FBI Director basically gives Senate hearing the finger

| August 9, 2022

FBI Director Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Thursday the 4th before cutting his testimony off early saying he had an early flight to catch. Turns out the flight was on a government-owned Gulfstream private jet, which he uses for personal transportation (and controls its schedule) which he was taking to his personal vacation house near Saranac, NY. Sort of a self-created three-day weekend, on a $7,000+/hour jet  (Sherpareport.com) for which he “reimburses” the equivalent of a coach class ticket. Sort of reminds me of SanFranNan’s flights home – you too?

“We just heard a half hour ago about you having to leave at 1:30,” Grassley said. “We were going to have seven minutes [each] for first round [questions and] three-minute second rounds. I’ve got seven people on my side of the aisle want their additional three minutes. Is there any reason we couldn’t accommodate them for 21 minutes?”

Wray replied: “Senator, I had a flight that I’m supposed to be high-tailing it to outta here, and I had understood that we were going to be done at 1:30, so that’s how we ended up where we are.”

Grassley noted that the FBI director has the use of a private jet and asked, “Can’t it wait a while?”

Wray then said he tried to make his break during the hearing “as fast I could to get right back out here.” Grassley then noted that Wray “took more than five minutes,” to which Wray just laughed.

National Review

During the hearing, Wray declined or dodged straight answers on the investigation of the athlete-molesting Larry Nassar, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and why the FBI had labeled the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, and the Gonzales battle flag as signs of “militia violent extremism” in training documents.

Now I know with the raid on Mar-A-Lago he has a lot on his plate now – perhaps he is going to blame Guilder for it after killing his wife? But I think if I were in the Senate I’d be looking for a little blood. Another government official who seems to have forgotten for whom he works. If you do read the linked article…take your B/P meds first.

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Mr. Wray knows that Congress works for him, and the dems. Why should he actually answer questions?


“Johnny, how do you spell Gestapo?”

“F – B – I”


Republicans can’t do a thing about it, and Dems won’t. They didn’t want him answering tough questions anyway.

Does ANYONE really think the FBI isn’t corrupt?


Spot on Fyr…and they’ve been corrupt since Edgar could still fit in a perfect size 12 strapless evening gown. They were a law unto themselves until Hitlery and the Klintoon Krime Kartel raided the place after their crowning and took his private files. Since then they have been owned by the demonrats. My shelf of shocked faces is as barren as my field.


It’s a product of at least 10-20 years of corrupt political influence that has steadily creeped up the ladder in leadership.

Put it this way. Do you think General Milley and Loyd Austin got to where they were overnight? Or that there aren’t at least a dozen or so more 3 and 4 stars of like minded persuasion waiting to take over after they leave? No this has been an underlying problem for sometime.

Same thing with the FBI. Remove Christopher Wray? There’s someone just as bad that has been moved up the ladder to take his place in the wings.

I don’t know how you solve this problem at this point other than cleaning house all together for most of the leadership positions.


You hit it on the head QMC, top to bottom, it needs to have every leadership position cleaned out, and rebuilt within Constitutional limits, with a narrow mission, and solid oversite.

No, I’m not holding my breath..


I wish someone (Cruz, Grassley) had asked who decided to send an armored vehicle and SWAT team to arrest Roger Stone- which made the FBI look like the Keystone Cops. Normally a 70 year old man with no criminal record would just be given a summons for a white collar crime. Or his attorney would be told to have him appear.


It wasn’t a SWAT Team.

The FBI tipped off CNN so they could set up a camera for the “raid” and therefore they tried to make themselves look all spiffy with body armor and AR-15s, which of course made them look ridiculous when the pointed them at an unarmed man with no violent history who had never threatened anyone…. at least not threatened them with violence.

They were so obviously NOT professionals when they pulled up in front of the house like they lived there and didn’t even bother with helmets.


They even had the Fan Belt Inspectors’ version of a special boat team in the canal behind Stone’s house.


of course he gave Congress the middle finger. He is corrupt Deep State from way back. He is just another example of people Trump was told to nominate, but had planned to stab him in the back at the first opportunity.


When the bureaucracy establishes itself as a threat to the constitution it becomes time to trim the bureaucracy.


In the same way you trim grass…


And the hell of it is, he’s a damned little rich boy from monied Tennessee families who was raised with a gold spoon in his mouth.

He doesn’t financially need to screw the taxpayers, it’s just a thing he enjoys doing… 💩  💩  💩  💩 

Christopher A. Wray – Wikipedia


First, the beginning and end time for his testimony was agreed to ahead of time.

Second, it is not really a “private jet”, it is a government owned jet. He doesn’t have control over its schedule. He requests transport on one of the executive fleet jets and that transport is arranged. With specific times because the fleet is used by more than one senior executive official. He *might* have been able to shift that time but he had no way of knowing if he could at the time he was asked.

