White House Press Secretary: Americans can take on inflation

| June 14, 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre was a guest on Don Lemon’s show on CNN. During the show, she claimed that Americans could take on inflation as a result of Biden’s “American Rescue Plan.” She wanted the audience to understand the position that Joe Biden was in back in January 2021. He had to go from a pandemic impacted economy to one that saw prices increases after the Russians invaded Ukraine.

From Fox News:

Jean-Pierre said on CNN that Americans must understand the position President Biden was in when he took office and asserted that the U.S. economy is “bouncing back.” She added that the administration believes they are in a “good position” to take on inflation.

“We’ve got to remember when thinking about gas prices and food this is coming from Putin’s war against Ukraine,” Jean-Pierre caveated. “The moment that Putin amassed forces on the border of Ukraine, we saw from then until now, we have seen a $2 increase per gallon on gas.”

Host Don Lemon then interjected, and pressed Jean-Pierre on her claim that rising prices were only attributable to the war.

“Economists do cite the war in Ukraine and supply chain issues. We did have that before the war, supply chain issues,” Lemon said. “They also say that last year’s stimulus package, which you mentioned, contributed to inflation, Karine. Does the Biden administration bear some responsibility for this?”

Jean-Pierre touted the importance of the American Rescue Plan and said that the U.S. is in a “good historic economic place” where the country can take on inflation. She also claimed that the country is transitioning to “steady, stable growth.”

“So, first of all, the American Rescue Plan met the moment, and it has put us in a place where we can actually put us in a place where the American people feel — can actually, we can take on inflation. What I mean by that is we’ve seen growth, right, with as I mentioned more than 8 million jobs. Now we’re transitioning into a steady, stable growth,” she told Lemon.

Last month, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg declined to say if the $1.9-trillion American Rescue Plan contributed to inflation. He claimed that economists would be “debating” that question for “decades.”

Buttigieg also said the economy was at a “very real risk” of collapsing before the plan was placed.

Fox News has the balance of the article here.

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Taco bell does that too!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

lemon asked a hard ball question!!!! Maybe he is trying to act like a real journalist or afraid of losing his job when the new peeps take over. don lemon is bad, thats why he is a lemon. the new Kremlin press sec. words are out of the mouth of Mr. Joseph Goebbels.


Now you know sh*t’s gone really bad…


I think it may be because he fears for his job. The new CNN CEO is taking no prisoners it seems.







She could do a few pages in Hustler and have fulfilled her life’s purpose.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just how much more badly are they going to keep fucking things up?


All the way…. and then some.

Grow your own food. Have some stored away. The ability to purify/store water. Ammo. Medical supplies. And, most importantly, friends you can count on.

Hold on, he’s going in dry!

Hack Stone

They look at your statement as a challenge. Saw a segment on NBC Today earlier this week about a Hispanic man holding down two jobs to support his family. He is working the graveyard at a fastfood joint, but has to walk to work because he can’t afford the gasoline to drive there. He’s just collateral damage in Building Back Better.


Like Brad Pitt said in Fury… I’d buy ammo, canned food and gold:
comment image


His speech today at the AFL-CIO was unnerving. He began to yell at one point which reminded me of the kind of rage and passion Mussolini and Hitler expressed at their rallies to stir people up into a frenzy… only Joe isn’t passionate — just frustrated that he sucks and can’t see why.


Saw that.

“I don’t want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending. We are changing people’s lives.”, said Mister Magoo’s more senile and more angry retarded twin.

The spending is, by any and all metrics, reckless. He always seems to forget that the VAST majority of working America did not vote for him.

“You’re working for me, man,” the worker told Biden.
“I’m not working for you,” Biden said. “Give me a break, man. Don’t be such a horse’s a–.”

Fucken doing Joe stuff.jpg
Hack Stone

The only time when Joe Biden told the truth. He sure as hell doesn’t work for us. Don’t worry, though, Hunter Biden seems to faring well under this economic turmoil.


Just need more stimuli to; Hunter’s Hookers, 06JAN Productions Studio©, maybe give Pfliezer and J&J some alsoer! Force the middle-class and lowers on the government teat, a treadmill of servitude where the yoke is replaced with barbed wire.

With all these new programs the Demonrat Partei will need more unaccountable and unelected bureaunatzeees. By nature of them growing that’ll equate to more undue influence on elections! “Vote for the Hoe or something bad could happen to your gimmedats, ya dig?”

The all knowing, all seeing eye of FCC called, your National Anthem is now hate speech.

Inflation is going to set this place right the fuck on fire. ‘Planned-destruction’.
One must flatten the target before The They can Build Back Biden-ier.

RGR 4-78

Make no mistake, everything that is happening to Americans is punishment for having the gall to elect Trump.


Given the signs of contempt they’ve displayed, I’m gallicky enuf to do it again.

If the union of like-minded folks could find someone that’ll piss them off more that’d be freakin sweet.


Desantis could fill that role nicely.


He and Elise Stefanik would have the socialists walking on hot coals.

FWIW, neither of them have any national prowess and DeSantis could go Paul Ryan as quickly as Ryan did.

For now, it is up to them to remain “beltway outsiders” in appearance, substance and form.


Desantis is already a head of state. His opinions are already formed. Paul Ryan was a congressman ready to profit from his position at the drop of a bill.


She’s so damn bad the you yearn for the Salad Days of Lyin’ Red Psaki

Green Thumb


I do not hate Psaki. Never met her.

She was paid to lie. And she did a good job.

This one, though, is an underachieving clown. Not worth the money.


But… but… first black female lesbian to hold the job!!!!! THE FIRST!!!!! That checks like, a bazillion qualification boxes!


You for got Haitian immigrant. Checks even more.

A Proud Infidel®™

Comparing Psaki and her successor to Donald Trump’s Press Secretary is like comparing a brand new Porsche to a pair of rusted out Ford Pinto’s in Bubba’s back twenty.


And her replacement only had to be a gay black woman, not competent. A proggie Triple Diversity Score, comrade!

Last edited 5 months ago by Anonymous

A wee question:

miss me yet all sm.jpg



I was thinking the official portrait should be the south end of donkey.


Gropey said that he could end inflation as soon as he gets the rich and corporations to pay their “fair share” in federal taxes. Anyone who believes that is truly retarded. Higher taxes on businesses will merely be passed on to consumers in higher prices.


I beg to differ, fuel prices are going up 10-20% per month, maybe weekly, and I haven’t seen that price reflected in goods or services……….

because I poured $150/gal bleach in my eye sockets.

Last edited 5 months ago by Roh-Dog

I can’t recall.

Was it the Ukrainians or the Russians that caused the price of oil to double last year before the war?

Was it the virus that made the congress and (don’t forget) the Fed pump over 3 trillion dollars in uneeded money in to the economy with full understanding that people already had plenty of money from not being able to buy anything due to the closure of the world economy and not having to pay their bills? I don’t think butt plug knows the answer. He will be defending it for decades with is lackeys at the NYT and the WAPO.