Mixed news: Nadler beats Maloney.

| August 25, 2022

Part of the consequences of court-mandated redistricting in states like New York that they lost Congressional districts.  The change pitted Jerry Nadler (D), the fella that led impeachment against  Trump as head of the Judiciary Committee, against Carolyn Maloney (D), chairman of the House Oversight and Reform committee, in the same new district. She is the one who just proposed a 20% special income tax on manufacturers of “assault weapons” and holding the hearings demonizing the ‘horrifying’ gun advertising.  Both are career pols in their 70s, and walking demos of the need for term limits. Between them they have been in Congress over 50 years.

Skirting their obvious proclivities for bad politics, they did provide some amusement value:  He reminded voters of her oft-times off and , shall we say, less than sober behavior (notiong he never actually accused her of being intozicated.)  Her campaign, on the other hand, suggested he was “half dead”, questioned his grip on things, and suggested people read a NY Post article that called Nadler “senile.”

Maloney has told people privately that Nadler is “half dead” and insinuated he won’t be healthy enough to finish another term if he wins, and people associated with her campaign have suggested that Nadler secretly briefly lost consciousness at a campaign stop last week. (His campaign has said that rather than losing consciousness, he tripped on a subway grate.)
She’s also urged voters to read a New York Post editorial that called Nadler “senile” and questioned his grip on reality.
Nadler allies, meanwhile, have whispered reminders about Maloney’s long history of odd remarks and demeanor, which ranges from being called kooky to not entirely sober. A Maloney spokesperson did not respond to questions about those comments.

Friends for many years, the two Democrats lamented having to run against each other — something that only happened after a court redrew the boundaries of the state’s congressional districts after concluding the legislature botched the process.

“I didn’t want to run against my good friend, Jerry Nadler,” Maloney said at a recent debate. “We have been friends and allies for years. Unfortunately, we were drawn into the same district.”

AP via Yahoo

Since despite the redrawn maps this is a ‘safe’ Democratic district, looks like we’re stuck with Nadler another two years.

Seems to me their actual campaign actions belied all that collegial hail-fellow-well-met they claimed. Only thing better than watching the lizard people  eat their young is watching them cannibalize each other.


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“My good friend” is how a congresscritter says ” that sumbich over there”

Hack Stone

This is the political equivalent of The Beatles breaking up. Does that make Nancy Pelosi Yoko Ono?


Mr. Stone,
I’m a very patient man- too much so I’m sure many feel. However, if you ever conflate Nancy Pelosi and Yoko Ono again the risk of opening the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse is too great, and measures will have to be taken.
You have been warned.



At the risk of flying into a danger zone and defending Hack Stone, Good Sir, Mr. Stone was simply comparing a drunk (SanFranHag Pigalousy) and a whore (Oh No it’s Yokook) to another (political) whore (Nadnuzzler) and drunk (FullaBaloney). Forgive him Father for he knows not what he does. We can only pray that any actions opening the Sixth Seal will be put on ice, man or else our goose will be cooked. Maybe we can solve the problem of NoNads and his alter person (she’s him in Levine dress) by turning to the Gospel of Saint JMB (HBHN) Rev 19 V 11.


Oh sure. Next he’ll be throwing Das Hildebeast into the mix.
These things are best stopped early.

Green Thumb

A turd vs a piece of shit.

The winner was the one who would not flush.

The loser is the folks in this district.

USMC Steve

Not really. They keep voting overwhelmingly for socialist democrats, so they deserve everything they get from them. Nadler could not have gotten there without the idiots who voted for him.

Hack Stone

We were not aware that the home porn industry paid so well. $13,000 a month? Hack Stone just may give up his job of Director of Media Relations of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.

A Proud Infidel®™️

IMHO in that place the actual vote count means nothing, it’s what the local mafias want and then they rig the vote that way.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Oh, what damned MLM/Ponzi scheme are you pimping?


The ghost of Jubal is going to haunt you for appropriating his name and title.

jubal early.jpg

Maloney failed the Penguin Dance competition.

Jerry Nadler’s Penguin Dance – Bing video


Here’s the dance tune.


comment image

jeff LPH 3 63-66

So now she believes the New York Post???!!!!


And when Nader  💩  on live TV.


So, the U.S. will be stuck with No Nuts Nadler for another two years?