korea 92-93, 2nd ID Western Corridor , an extra-harebrained 2LT came up missing the KYK-13 he had signed for, and the SHTF over it . Now this field site was close enough to the DMZ that you heard their propaganda speakers 24/7! Said device was recovered when an alert Troop saw it hanging from a tree branch with its fill cable wrapped around it, and the LT’s reply? “OH, I think I let it there for safekeeping.” That Butterbar didn’t last but maybe 2 more months.


I’m betting they would find it if they drained Bicycle Lake. /s

1005-01-412-3129 Machine Gun, M240B

Cost to government: $19,500,00


How do you lose a machine gun? The gunner didn’t notice his 25 lb. burden was missing and he had both hands free?


Is the gunner accounted for?


I’ll bet there is less paper work for a missing gunner.


But did they complete their Gender inclusive training?


Train like you fight….


You lost a weapon, you say….?

Prior Service

I took over the HHC for an unnamed battalion in Germany. We rolled to the field the Monday after my change of command. Going down to the arms room to draw my gear I found the armorer issuing gear from one room where you would sign out everything on one sheet. Then go to another room to pick up your NVGs which you had already signed for. Nothing to prevent you from just grabbing whatever at the second window without signing for anything. You also passed two exits so you could’ve gone to any of three windows and then just left without a signature. At our return a week later, I’m waiting for the “up” from armorer and the 1SG up and releases all. Meanwhile the armorer tells me we are missing four pistols but it’s okay because the BN CDR’s driver “usually takes his home”, and others “should be” in the staff duty safe. What? Get all those soldiers in and weapons turned in. Fired armorer, loooonnng talk with 1SG, and redesign weapons draw to prevent future sensitive items free-for-alls.


My sympathies. How on earth did that Bn. ever pass a CMMI or AGI?

“usually takes his home”,

Shock and awe.
That is going to cause me brain seizures for a week.

Prior Service

Truthfully this BN was the worst unit I’ve ever been in and my HHC was a symptom of that. Everything was a fight. PT tests. Piss tests. Supply accountability. Weapons Qual. Training management. All basically non existent within my HHC and zero oversight from BN. My predecessor essentially lied (or didn’t know) about every failure, putting up 100 percent stats. This job was a nightmare. Six months in, we got two of the best NCOs I’ve ever worked with (MTR and SCT PSGs), and the 1SG finally said “I’ve been fighting you but I get it; I’m onboard now” and things started to turn.


Impromptu Poll:

Who all here on TAH has done a rotation at the NTC?

I’ll start it out: Myself with six rotations under my belt, starting from way back when the units road marched/convoyed their wheeled vehicles to Yermo/Daggett/NTC proper.


I wish. We trained the old fashioned way–

1)You’re dead!
2)No, YOU’re dead!!
1)BS! You couldn’t see me!

A Proud Infidel®™

Not me, but I once had a Subordinate who told me in NO uncertain terms that he’d rather go AWOL than to NTC again!

Prior Service

5 at NTC, 5 at CMTC/JMRC, plus about 25 OC rotations at NTC, JRTC JMPRC and JMRC.


Thanks. I thought that I had read in other posts that you were an OC at the NTC.

But judging by the responses perhaps only you and I are the only ones to have BTDT, although I seem to remember NBCGuy54 saying he had went out there once or twice.

Coupled with the NTC, I also did four trips down to the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site there in southern Colorado as part of Fort Carson’s grind it out scenario. We (1/12 IN, 1st Brigade) went down there in August 1985 for the inaugural rotation. Antelopes as big as elk were just moseying around and 1SG Peterson from C Co. ended up looking like a five- foot-tall dust bunny by the time we were done. /s But whatever you do, don’t step on the fossilized dinosaur tracks down by the Purgatoire River. Good Times!!



Did you ever read this 2017 Army Times article about NTC?


“Did You Hear About The Soldiers Stranded At NTC For Nine Days? That’s Not Exactly What Happened”


“Last October, an infantry carrier vehicle broke down during a rotation at the Army’s California-based National Training Center. Two soldiers were asked to guard it until they could get a tow, which came two days later.”

” But when someone tipped off U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments, the story turned into two soldiers stranded and alone for nine days until one of them walked miles to find help.”

Thank You for sharing your fun times at good ole Fort Irwin…especially the story about 1SG Peterson!!

Prior Service

I was an OC at Hohenfels for two years. Did guest augmentation at other CTCs Only trained at Pinyon Canyon once and that place was on fire with mosquitoes. Glad to have never gone back!!


We had a captain off at some school–and I can’t remember where–who was off on a bicycle ride one weekend out in the boonies of this post and discovered a 113 upside down in the bottom of a creek.

The guys at the Provost Marshal’s office didn’t believe him at first but he finally convinced them to come look.

Turned out it belonged to a reserve unit who’d been there on Annual Training some months prior.

As a former supply guy, that story always gave me chills, wondering how many inventories had been dummied up and who signed off on them.

That sort of thing that can sure fuck up a career.