Update on off-ramp scam artists

| August 10, 2022

You probably remember the heartstring-jerking story from 2017:  Girl named McClure’s car breaks down on exit ramp, homeless vet gives her his last $20 in gas, in gratitude she and her boyfriend set up wildly successful GoFundMe for vet which rakes in over $400,000 – until he sues the pair saying he didn’t get his share of the proceeds and it turns out the whole story was a scam.

A New Jersey man who admitted his role in a GoFundMe scam that netted more than $402,000 and garnered national attention has been sentenced to five years in state prison.

Mark D’Amico, 43, was also ordered to make full restitution to GoFundMe in connection to the scandal…

McClure admitted that she advanced the false narrative about Bobbitt, saying it was at D’Amico’s direction, and pleaded guilty in April 2019 to theft by deception, a second-degree felony, in exchange for a four-year term in state prison.

She is set to be sentenced on Sept. 9.

Ex-girlfriend sentenced in GoFundMe scam:New Jersey woman sentenced to 1 year in prison for $400K homeless vet GoFundMe scam

USA Today

Everything was going smoothly – cash rolled in, D’Amico and McClure were paying for vacations, a new BMW, until the lawsuit says the vet, Johnny Bobbitt Jr., was getting bupkus (well, $75,000) and was unhappy. (I find nothing linking him with John Wayne Bobbitt of Lorena Bobbitt fame… must make Johnny’s Little Johnny breathe easier.) The truth came out, accusations flew, and in the end all three admitted the story was a scam.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Ammunition technician. [2] He is from Raleigh, North Carolina. [2] He had been homeless in Philadelphia for a year and a half before Kate helped him out in November of 2017. 

So one of ’em got 5 years, she’s going to get 4, and the former Marine is due to be sentenced later this year.  There are both state and Federal charges in this (D’Amico also got 27 months federal time earlier) so at least a semblance of  justice is being served. And GoFundMe voluntarily reimbursed donors.





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Never given a penny to Go Fraud Me, never will. A fine idea if the world weren’t full of fraudsters; but it is.


Donated once to person I knew, he & wife were in a horrific accident


A semblance of justice served and the girls of Cell Block C will be served Ms Thang. Fresh fish!

Greedy little buggers hung themselves.


I’ve given to GFM but I personally knew the recipient usually family or friends. It’s a good way to get the word out but like everything else, Buyer be were.


Be careful doing that as well. Plenty of fake accounts that purport to be the intended. We had a case out here a couple of years ago where an officer was murdered and other officers on the scene shot and killed the killer.

The killer’s extended family set up a Go Fraud Me that got almost zero donations. So they then pretended to be the officer’s family and set up a fake page and fake bank accounts and suddenly took in well over $100K.

Green Thumb

I wonder if Lori Benton is representing them?

These clown have All-Points Logistics written all over them.


Driving to work (nightshift for the USPS) I’d see a guy with a dog and a backpack pushing an empty wheelchair night after night. Took a couple weeks vacation and found the guy with the dog sitting at the interstate offramp with a “anything helps” cardboard sign as people waiting at the light were getting out of their cars to give him money.  😷 


I have some concerns about the recent lemonade stand story, as well. The storyline was that someone tendered a counterfeit $100 to buy lemonade and the 11 year old made change with legit currency.


Saw that story. GoFundMe is up to $25k 😷 


That’s what troubles me. It’s just such an easy, easy scam. Hope the PoPo took a skeptical look at the case and sorted out who the villain(s) may be.


Could be. Dad has a resume up that indicates he is a project engineer for Boeing. Could still be BS but appears well done BS if so.


Five years !!!
He’s gonna have a lotta wives in that period of time.


Need a good laugh? Have some free time?

If so, please watch this 11 minute video that was featured 3 years ago where both Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico LIED on National TV, i.e. the TODAY Show to Megyn Kelly about their involvement with Johnny Bobbit.

“Couple Speaks After Homeless Man They Raised Money For Accuses Them Of Stealing | Megyn Kelly TODAY”


This is what Johnny Bobbitt looks like today.




A new BMW, but no motorcycles or leather vests?



A Proud Infidel®™

Speaking of John Wayne Bobbit, anyone hear of why he flopped as a pr0n Actor?

He fainted every time the Director yelled “CUT!”.