Anti-gun propaganda out in full force

| July 25, 2022

I see the agitprop folks are out in full force trying to tell us ‘ghost guns’, ‘AR assault rifles’ etc. are EEEVULL and we must ban all of them. Unless they are in the hands of a) the military b) the police (whom they also want to defund) and most importantly c) their armed bodyguards.

New assault rifle being sold to civilians is twice as powerful as the AR-15 and capable of shooting through bulletproof vests, report says

Policy analyst Busse told the outlet that while AR-15s are lighter and more maneuverable than MCX-SPEARs, bullets from the latter can hit much harder over greater distances.

Busse said the gun could help mass shooters become “a long-range sniper with an AR-15-style gun.”

SIG Sauer is also the company responsible for making the semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle that was used in the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016 that left 49 people dead.

The company said that the MCX-SPEAR would be available at “select dealers,” Firearm Blog first reported in January.

Alia Shoaib

The hysterical London-based writer’s screed  has been picked up by the usual leftists like Business Insider, Kos, Daily Beast, etc. The gun in question is basically an AR-10-length gas piston semi-auto gun chambered in radical cartridges like 7.62×51, 6.5×51 or the new service cartridge 6.8 x51 (civilian version called the .277 Fury.) According to the article it has TWICE THE ENERGY of a 5.56! – a lie, about 2600 foot-pounds for the 7.62 or 2400 foot-pounds for the 7mm-08, the current closest to the military, compared to over 1700 foot-pounds for the current military 5.56/.223. Unless 2/3 more is now “double”? And she is shocked that it can pierce body armor: bad news, lady, most body armor is not rated for “real ” rifle hunting cartridges.

Worth noting this civilian semi-auto includes suppressor and costs almost $8,000. I see lots of them potentially in everyone’s gun safe. I would worry more about someone with a scoped Mauser and some stripper clips.


And then we get to a survey of seized guns in the most violence prone cities. OH, NO…the most popular guns sold, Glocks, are at the head of the list! Followed closely by Taurus, Ruger, Smith, and Polymer80. The last one is a manufacturer of 80% receivers for “ghost guns”.{ A little cognitive dissonance for you: the government says guns without numbers, aka “ghost guns” are on a huge rise – but they include any number with a defaced or unreadable serial in that amount. And they have confiscated about 23,000 in the last 5 years. So out of all the crimes in the last years, less than 5,000 a year seem to involve the giant problem ghost guns. }

Five gun manufacturers accounted for over half of the guns recovered: Glock (16.6%), Taurus (12.4%), Smith & Wesson (11.8%), Ruger (6.5%) and Polymer80 (3.8%). These five manufacturers accounted for nearly 10,000 guns recovered in crimes in 2021.

“We’re dealing with the same problem: a $9 billion industry turning their profits into our pain,” New York Mayor Eric Adams told ABC News in an appearance on “Good Morning America” with the mayors of Buffalo, New York; Little Rock, Arkansas; and St. Louis.

Putting a focus on the manufacturers is deliberate, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones said.

“If this were any other industry that was as deadly then the government would have already acted to make sure that we got rid of whatever was killing our citizens,” Jones said. “We haven’t seen that action from the federal government so we have to look at the root causes and try to cure gun violence in our cities.”

ABC News via Yahoo

How stunningly obvious- sell a lot of guns, probably a lot of your guns will be stolen. I assume they have solved the other problems that kill more Americans in their cities, like fentanyl, drunk drivers, bad doctors…



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Prior Service

“If this was any other industry…”. So, you are advocating a government crack down on vehicles, drugs, alcohol and medical malpractice then? Better start shutting that border, but I guess you didn’t really mean that. You aren’t taking my Vette, sorry.


Yeah, the border’s no problem at… /sarc
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Sooner or later, the Left will come to its senses and outlaw murder, ending it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

YOu forgot the (/s) tag. Someone might think that you are serious.


But in the proggy cities, the fact that murder and manslaughter are already outlawed, doesn’t mean much when Soros elected DA’s find ways to turn them loose with less than 15% of their sentences served. Gascon’s office just charged a gangbanger who was out and had only served six years on a fifty-year sentence. Needless to say, he was “holding” and “strapped” when the cops arrested him last month.


If nobody had guns then nobody would have guns. duh.


Da, comrade, is whole plan!
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I am trying to figure out why I should care about what some twerp who is based in London thinks about guns in the US. After all, we threw them out a long time ago and have never looked back. So, as far as I am concerned, this means absolutely nothing to me. Focus on your country and your house. Make sure your place is in order before you criticize how someone else handles their own affairs.

Those who hammer their swords into plowshares usually plow for those who chose to keep their swords.

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You really have to wonder…

What percentage of the left is dumb enough to believe this shit, and
What percentage know it’s bullshit, and are just commie tyrants…

AW1 Rod

Ms. Shoaib is clueless.


Good to know that a junior news reporter is staying on top of getting rid of all of the eeeebilll, scary black rifles that are going around killing people…Here’s a thought for you there Ms Thang. Since the manufacturer is responsible for what the gunz do, why not make the parents of the perps that actually pulled the triggers responsible? After all, the parents are the ones that made the perp.

The commentors were not kind to the MCX in the linky. And we have more smoke and mirrors with the gun pr0n. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about Kalifornia passed a bill making the firearm companies responsible if their firearm is used to kill someone and can be sued by the victims family.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

So now if I witness an auto accident I can sue both car makers. I think that Kaifornia will lose on this because now it will open a can of worms.

Forrest Bondurant

But, I thought it was nearly impossible to operate an AR style weapon because they weigh as much as 10 moving boxes. Sheila Jackson Lee said so. (sarc off).


I am the weapon.


Here is a very nice “What to do” when contacting your Congress-critter about an issue:

Mike B

I keep seeing these anti-gunners and gun-grabbers throwing around the term “Weapons of War”…..

What is their definition of “Weapons of War? I’ve got military surplus weapons dating back from the Cold War to 1863. So would these technically be could be considered Weapons of War, whether they are antiques, or curio and relics, etc?

They throw these terms out there, and quote erroneous information as facts, yet really do not define what they mean.

These idiots need to shut up and go away, and leave me and my guns alone. BTW I do have AR and an AK platform rifles, not all my weapons are old…..!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Ever hear of an AR 180 (223) Owned one years ago along with other “Assault” rifles that at that time a lot of people never heard of. Sold the whole lot a number of years before I retired. Few of them I bought from the Garand Man in Island Park Nassau County NY. Wonder if hes still with us.

Mike B

Are you talking about an ArmaLite AR-180 made between 1969-1972 or the Eagle Arms AR-180B made between 2001-2007?

Regardless I have heard of it, held and shot the AR-180 once. That was only one I ever saw in person.

Don’t know enough about them to know why they weren’t popular. Guess I ought to go do some reading.

Wow the Irish Republican Army used the AR-180s, didn’t know that!

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Skivvy Stacker

I wanna find me one of these here guns what make the ammanishun more powreeful. I got me a sick baby an I need t’kill me some moose meat.

A Proud Infidel®™

they are THIS degree of clueless. Next they’ll be bawling about the upcoming threat to civilization, the ARAK1547!

(2) Anti-Gun Senator Kevin De Leon Makes a Fool of Himself – YouTube

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Someone should point out to Tish Jones that Fords, Chevys, Chryslers and foreign cars kill more people than guns. And, so do doctors and nurses.