NJ VA home Covid death suits

| August 25, 2022

Lawsuits filed over the high number of deaths at two NJ VA homes are showing how bad decisions by unqualified people killed off hundreds of patients.

One nurse at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial at Menlo Park …went to Walmart to buy fabric to make her own (mask), she was threatened that “there could be consequences” for violating the facility’s no-mask mandate.

Accusing the state of being “grossly negligent, knowingly careless, and reckless,” while deviating from accepted standards of long-term care when the first threats of COVID began to appear, the complaints… cited disciplinary threats and termination for wearing masks. The lawsuits also allege that state and nursing home administrators deliberately released misinformation on the number of cases as residents kept getting sick and died in droves.

They also charged that Menlo Park’s nursing staff was directed to cease testing residents for COVID after several residents tested positive, and forced presumably COVID-positive employees to work at the Menlo Park Home.

In some cases, according to the complaints, public statements were released that were at odds with information the department had in hand, according to internal emails.

Two of the state’s veterans homes — the one in Menlo Park and a second in Paramus — reported some of the highest COVID-related death tolls in the nation. A third state-operated facility is in Vineland. Overall, COVID claimed the lives of more than 200 residents and staff in the veteran’s homes, according to the state.


The state is already on the hook for almost $70 million in compensation related to these deaths. At one home, they are still considered to be in a Covid outbreak that started around Thanksgiving.

If you’re going to read the article (which I recommend) take your blood pressure meds first.

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AW1 Rod

Wow! This is beyond negligence and incompetence! This is criminal malfeasance!

Old tanker

I want to know who the hell decided politicians made medical decisions, as in placing covid patients in nursing homes. Was this a typical political decision blunder or a means to gain more graveyard voters?


The same people who let insurance companies dictate to physicians what they can and cannot do for their patients.

Heads should roll. Or hang, whichever.


Yep! I have rope…and scaffold building materials. And, ‘lest we forget…the murderous bastards that pulled their family members OUT of nursing homes and/or placed infected patients into homes and started an outbreak in them.

Once again, taxpayers are on the the hook to pay for these nefarious actions.


Your mom makes over 13¢/month ‘working’ part time.

Skivvy Stacker

Lemme see if I’ve got this straight; you could face disciplinary action for WEARING a mask?
And later you could face disciplinary action for NOT WEARING a mask?
You either put the lime in the coconut and drink the bowl up, or put the lime in the coconut and drink the bowl down…..