Former CIA director General Hayden agrees Republicans are worse than any extremist, violent ideology in the world

| August 19, 2022

General Michael Hayden as CIA Director (2006-2009)

Retired USAF General Michael Hayden, who as NSA Director oversaw the NSA warrantless surveillance program of Americans and then as CIA Director probably lied to Congress about “enhanced interrogation”, thinks you are a bigger danger to the world than any recent extremist ideology. Republicans are more “nihilistic, dangerous, and contemptible” than extremist and violent ideologies “around the world” according to a tweet from some asshat that the general agreed with. Saying, “I agree. And I was the CIA Director.”

This certainly doesn’t portray the US Intelligence apparatus as politicized, does it? Remember “17 intelligence agencies agree”? It’s also worth pointing out, again, that at the time of that particular Democratic soundbite parroted ad nauseum there were only 16 intelligence agencies in the US intelligence community. I think the Clinton campaign miscounted because they included Perkins Coie as part of the official community.

From Fox News;

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Wednesday agreed with a British journalist’s contention that Republicans were more “nihilistic” and “dangerous” than extremists groups and dictatorships around the world.

“I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career,” tweeted Financial Times columnist Edward Luce on Thursday. “Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.”

Among those who agreed with Luce’s contention was former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who tweeted: “I agree. And I was the CIA Director.”

Jeff Giesea, an entrepreneur and self-declared former Trump supporter, questioned the productivity of such a comment, noting that it would only reinforce the GOP’s “narrative of a partisan, weaponized intelligence apparatus.”

“Further, your message overstates the case. Do you truly believe the GOP is more nihilistic & contemptible than Al Qaeda? Seriously? Make that case,” Giesea wrote in a follow-up tweet. “You also paint with too broad a brush. Not all Republicans are extremists, and Uncle MAGA is not the enemy. Tone it down.”

In addition to CIA director and National Security Agency director, Hayden has also served as a national security contributor to CNN.

Michael Hayden was commissioned in 1967 and served for 41 years. During his time in the service, just off the top of my head, the world has seen millions die at the hands of extremist ideologies in Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Congo, ISIS, and the current ethnic cleansing in places like Xinjiang, China. Forget 9/11, the RNC is worse than Al Qaeda.

All of those pale in comparison to the modern Republican Party by esteemed General Hayden. The small government, low taxes, secure borders, pro-life, anti-groomer platform of the Republicans are more dangerous. There’s “nothing close” to them in contemptible behavior in the world. He just painted ~74 million Americans with the brush of domestic enemies.

Now who’s pushing for a civil war again?

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I hope he steps on a Lego.

There ya go, General. Do something about THAT threat. Putz.


Didn’t I see him on That ’70s Show?

The Stranger

No. He is not as cool as BMC Reginald Albert “Red” Forman. Chief Forman would put his foot in this clown’s ass.


FYI: BMC Red Forman was both a time in service and awards embellisher./s


In Robocop (’87):




‘murica baby!

Old tanker

Further proof of what I said before. Liberal political thinking is the sign of a mental illness. It is characterized by a significant disconnect from reality and a severe misunderstanding of human nature. This guy is freaking off the rails and way out in la la land.


Glad he’s not “political” or anything… much, that is. /sarc


I wish they would make up their minds whether we are religious loonies or nihilists. There is a universe of space and meaning between those two.


Someone needs to get Michael Hayden some mental health intervention STAT


Thorazine suppository, extra strength, perhaps?


Nothing more “dangerous” than individuals yearning to be free.
The resistance to increasing the powers of federal government is “dangerous” ideology.
Submit, just submit…like a good little Democrat and all will be well.
Fuck him!!!!




The Left projects.


Desperately seeking relevance. Hayden is now nothing but an attention whore.


I see it took him 9 years to make Major from Captain.
Is that normal or did his lack of “in country” play a roll?


Didn’t the USAF have a bit of scandal for awarding BSM’s for Kosovo… to people that never left CONUS?

“Officials say the unique nature of Allied Force bombing from afar with planes coming in sometimes as far away as the United States has led to the vast majority of the Air Force Bronze Stars going to people who were never in the combat zone. That’s the first time in history that has happened en masse like that, say medals experts and military historians.”


