Man who ran Ponzi scheme targeting vets gets 10 years

| August 22, 2022

Scott Kohn, the 68 year old mastermind of a $310,000,000 Ponzi scheme known as Future Income Payments LLC got a 10 year sentence this week for his racket targeting military vets and retirees.

“Kohn’s actions resulted in devastating consequences for the thousands of seniors and veterans who entrusted him with their money,” said Special Agent in Charge Susan Ferensic of the FBI Columbia Field Office. “We are pleased that he acknowledged his crimes, and that justice will be served.”

In addition to a prison term, Judge Hendricks ordered Kohn to forfeit $297 million and be placed on supervised release for a period of three years after completing his prison term.

Four other defendants previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy for their roles in this scheme. Kraig S. Aiken, 53, of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, pleaded guilty on Nov. 20, 2019. David N. Kenneally, 59, of Greenville, South Carolina, pleaded guilty on July 22, 2020. Melanie Jo Schulze-Miller, 40, of Peoria, Arizona, pleaded guilty on Dec.11, 2020. Joseph P. Hipp, 52, of St. Louis, Missouri, pleaded guilty on Dec.21, 2021. Sentencing hearings have not yet been set for these co-conspirators.

Justice Dpmt.

And when the Ponzi scheme ultimately collapsed, Kohn and his coconspirators had caused more than $310 million in losses to more than 2,500 retirees and had placed more than 13,000 veterans into exploitative loans, prosecutors said.

As Kohn is 68, this is possibly a life sentence. The bad part is that, due to his age and the white-collar nature of his crimes, he will probably be sent to a ‘soft’ prison rather than a real prison where he belongs.

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Attended UC Berkeley From 1972 to 1973 studying in Econimics.


In 2019, was a Fugitive for 6 months and was on the FBI Wanted List before being captured.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

1 Timothy 6:10

Hack Stone

No idea why it grinds Hack Stone’s gears, but every deadbeat on Judge Judy who failed to pay back a loan to a family friend or relative tries to throw it on the person stiffed by saying “Money is the root of all evil”, never once one of them quoting it correctly as cited by Ninja above. Thank you Ninja for imparting some correct knowledge upon the Adorable Deplorables. And Hack Stone’s High School English Teacher thank you.


And then you have stories such as this Loser:

“Jury Convicts Veteran of Defrauding VA for Disability Benefits”

“A federal jury convicted a Kansas veteran of wire fraud and theft of government funds in charges related to a scheme to defraud the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) out of disability benefits.”

“Bruce Hay, 53, of Greeley, a U.S. Army veteran, fraudulently misrepresented and exaggerated the extent of symptoms related to a purported conversion disorder diagnosis to receive VA disability benefits to which he was not entitled. Specifically, Hay claimed he had constant jerking movements, tremors, head-bobs, could walk only with the use of a walker, and could not engage in basic activities of daily living, such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and eating.”



“During VA examinations, he faked and exaggerated physical symptoms—displaying a significant limp, muscle spasms, head bobs, and jerking movements. Immediately before and after these examinations, he used a walker that he didn’t normally use outside of VA facilities. The VA found that Hay was 100% disabled based on those fraudulent misrepresentations.”

Information collected showed Hay’s claims of mobility limitations as false. He, without assistance, engaged in residential construction, threw hay bales on the back of moving trucks, hunted deer, drove regularly, and hauled more than a million pounds of scrap metal.”

“As a result of his misrepresentations, Hay fraudulently received more than $450,000 in VA benefits”.


Looks like they recovered most of the money.

“In addition to a prison term, Judge Hendricks ordered Kohn to forfeit $297 million and be placed on supervised release for a period of three years after completing his prison term.”


But will those they defrauded get any of it?

The cynic in me says that some gubbment ossficial will get most or all of that.


I doubt that $297 million is going go back to the victims. That is just what he now owns that is being forfeited to Unka Sam. I would be surprised if even 25% of it goes back to his victims as restitution.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If kohn works in the soft prisons gedunk stand, kohn can make soft ice cream kohns untill he gets out of the joint.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Maybe if we had 87K more VA Investigators instead of IRS Gestapos we could bust more of these thieving POS. Might even be able to snare Wilted Willy’s POS Brother that has run his scam for decades. Kohn ran his con for way yonder too long. He may be in a “soft” prison but I’d bet that the boys in Cell Block C won’t be soft.



