Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 26, 2022

Another one bites the dust

She seems lovely

We call this the “Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson Edition”

Also girl

Object lesson time. This is a girl;

I wish my middle school library had stocked Penthouse and Hustler

There are those within the LGBTQIA+ alphabet mafia that see the current state of the movement for what it is

What the fuck?

Every week I have to say this. They aren’t groomers!

She says “freedom” as if it’s a bad thing

New York “justice”

How is “groomer” an anti-LGBT slur? Are they saying all LGBT people are pedos?

This MF-er had a full nuclear fag bomb go off in his classroom

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Everything they touch turns to shit.

What you ‘peson’ doing with all that gasses saving Joey Potato hooked us up with? It took 70 koolaid haired douche nuggets to come up with this.

They’d have most of us lined up in a ditch and shot. Pity…


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Didn’t vote that, won’t again.

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Speaking of voting, Ron Brownstain here doesn’t know what a Republic, or slavery, is.

It is time for the ‘uneducated’ ‘Armed-whilst-white’ ‘polluters’ ‘who dare to elect candidates The Betters no likey’ to ungrain the desperate, disease-filled, pox-on-the-hide of this Great Land Commie areas, for there is no breaking bread with these folks.


Drop the “s” from “peson” and you have a Freudian slip of what Gropey Joe’s bandaho’s and his Deep State elites think of us.


Welp we know what state these folks live in…The state of Confusion. At least one has seen the light. And what’s up with all of these hog nose rings? Sorry, not sorry, that is just nasty…and a complete turnoff.


So if some guy (wouldn’t have to be particularly big) beat that first chick to death with his bare hands it would be fine and justifiable because – you know – survival of the fittest? I mean, heck, if she was to be the slightest annoyance (and I’m pretty sure we all know what the answer to that riddle is), it would be for the same reason she gave, right? Just trying to see what the rules are here.

Amateur Historian

The acronym of Gays Against Groomers 😆 🤣 😂.