VA Fraud- Pax River “Family Affair” Conviction

| August 19, 2022

Our indefatigable ninja sends us an update on an infuriating case of VA fraud, robbing eligible vets of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This hit very close to home, as a fellow NAVAIR employee was involved. The matter was reported

here: VA Fraud

and here: VA Fraud Update

Navy wife convicted of defrauding VA of $170K by faking husband’s disability paperwork


A Maryland woman who joined a family scheme that defrauded the Department of Veterans Affairs of at least $1 million was convicted of federal charges and now faces up to 15 years in prison.

Mary Francis Biggs, 65, was found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit fraud and theft of government property. The jury concluded that Biggs had colluded with her daughter Angela Farr, a Navy veteran, to obtain $170,000 in disability benefits in her husband’s name.

Biggs and Farr fabricated dozens of documents and submitted fraudulent medical claims to the VA requesting disability benefits on behalf of the Navy veteran, who is Farr’s father.

Farr pleaded guilty in March to organizing the conspiracy with her ex-husband, Army veteran Michael Vincent Pace. All told, Farr bilked the government out of more than $475,000.

As part of the conspiracy, Biggs and Farr claimed that the unidentified Navy veteran was “homebound and required full-time assistance for basic tasks such as eating, bathing, and dressing,” according to court documents.

For at least part of the scam, the mother-daughter team kept him unaware of the phony claims in his name, according to a statement Wednesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland. It’s unclear when or how much he ended up learning about the fraud.

Stars and Stripes

Sentencing is pending. Thanks, ninja.

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From the Department of Justice:

“Lexington Park Woman Convicted For Her Participation In A Conspiracy To Fraudulently Obtain Military Disability Benefits. Falsely Claimed That Her Husband, A Navy Veteran, Was Homebound And Required Full-Time Assistance”

“A federal jury convicted Mary Francis Biggs, age 65, of Lexington Park, Maryland, late on August 15, 2022, for conspiracy to commit theft of government property and for theft of government property in connection with a scheme to fraudulently obtain additional military disability benefits for her husband from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As a result of the fraud scheme, from 2016 through 2019, Biggs and her husband received over $170,000 in disability benefits and early retirement pay to which they were not entitled.”



“According to trial evidence, Individual 1 was a member of the United States Navy from January 29, 1974 to January 31, 1997. The evidence proved that Individual 1 received a 100% service-connected disability rating by the VA, and Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), based on fraudulent documentation submitted as part of the conspiracy.”

“During this time, Individual 1 was employed as a civilian employee of the Navy, supervising a logistics unit of 25 people.”

“Biggs spent the fraudulently received disability compensation payments on daily living expenses, cruise vacations, and a kitchen renovation, even though she was aware that her husband was not entitled to the payments. Biggs and her husband received more than $170,000 in VA benefits to which he was not entitled.”

“Biggs faces a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison for the conspiracy and a maximum of 10 years in federal prison for theft of government property.”


Individual 1, the Navy Veteran who is the Husband of Mary Frances Biggs and Father of Angela Farr. As shared before, when you go to his page, you will see some “buffed” pictures of him. So much for Disabilities.

Mary Biggs:

Angela Biggs Pace Farr, the Daughter.

Picture is Angela Farr’s Service Dog when she was faking Disability.

We still find it hard to believe that Individual 1 had no clue that he was drawing $$$ based on the 100% service-connected disability rating by the VA.

Angela Farr Service Dog.jpg

Direct deposit in an account he doesn’t monitor, and just keep an eye out for the maybe 3 letters you get from VA annually. Especially since they said he required 100% care, I’ll bet all communications were in the wife’s name.



The only thing is that he retired from the US Navy in 1997…and the fraud went on from 2016-2019.

Somehow, he had to have known:

“Farr also admitted that she conspired with and assisted her then-husband and her father, both of whom are former members of the U.S. Military, to obtain additional disability benefits by exaggerating their existing claims and documenting those exaggerated claims with forged and fraudulent documentation. As a result, Farr’s father was found to be 100 percent disabled and was awarded SMC.”

“Farr’s father received $168,074 in VA benefits to which he was not entitled, from which the VA has recovered approximately $4,035. At the time of the claims, Farr’s father was a civilian employee of the Navy, supervising a logistics unit of 25 people.”


This is the Father:

“Logistician Develops Integrated Team, Receives Nega Award”

From the recent DOJ article:

“at least some of the time, Biggs and Farr concealed their fraud from Individual 1.”


Mary Biggs Cake Decorating Business:

Wonder if she will now be making cakes in a Federal Prison?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Baking cakes in a federal prison??? I don’t think that baking cakes will work out since she won’t do anything but be a Loafer.

Old Arty Sgt

It’s just funny that when you report people doing this to the VA…they do nothing. It’s more like the investigators are just doing a job. Either that or they need to hire 87,000 new VA investigators. Reasons like this is why those that deserve the help don’t get it.


The family that steals together stays together. Now let’s make sure they stay together in seperate prisons. And together pay back their stolen funds.

I, too, find it hard to believe that ol’ boy didn’t know about these nefarious activities. And how can you be 100% disabled and still draw a paycheck…with taxes and SS being taken out…and nobody keys in on that?

Somebody needs to go rescue that puppy dog.


Wait until she finds out about prison “Fisting Fridays”.


and broom handle Tuesdays

pookysgirl, WC wife

Ooooh, this touches a nerve. I have gone through certification, quarterly video conferences (and once-a-year in-person visits), and tons of paperwork to be an official VA caregiver. My husband went through assessments with an occupational therapist (with another house visit) to determine what level of care he needed. We were under the impression that all this was standard for the VA. I guess the Maryland VA didn’t get the memo.
Also, the service dog organization my husband just went through required medical and VA documentation, and his DD-214. So I guess the dog organization has some splainin to do too.