Another One Lying About His Service To Obtain Purple Heart Tags.

His real military records are at the 2nd Link.

“Cherokee Nation Color Guard Commander Accused Of Falsifying His Military Record”

“Steven Morales, Green Beret…NOT!!!”

“The commander of the Cherokee Nation Color Guard has resigned as he faces charges that he knowingly provided a “forged or false” document in an attempt to obtain a Purple Heart tag for his vehicle.”

“Steven Morales, the fake Green Beret, claimed to have been a Staff Sergeant in 3rd Special Forces Group and to have received a Purple Heart,” the Guardians of the Green Beret said. “Both of those are false claims.”


Based on this, he gets a tick mark in the Army category on the FY22 Valor Vultures Tote Board.



Another one lying about the Bullwinkle Badge…


Hope Admin sees this and use it as a TAH post for comments.

From the Guardians of The Green Beret:

* He was reduced in rank twice. Looks as if he was discharged as an E2. Was never an E6.

* Had 9Z for Re-Emistment code, i.e. his weight did not meet acceptable standards.

* Messed Up DD214.

* Bought online his Fake Purple Heart Certificate (Well, at least he bought one instead of creating that crazy PH that Forging Frank created).

* Fake Special Forces Qualification Course Certificate.

* Impersonated a Police Officer.

Thank You, Claw!


There are also pics of this shit-stain sporting a CIB with Star. Guess he thinks A-stan and Iraq were two different wars.


Some people got no Morals.



We guess our TAH Punster is teaching you well…😆

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Just saw Beans pun and was punzzled until I scrolled up and read the above embellisher Morales. Great pun Beans and I couldn’t have done it any better.


Faking assholes, like this guy,
The fat slobs, who always lie.
Men who failed in every way,
Try to steal,
The Green Beret.

Unearned bling on pudgy chests,
Doo-rag and dog, check out the vest!
One hundred times, they’ll boast today,
“Believe me man,
I’m a Green Beret!”

Blowing winos, at bus stops.
Sporting Medals, like stage props,
He never earned it, but he’ll say,
“Look at me,
A Green Beret.

The Internet, has found him out.
Gone his name, and his clout.
His own shit, upon his tray,
Served to him,
A Green Bidet.

Comfort dog, at his side.
Shiny HD, for his ride.
He will pose, another day,
Because he earned,
The Green Bidet

-Team Hellion


Wonder if Ole Stevie Boy IS of Cherokee descent?

Reminds us of a song. “Cherokee Nation” by Mark Lindsay of “Paul Revere and The Raiders”.

Baby Boomers should remember that singing group.

Speaking of Boomers: Hope our very own Ex-PH2 is doing ok these days. We miss her.


Last I heard, Morales is not a Native American name. Maybe the tribe needs to look at his ancestry.


Speaking of Dirtbags…


“Dr. Anthony Fauci To Step Down In December”

” Dr. Anthony Fauci announced Monday that he will step down from his post as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as the President Biden’s chief medical adviser in December to “pursue the next chapter” of his career”.


“pursue the next chapter”

Do I smell a book deal?


Or a Lifetime Movie?



His “step down” should include a trapdoor and a rope, due to all the people he has killed with his lies.




That was pretty good.



This one reminds us more of Texas.

Never Mess With Texas.


My, My, My

My MILs husband (retired Marine) fell victim to this scumbag. I advised him to NOT PAY and cancel the autopayment. He did. but not before they got $1k out of him above what he owed. I just cant believe the dumbass took out the loan in the first place.


If people were not gullible, scammers would be sneak thieves and fluffers.


Scammers are everywhere. I once worked a case where a local bank VP was selling worthless Texas oil investments from his desk at the bank. When his banking customers said they didn’t have the money to invest, he told them the bank promoted the investment and would even loan them the money for it. One of my clients was merely a dog groomer and had no business making such an investment. I sued the shit out of the bank for fraud. The VP went to the federal pen for his crimes; the bank finally settled on the eve of trial. We recovered some cash, plus the bank forgave the loans for the worthless “investments.” I did get to go to Texas and depose the “oilmen.”


May Scott Cohn enjoy “Fisting Fridays” in the grey bar hotel.


With only a 10-year sentence, he will be released in 7.5 years.