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| June 11, 2022


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Adair County homeowner shoots alleged intruder multiple times

Grace Altenhofen, Des Moines Register
An Adair County homeowner shot a suspected intruder multiple times during an alleged break-in early Thursday morning, according to a news release from the Adair County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement received a 911 call reporting a vehicle in the median of Interstate Highway 80 near the Adair rest areas around 3:18 a.m. Thursday. A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and determined that the crashed vehicle had previously been reported as stolen to the Omaha Police Department.

Around 4:30 a.m. Thursday, dispatch received a 911 call from a rural residence southwest of Casey. According to the release, “the occupant of the home reported that someone had tried to break into his home and that he, the occupant of the residence, had shot the suspected intruder.”

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Des Moines Register

Link courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

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The best part of this article? “…homeowner shot a suspected intruder multiple times during an alleged break-in…”

Lock ‘n load!!!

John Seabee

Good shoot. 10-98NR. 10-51 to Dunkin for refreshments.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The “alleged” perp is only wounded.
If the homeowner had only applied the One More Taxpayers’ Savings Shot…….THAT would be cause for celebration!

Testify, Brother Tox and I’ll add an AMEN (or an AWOMEN for thoses of you that hasta). Homeowner was prolly using the “spray and pray” plasticized abomination instead of a weapon of the calibre and materials as was intended by…well…you know who.


Gotta balance extraneous damage to the house versus
the weapon of choice. A .44mag is a sure bet one shot
but consider the amount of siding you just blew off the
outside wall.
I agree though on the “you know who” choice for just
about any situation involving the home…or person.


Microtech knives are the best quality OTF knives out there. That is why the Chinese are deceptively copying them, to include marking them with the Microtech logo and packaging. These “clones” can be had for about $100. Real Microtech’s will cost from $350 to $500.

In some states, carrying one with a blade longer than two inches is a felony. So, beware.