Wednesday FGS

| June 15, 2022

Llama Minimax .45

Today’s gun pR0n care of our own David, who seems to have a sense of humor.

“Smart” guns and “safety” locks aren’t meant to protect children. They’re meant to kill gun owners. —VICTOR MILAN

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The only “smart” in any gun should be the “smart” in the brains of the person holding and using the gun.


Gun pr0n of a Gun Bunny’s involuntary emmission. Well played, doods. “…a magazine fed grenade launcher…” And a nice smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand play on the pic of the Mini that switches to an article of a full blown rendition of the designs of HMS JMB (HBHN) Proof that not only does our Beloved AW1Ed loves me and wants me to be happy, but so does David. I may be well beyond barely 17, but I am doubly blessed. (apologies to Meat Loaf)

Today is a good example of the suppression of self defense gunz stories by the sleaze media. All of the usual suspects curry combing the inherwebz looking and we all came up with zilch.

My gunz were all smart. They behaved themselves and never went out and kilt anyone. Too bad they couldn’t swim.

Escort duty again today. Check the DA Form 6 to see whose day it is to be “that guy”. Play nice, see y’all this pm.

MI Ranger

Always thought I wanted a Desert Eagle, especially one where you can change the barrels out (different calibers).
The action is very interesting, like an AR with the way the bolt locks into the fixed barrel.


I started weight training during my big-bore era just to handle the .44 mags. They’re too much for me now and imagine that the DA is bulkier than Model 29 or Anaconda.

It is a handsome beast, probably too much for a shoulder holster 🙂


Biggest issue with a DE for me is the large grip diameter. ‘Way too big for someone with small hands. To me they do shoot softer than the revolvers with equivalent loads.


You oughta see the one Ed declined to show… a .380 the size of a Combat Commander never used by its home country, but used by the Nazis through the end of the war. Maybe 20 parts to the whole gun, a masterpeice of weird design.