Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 5, 2022

Public education indoctrination

She’s a fan of the fentanyl-abusing armed robber career criminal

Now this is funny

Openly racist school “equity adviser”

Has anyone seen this woman?

She’s the “first?”

Groomers gotta groom

Who could forsee telling your customers to leave would have them leave?


What the hell is going on here?

Actual reeducation camp

Democrats don’t hate America. Also Democrats –

This is normal, right?

Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal

These people are sick and sad

If the flag triggers you, there’s a mechanism for you to leave the country

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Trust me. I had no desire to know what my 2nd grade teach Mrs. Baskiel did the night before. And we won’t even mention Sister Theophane!


As Carlos Mencia (NSFW) pointed out (at 1:18, Sister Mary and Catholic school… none of that) about PC laziness in education today:

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RGR 4-78

Somewhere along the way a lot of parents neglected to beat the retard out of their offspring.


No argument here.


Holy, crap– all this weirdness would’ve scared the sh*t out of me as a kid.

(Not too happy about it as an adult either.)

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We in the Commissariat approve of most of these messages.


Da, approved opinion must be approved for “social justice,” comrade!

Old tanker

Regarding the Pima County dem party tweet. Since I was born in that county and spent 50 years working and living there before I fled the state to TX., I looked into that. They are getting HAMMERED on Twitter over it. They obviously forgot that tweets can be saved in spite of deleting it. I found it ironic that they use the freedoms provided by their founding fathers to curse and hate on the independence those founders gave them.


The ultra-liberal-progressive folks of Tucson (specifically 4th Avenue and downtown) just got a reminder that there’s a very conservative majority in the rest of Pima county. Regina Romero (pronounced Ruh-Jyn-uh) runs Tucson like it’s an independent progressive nation. Add in that fat guy with the mustache representative (his name shall not be spoken) and you get a city that’s hemorrhaging businesses, has a worthless no-show police department, and can’t fix its streets.


The one with Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas…I can’t stop laughing. 🤣


Forget that Thomas is a sitting justice. The fact that Marshall was not only 1st black justice but had a legal career that the words “legendary” and “epic” are entirely inadequate… well anyone that claims to be involved in civil rights and has forgotten Marshall for even a moment should be deeply ashamed at their own ignorance….


Left/libtards– remember, their stupidity is revolutionary!


Still not enough wood chippers.


F##k all of them…


My pronouns are ‘keep explaining to me how I’m the problem, because I think you’re mentally ill and a pre-vert, I demand to be left the FK alone’ and ‘If I can see you, you’re within range’.

Happy belated Independence Day to all y’all!


COL “Bat” Guano concurs!

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