Third, senior executive branch officials are REQUIRED to travel on these jets for dozens of reasons, some of which are national security reasons. All travel; official, and personal, must be done on one of the executive fleet jets. Implying he is abusing government tax dollars is nonsense.

Fourth, this happened last week. It is quite the coincidence that Dave chose to post a blog post about it now. Maybe he reason is simping for Trump by villainizing sing the FBI director?


Maybe you’re simping for anyone and anything that adds fuel to your “orange man bad” fever? Speaking of coincidences, does your sudden emergence from the depths of socialist despair have any connection to the current “Get Trump at any cost” furor? Seems awfully convenient. Maybe I’m giving you too much credit. You’re more of a reactionary than activist. A follower. A lemming. Anyway, you’re still a fraud. Have a nice day.

Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D

Zim/zer clearly has no base principles, which evidently causes disassociation and a slide into insanity…… with a side of experimentation with homosexuality.

Personally I don’t have a problem if someone choses that lifestyle, but if they do it to further a deep rooted hatred of themselves, or to by proxy to harm another, then that’s just sick.

Don’t be gay, Lars. Don’t be gay.


No principles?

Shouldn’t you be yelling “lock him up!”

At the very least he had mishandled classified and committed public records violations.

At the minimum.

You soft minded cult hypocrite.


This was, and continues to be, a slow walk into tyranny at the hands of a viscous State. And you’d like more?

You’re lucky I value your opinion not or else I might be offended.

Now kindly fuck off and keep fucking off.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

You all are defending a story that makes misleading claims to discredit a senior official entirely as an effort to obediently simp for Trump….

And I am the simp for calling it out?

Wake the fuck up! Trump is a grifter, criminal, grasping despot that does not give a fuck about any of you.

Snap out of the cult. There are real consequences as stake here.

A Proud Infidel®™

Thank you for another view of just how hopelessly brainwashed you and your fellow minions are, History tells us useful idiots like you occupy mass graves as soon as the top echelons on your side no longer deem you useful.


I belong to no cult, I don’t venerate and worship political office holders. You, on the other hand, have created your own little cult of Trump hatred. The other side of the coin, the polar opposite of the “cultists” you rail against. A true fanatic. And that other “F” word. Fraud. If you’d open your eyes, you’d see that people here are more pissed off about the way the entrenched governmental minions are treating him. If they’ll do this to a former president, imagine what they might to a private citizen such as yourself. But, hey, it’s your life. Be a useful idiot and may your chains rest lightly.


If you make enough excuses for authoritarians’ abuses of the national treasury and bureaucratic disenfranchisement by regulation, permit or procedural dead-ending, you become a functionary of that system antithetical to Liberty and become worthy of the same punishments for usurpation of Law.

You carry more than your fair share of water for the big-bidness-owned-and-operated gov, just like a good limp wristed commie fuck.


Lars Homebois.jpg
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“I…reserve the right to attack the gutless and corrupt pols of BOTH parties”

I din’t know yous a dynamite fishing aficionado!

Fish on, playa. Fish on.


Negative, we do not fish with dynamite.

What we fish with is a “DuPont Spinner”.

Now, should the local authority from fish and game show up at your favorite fishing hole, you merely light one, and hand it to the warden.

You then ask innocently: “Are you gonna talk, or are you gonna fish?”


In the meantime, we have Illegal Aliens crossing the border with Fentanyl…



Poor NYC…


Send them to Ole Brandon Boy’s beach home in Delaware..

BTW…Isn’t it Adams encouraging folks from Florida to come to NYC???

“More Migrant Buses Arrive In New York City, Days After Mayor Eric Adams Scolded Texas Gov. Greg Abbott”



Yeah, for youngsters 13 to thirty, 77,000 died of fentanyl overdoses last year. But 50 years ago, the left and liberals here were up in arms and protesting massively over the 55,000 deaths of my brothers in arms during ten years of war.

Prior Service

Trying to go hiking next spring with a friend of mine from enlisted days who went FBI when we got out. Can’t wait to hear a week’s worth of inside scoop on what’s up with the FBI.


I appreciate his/her/zers honesty.

(via CaptainButthurt @ PDW)

FIB aint people persons.png

From Wiki…
“From January 2016 to July 2017, the month of his confirmation, Wray earned $9.2 million working as an attorney for the law firm King & Spalding, significantly more than his salary as FBI Director. According to a calculation from The Wall Street Journal, Wray’s net worth in 2017 was estimated to be $23 million to $42 million.
Wray is a Republican and a member of the Federalist Society.”


Back the blue hasn’t worked out the way you boomers thought it would, did it? Lol. Wake up.