Hmmm, somehow I think he received his BSM while being a LTG at Fort Meade. How’d that happen?/s


i did my year in Iraq (05-06) and got a joint comm. The Os I worked for got bronze stars.


I’m not sure if that was standard practice in the Air Force, but in the Army he would have been out on the street after being passed over for Major for the third time. But I see that he escaped all that and the big RIF (Reduction In Force) that we all went through in the mid-1970s by being a ROTC Instructor at a college in Vermont./s



1. January 1970 – January 1972, analyst and briefer, Headquarters Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB, Neb.
2. January 1972 – May 1975, Chief, Current Intelligence Division, Headquarters 8th Air Force, Andersen AFB, Guam
3. May 1975 – July 1975, student, Academic Instructor School, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
4. July 1975 – August 1979, academic instructor and commandant of cadets, ROTC program, St. Michael’s College, Winooski, Vt.
5. August 1979 – June 1980, student, Defense Intelligence School (postgraduate intelligence curriculum), Defense Intelligence Agency, Bolling AFB, D.C.
6. June 1980 – July 1982, Chief of Intelligence, 51st Tactical Fighter Wing, Osan Air Base, South Korea
7. July 1982 – January 1983, student, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va.



8. January 1983 – July 1984, student, air attaché training, Washington, D.C.
9. July 1984 – July 1986, air attaché, U.S. Embassy, Sofia, People’s Republic of Bulgaria
10. July 1986 – September 1989, politico-military affairs officer, Strategy Division, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
11. September 1989 – July 1991, Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control, National Security Council, Washington, D.C.
12. July 1991 – May 1993, Chief, Secretary of the Air Force Staff Group, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
13. May 1993 – October 1995, Director, Intelligence Directorate, Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany
14. October 1995 – December 1995, special assistant to the Commander, Headquarters Air Intelligence Agency, Kelly AFB, Texas
15. January 1996 – September 1997, Commander, Air Intelligence Agency, and Director, Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, Kelly AFB, Texas



16. September 1997 – March 1999, Deputy Chief of Staff, United Nations Command and U.S. Forces Korea, Yongsan Army Garrison, South Korea
17. March 1999 – April 2005, Director, National Security Agency, and Chief, Central Security Service, Fort George G. Meade, Md.
18. April 2005 – May 2006, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Washington, D.C.
19. May 2006 – present, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, Va.



With that exemplary record of warfighting prowess, ol’ Mikey here sure has spent a lot of time “in the shit” with the smell of cordite in his nostrils!

He’s quite the grizzled combat veteran, ain’t he?

He’s just the sort of war-savvy leader that we need at this critical point in US history to take us forward to victory. We must heed his wise words.

Chesty Puller and George Patton, step aside.

Mikey’s in the house!




In fairness, as a junior officer he went where he was told and ran out of war. By the next time a war came along worth mentioning, he was ‘way too senior to be out in the mud, and as a non-pilot, probably would not have gotten too dirty anyway. DIRNSA and DCIA aren’t trigger pullers. Now, he may be a butt-head politically (not uncommon in flag officers) but if you are going to disparage his lack of combat experience during a time when there was little or none to be had, you are a bit out of line.


Can I still ding him for being a REMF?



So good to keep a sense of humor…😉😎


Second Lieutenant June 2, 1967
First Lieutenant June 7, 1970
Captain Dec. 7, 1971
Major June 1, 1980
Lieutenant Colonel Feb. 1, 1985
Colonel Nov. 1, 1990
Brigadier General Sept. 1, 1993
Major General Oct. 1, 1996
Lieutenant General May 1, 1999
General April 21, 2005


Vietnam? OEF? OIF?

We worked with alot of GOs who were Boots On The Ground during two Conflicts.

We also knew of those who did everything in their power NOT to be deployed in a Combat Theater.

We do not feel Mick is out of line.


We forgot Desert Shield/Desert Storm…


He did, too.


😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂 Y’All are cracking us up….


Hmmm…Perhaps he was involved in a conflict…i.e. Bronze Star.

Guam during Vietnam?

Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Defense Superior Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star Medal
Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters
Air Force Commendation Medal
Air Force Achievement Medal


Well, he survived an ROTC assignment at Winooski, Vt! Perhaps that was what got him the BSM?


