National Guard facing 40,000 member shortage

| August 10, 2022

Well, it seems the National Guard is facing quite the problem. Up to 40,000 members have delayed or refused Covid vaccinations, and in many cases deadlines are running out or have already expired. Complicating the situation, there are multiple (and in some cases contradictory) court orders hampering what the units CAN do, leaving many service members in a legal limbo.

Since the military services hit their deadlines for troops to be inoculated against COVID-19, they have become increasingly entangled in legal woes and face a large roster of outright refusals — mostly from the Army National Guard — as courts block action.

The resulting uncertainty surrounding whether thousands of service members are about to be booted from the military comes as the branches struggle with what some are calling the hardest recruiting environment in a generation. Leaders have been busy lowering expectations for how many Americans will fill the ranks in the near future.

And many service members who have declined to get vaccinated, particularly in the Department of the Navy and Department of the Air Force, are being protected under pending lawsuits for religious exemptions. In response, those services are trying to offer alternative vaccines such as Novavax, which throws cold water on one of the main arguments given by deniers seeking religious exemptions.

But unlike active-duty formations, there is no policy requiring Guardsmen who refuse vaccination to be separated from service, meaning that the passed deadline has left states uncertain about what steps to take next.

Military Times
Quick explanation on the exemptions – testing was on both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations using stem cells harvested several decades ago. Novavax used no stem cells in its testing, hence no religious protest.

They certainly don’t want to reduce forces by 40,000 at this juncture, they have found out that simply ordering troops to get vaccinated is a no go, and it’s all complicated by the empirical fact that the vaccines at most reduce how serious a case of Covid might be, and don’t seem to prevent infection at all.

Just ask Biden – his shills say he’s been trying to get off quarantine for a month,after testing positive twice in a row despite having had FOUR shots.



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Novavax is not without ethical concerns. Some of the testing has been done using HEK293 (Human Embryonic Kidney) derived cell lines, so my religious objection remains.
One source:


Just wait ’til folk find Pfizer’s Monkeypox Vax is a suppository.


Bathhouse vax locations?

Green Thumb



Since the military services hit their deadlines for troops to be inoculated against COVID-19

Fun fact (that should effect the resulting policy) no one can be inoculated against CONvAIDS-2030. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nich.

The damages this concoction is causing/has caused doesn’t meet a threshold of ethical use. If they want to maintain Emergency Use Authorization, thats fine I guess, but someone is going to have to cover the injuries. As it goes, that’ll be government as there are no approved injections available, so the pharmbros have zero liability.

As a tax payer, and more importantly as a Liberal, I don’t want to pay for, or set forth the conditions to, injure my fellow humans against their wills.

I say “tough” to the government. Treat your people as pieces you erode the legitimacy of yourself’s by way of disfoundationing.

Forrest Bondurant

I’m a little perplexed why the vax is still mandatory for anyone since it has been proven that it doesn’t prevent catching the virus, but only attenuates the symptoms.

Same with the booster shots – all for nothing.

Prior Service

Because nobody has the intestinal fortitude (i.e. balls) to walk back their very public pronunciations about how important it was to get done, even in the face of the deleterious effect it’s had on overall readiness and minimal impact to troop health. On a good note, it got me a final trip to Norway and a few other destinations before I left Germany last year…


Just got my 2nd booster at the VA yesterday.

There are too many out there
who are having long term covid exposure issues,
hospitals, ICUs, ventilators,
or they are dead,
because they didn’t give themselves the chance
to lessen the severity of symptoms,
with a shot that will give them 2 days of chills & shakes.

Highly recommended for anyone over 50 with health problems.


That is your choice.

I will pass, thank you very much. 2 days of chills and shakes are the only side effects?


Down here in God’s Country, the airwaves are almost as full of NG Recruitment ads as they are with political ads. Most of the ads are just talking about “serving your community”. Not a word about possible deployment to a foriegn country…or mention of the term “Round out Brigade”.


Washington state has a shortage of ferry boat crews after firing those who didn’t get COVID shots. Most routes are down to one boat from the normal 2 boats. 😷 

Hack Stone

Those recruiting advertisements that the Minnesota National Guard ran in the LGBQT newspapers should cover any shortfall in staffing.


Apparently the traditional recruits have no desire to be part of shit show the military has become. Can’t say I blame them. Sad thing is a confrontation with China is a real possibility and the woke military is going to get people killed by the thousands unless we change our ways and most importantly leadership.

Green Thumb

They actually wonder why?

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s also not forget that the current administration had NG Personnel sleeping in a parking garage while eating substandard SHIT food while they hand all they can to illegal aliens.


^^^^Give this man anything he wants from the canteen!^^^^^ Stogies, hootch, peanuts, cashews, ladies’ stockings, that totally not stupid pool cue stick with a Service Branch logo on it,… whatever he’d like: on me!

A Landmesser

Gee maybe the eight shots will do it. The heart attack I mean.