Nazi warships scuttled at WWII end exposed by drought

| August 22, 2022

At the end of WWII with defeat imminent, Germany decided to scuttle much of their Black Sea fleet. Dozens of warships went down at the mount of the Danube river. Some sank in shallow enough water to be permanent navigation obstacles, and now 20 are exposed by the drought which has been gripping southern Europe.

Strewn across the Danube riverbed, some of the Nazi hulks still boast guns, turrets, command bridges, and broken masts said Reuters.

According to The Washington Post, many more ships are thought to be buried under the river’s sandbanks.

Talking to local media, junior Serbian transport minister Belimir Trajilovi? said that roughly 10,000 explosive devices are hidden within the exposed wreckage.

Business Insider via Yahoo News

Other notable items the drought is revealing:

In Spain, the Valdecanas reservoir has dried up and revealed a prehistoric stone circle dubbed the “Spanish Stonehenge,” officially known as the Dolmen of Guadalperal.

The dolmen of Guadalperal, also known as the Spanish Stonehenge, is seen due to the receding waters of the Valdecanas reservoir in the outskirts of El Gordo
The dolmen of Guadalperal, also known as the Spanish Stonehenge, is seen due to the receding waters of the Valdecanas reservoir in the outskirts of El GordoSUSANA VERA/Reuters

It was discovered in 1926 but has been covered by water since 1963. It has only been fully exposed four times since, but it is again visible as authorities say the water level has dropped to 28% of capacity, Reuters reports.

In Germany, medieval “hunger stones” are revealed in dried-up rivers. The stones mark how low water levels got in previous devastating droughts.

I’m not taking sides in the whole ‘climate change’ thing with this  (that the droughts have been repetitive through history seems to preclude that) but they’ve certainly had a bad year, despite recent rain there.


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Sounds like Serbian EOD have their work cut out for them.

Wonder how unstable all of that ordnance will be after being submerged in the river for 77 years.


Hopefully they off loaded that crap otherwise you’d think they’d blow in place.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What will happen to those scuttled ships? Cut up for scrap? Blow up in place? Or…(most likely)…just nothing?

Rustoleum damp proof red primer could have saved them
from an obvious demise. Too late now.


So…this is a natural cycle.

It was discovered in 1926 but has been covered by water since 1963. It has only been fully exposed four times since, but it is again visible as authorities say the water level has dropped to 28% of capacity, Reuters reports.”

MI Ranger

Funny thing about that…it’s climate change!
Yeah, the world is several billion years old, and humans have only been running around on it for about a million or so, and only for a few thousand have we been writing down stuff that happens to remember it. However smart folks, we call scientists, have figured out a way to read the markings the earth has left for us to look in to the past and they determined (because we can’t just read the book the earth wrote) things like this have been going in cycles for the entire time. The earth was hot, then it cooled. It heated up again, and a whole lot of really big volcanoes spewed their stuff into the air (yeah that whole meteor doing it to the whole world in a single year just doesn’t match the evidence) and it cooled again. Each time some plants and animals (reptiles, insects, mammals, fish…etc) adapted and carried on, other new ones just sprang to life. This went on for a long time, but suddenly its all being done by humans!!!


“Okay Johnny, tell me about if from the begining.”
“Well, first the earth was hot. Then it cooled. Then the dinosaurs came. But they got big and fat and died and now the Arabs are driving Mercedes.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

In 1998, former U-Boot CO Otto Kretschmer (U-99) was on the Danube celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary when he slipped and fell down and passed away a few days later at age 86.

BlueCord Dad

There’s a joke or 10 there, but damned if I can figure ‘em out….


I played around with the numbers but I’ll be damned if
I can find anything that adds up.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

No joke on my above comment. I added it in since the post was about the sunken German ships in the Danube. Otto (1912-1998) survived the war and served in the new German Kriegsmarine when it was formed. He fell down the stairs aboard the cruise ship and never recovered. Once in awhile I am serious about some things. Speaking about once in awhile, check out “once in awhile’ by Lenny Coco and the Chimes, 1960 on the Tagg label

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

He got 86’d, alright.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He survives his boat sinking, is a POW till the end of the war and passes away while on a cruise on the Danube.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Water hitting a tin roof is great for putting one to sleep, but not a cat on a hot tin roof.


The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz, from André Rieu in another beautiful location complete with waltz ballroom dancing.
I saw him in Chicago and it was a beautiful concert.
With the exception of a couple of shitfaced Bears fans that got tossed, quick !!!
Gotta love the old Chicago PD
Put it on, close your eyes and enjoy the beauty of Johann Strauss II.
Even us old Rock and Rollers still have some taste !!!
The whole playlist is there too. You may enjoy it.


Finally rained here South of Austin. A regular Texas Frog Strangler…


Prime opportunity for Fritz to go in and clean up their mess. Good training for their EOD teams and some nice scrap for their steel mills. prezzy sniffy creepy will prolly volunteered the US to pay for the removal, since it is the US that is responsible for the climate problems worldwide. Odd that the evidence shows historic droughts that happened way yonder before the USA was even established.

Wish I could send some of the rain that’s hit Firebase Magnolia this summer to some of y’all. Been having real frog stranglers just about every night. High winds too. Lost another pecan filled big ol’ limb off one of my trees last night. I’ll use the wood to contribute to the globull warming and smoke some beasts.


Very nice summer here this year. Looking forward to a cold
snowy winter and then a muddy spring followed by another
very nice summer. Climate change.

MI Ranger

The real climate emergency is from these policies of creating non degradable packaging, and equipment that is not meant to be repaired!
We create wind turbines, that last ten years, but can’t be reduced and reused. We create solar panels, that are only 10% recyclable…and last ten years! We dig up the earth, and make huge holes, using millions of gallons of fresh water to isolate highly toxic chemicals to make batteries, yet that same battery last less than 25 years and can’t be easily decomposed into its raw materials. Meanwhile we have polluted all of our water, and covered our airable land with constructs which are impediments to wild life and others.
Two things that need to be worked on seriously are:
1. The pollution of our water with plastic!!!

  1. 2. The pollution of our water with heavy metals from derelict ships, and mining!!!

All this global warming bullshit, D’s Cantina and surrounding environs is currently +2″ compared to a “normal” yearly rainfall..


We have a very happy Mexican Lime tree, looking like a great harvest this year.