All six months of it? I couldn’t even get a corrected DD214 before it was all over!


As a junior intel officer, he could have gone to VN…or been stationed nowhere near. Look where he was after 9/11… DIRNSA is not a field position. Maybe because I was an intel weenie, but I stand behind what I said above. By the time we had any decent wars to be in, no way would they let him near anywhere he could get captured. His politics may suck, but like the man says, not every man gets to be the tip of the spear. And many intel MOSs do live mission daily during the same years that combat arms practice and do FTXs. Takes all kinds to stay ready.


I ain’t exactly the tip of the spear, yet I managed to hit every little dustup since Panama.


He has a BSM from somewhere


Still trying to figure out where the BSM came from….

David, maybe Air Force is different when it comes to deployments? As SFC D stated, there are lots of us Army types that somehow managed to get involved in alot of dustups…

And again, we personally know folks who did everything in their power NOT to be deployed in a Combat Theater.

Made us wonder why they joined the Army in the first place…

Sheesh…Some people.




That is quite the resume for a lifelong swamp-rat in a uniform. Wonder who ass-kissed the general through the jumpmaster course.


I stand corrected. Those are not jumpmaster wings. I didn’t know the chair-force had a badge for being a master intel REMF.


About the only place you’re going to see master jump wings in the Air Force is AF Spec Ops and PJ’s.


So what the records says is he didnt have a real job since 1982.


So, no Viet of the Nam for him.


He’ll claim being a “Viet Nam times” veteran like a good little progressive though.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

…and “professional c*cksucker” they forgot to add.


But he does have a nifty set of Intel wings…..master blaster of smarts?

intell wings.jpg

And here I thought those were jumpmaster wings. Should have known he was completely chairborne.


Military Intelligence, “We Bet Your Life!”


Possessor of THE Key to the latrine award.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Generaly speaking, the general would have been welcomed by the Brits back in 1776. Did the Brits have an RAF Balloon force back then. Just asking since I don’t see a balloon on his ribbon rack.


I bet the only time he left terra firma, he was strapped into a passenger seat.


And I’ll bet it wasn’t a C-130 floor seat either.


You mean with a cargo strap across your lap and those of the guys next to you?


Looks like the epitome of a Deep State Sewer Dwelling Swamp Rat to me. Somebody started grooming him very early to become what he his. Back in 1967 you had to have some pull, connections, get real lucky to be Air Force to begin with and even more pull, as a junior ossifer, to avoid service in the Viet of the Nam. I feel, going by his record, that his is the exception rather than the rule of the service most ossifers had during that same time frame. One (1) “hardship” tour during all of those years? Tho being an HQ REMF in Korea wouldn’t be considered much of a hardship. Professional Student and go-fer for decades. And, no, I don’t think that Mick is a bit out of line.

The danger that these power mad despots fear is when We, The People, get tired of their sh^t. Wonder when the RNC is gonna call for some “mostly peacefull” demonstrations…and start burning some cities down?



I was one of them ossifers back in 1968. When I was commissioned as a Regular Army officer, I was sent orders assigning me to the Sixth Infantry Division which was being formed in Hawaii and slotted to be sent to Vietnam. But the Johnson admin refused to give Westmoreland another infantry division, and the unit was disbanded. A year later, while serving in the 509th in Germany, I received orders to go to the Viet of the Nam. So, the Army tried to send me to Vietnam twice, and it succeeded the second time. The general likely woulda gone several times if he had been a pilot.


So, if I catch what you’re saying KoB, is that Retired USAF General Michael Hayden is not only a REMF of the worst kind, one that gives other REMFs a bad name, but he is also a Blue Falcon of the worst kind.
Do I copy 5×5?




Ah! He gets a patch for his flight jacket:


like this:

blue falcon.jpg

Medals and Awards

Defense Distinguished Service Medal

Defense Superior Service Medal (2 Awards)

Legion of Merit

Bronze Star Medal

Meritorious Service Medal (3 Awards)

Air Force Commendation Medal

Air Force Achievement Medal

Joint Meritorious Unit Award

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star

Armed Forces Service Medal

Air Force Overseas Ribbon (Short Tour) (2 Awards)

Air Force Overseas Ribbon (Long Tour) (3 Awards)

Air Force Longevity Service Award (7 Awards)

Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon

Air Force Training Ribbon

Order of National Security Merit Cheonsu Medal (Republic of Korea)


Presidential Service Badge

Air Force Intelligence Badge, Master-Level


We are still trying to figure out how he received a Bronze Star Medal.


Actually he’s out of uniform in the photo provided. He’s missing the second bronze service star on the NDSM and his retroactive award of the Korea Defense Service Medal./s



Was wondering the same thing about his NDSM.

Guess Ole Joey Gainey out NDSM him….




He likely flew over Macho Grande as a passenger in some AF aircraft. He shoulda got the Silver Star like LBJ in WWII.



Good Ole LBJ. Cheated in the 1948 election…”Box 13″…Stole the Senate Seat..

Well, Beau Biden received a BSM…and what we heard was that he never went outside the wire at Camp Victory.


He got over Macho Grande?


Like many veterans, he can never get over Macho Grande.


Let’s not forget that this corruptocrat in a uniform lied to Congress multiple times. He even admitted it. Whereas the DOJ/FBI raided Roger Stone’s house, arrested him, and prosecuted him for refusing to accept Congress-rats’ interpretation of some emails he had with Jerome Corsi. Needless to say, you can lie to Congress, the FBI, or anyone else with power in the Deep State if you have a D after your name.

Skivvy Stacker

Nihilism (/ˈnaɪ(h)ɪlɪzəm, ˈniː-/; from Latin nihil ‘nothing’) is a philosophy, or family of views within philosophy, that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence, such as objective truth, knowledge, morality, values, or meaning. Different nihilist positions hold variously that human values are baseless, that life is meaningless, that knowledge is impossible, or that some set of entities do not exist or are meaningless or pointless.” [source: Wikipedia]

If I had known I was hanging out with a bunch of preverts like this, I would have joined you sooner.
Where’s the alcohol?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Wow, talk about selling your Soul to politics…



Something somber to ponder: Since most military personnel are conservatives, whom this guy clearly despises, can you imagine how many careers of good airmen and officers he probably totally fucked over with bad fitness reports?

Not because they weren’t effective in their jobs and deserving of advancement, but purely because this liberal elite REMF puke held them in contempt because of their politics.

Infuriating… 😡 


Concur. Had a hippie dork just like him as Commandant o’ Cadets at ROTC at Kent State. Joined the AF to get out of being drafted and sent to ‘Nam by the Army and stayed. Jane Fonda’s biggest fan, said her Hanoi trip was legit expression of dissent (after we’d got called “baby-killers,” etc. by protesters one day).

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
jeff LPH 3 63-66

He’s 8 months older than me but what a Jerk.

Amateur Historian

Up yours, Black bag!


Speaking of FOIA…

Would love to see Hayden’s Military Records…because we are STILL trying to figure out how he received that Durn BSM…and why he only awarded himself 2 NDSM…

(Please see comments from Mason, SFC D, Claw..)

We just don’t get it…and so far, research has turned up zero on the BSM.



Okay, I’ll settle the whole mess.

He rates a “R”* Device on the BSM./s

*Your choice for the R – either REMOTE or REMF.


 😅  😆  😂 

Good One, Claw…

Good One!!!


General Kurtwood Smith, eh…I mean Mike Hayden also suggested that 45 should be executed. This maroon must be fun at parties.
MSNBC’s Beschloss, former CIA director Hayden ‘suggest’ Trump be executed for having nuclear documents | Fox News


He must be on the Reichstag Fire Safety Committee. I see also he was onboard with the memo for the Hunter laptop being Russian disinformation.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

why does he look like a lolipop?


He looks like a dick with ears.

Skivvy Stacker

I was gonna say a penis wearing glasses, but yours is good.


In an earlier period of history scumbags like this could be declared ‘hostis humani generis’, put on a proscription list and taken out by any citizen in good standing wherever he be found.

And have you noticed that some of the country’s most distinguished flaming assholes, Hayden, Clapper, Mark Kelly, that Fetterman creep in Pennsylvania, to name just a few, resemble this guy:

dr evil.jpg
Green Thumb

This man enjoys semen.