Weekend Open Thread

| June 3, 2022

Sometimes, one must overlook the apparent temperament or behavior of someone who happens to be unique with regards to being able to accomplish things. One of those “sometimes” is when the other options would lead to disaster. Enjoy your weekend.

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Commissioner Wretched


Hack Stone

Hack would have beaten you, but “the man” said that his comment was too long, so he had to delete a few lines.


Dang it! I was busy posting the dankest of memes.

They can take our tendies but they can NEVER TAKE OUR LOLZ!

I yield the TAH WOT accoutrements, all EARNED, never GIVEN titles and emoluments. Congrats and good luck with these heathens!


Here’s one, just change the gender… 😜 
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Skivvy Stacker

To which one….there are apparently over a thousand these days.


Kong(sized)Rats to ye CW. Climb up your Empire and see the State of the Building. Your Throne is prolly covered with Miller Lite Bottles and ciggie burn marks on the arm rests.

Was not in contention today, another provision run for the ongoing food fest @ Firebase Magnolia. A BAR (Before Action Report) is forthwith made. Yard bird percurlating lowly to go in the dumplin’s. A orast of beef beast soaking in it’s au jus, taters being prepared for smashing, butter peas infused with bacon, greened beaned & yeller squashed cassyroll laid in for baking, 12 pounder ham being smoked, and did I mention the REAL (Southern) Cornbread dressing? #2 washtub of that. Buttered Pecan and Red Velvety Cake with Butter Cream Frosting. They’ll be more additions. Y’all come on, there’s plenty. I’m sure if I could show OAM my culinary skilz, I’d win her heart. Take that ChipNASA! 🍽


You can’t do that, it’s not your turn.
I’m tellin’ Mom on you !!!


WhooHooo! Our favorite Trivia-ist reigns over we miscreants!
Rats of the Cong, CW!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to remind all of the rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists who frequent This Ain’t Hell that since Roh-Dog has wrested control of the Weekend Open thread three weeks ago, America has seen the highest cost for fuel ever, crime is running rampant throughout the country, store shelves are bare, and the country has to rely on baby formula to be flown in from Europe.

Commissioner Wretched

You think it’s bad now, Hack … look who got FIRST this week!

Hack Stone

We’ll just keep feeding him ice cream until he shat’s his pants.


And copious amounts of tapioca pudding.


I’m working on a theory that pudding has the same attraction for PINO Joe that strawberries did for CAPT. Queeg.

Skivvy Stacker

Well, I guess we can stop piling on that poor, old, broken down, forgetful, brain dead guy in the White House for all our woes.



The Stranger



Best finish in years, I declare a moral victory.

Commissioner Wretched

Seeing as how I now lord over the rest of the DWs here, being FIRST for the week, my first order of business is … trivia! Enjoy. Bowing and scraping are optional at this point.

Did a well-known psychologist beat a 1950s quiz show which really wanted her to lose?
By Jack Bagley
My e-mail recently has been full of spam from people trying to match me up with other people. Like they assume I’m all kinds of lonely or something. (I am, but that’s another story.)

I get at least one a day offering me the “love match of a lifetime” if I just click on their website and scroll through the pictures of lonely singles needing companionship.

Funny … that’s how I found my cat, Boris. Well, it was the Humane Society website, and Boris was looking for a new home, but hey – it’s the same thing, right?

Commissioner Wretched

If I need companionship, I think I’m perfectly capable of going out and finding it all by myself. I don’t have to spend money to have a friend. (Isn’t that sort of against the law, anyway?)

Besides, I might find my own picture in there somewhere. Embarrassing.

Just so you know, you don’t have to spend money to enjoy some trivia – well, not more than what it cost to buy this newspaper, anyway. Here it is … so have a good time!

Did you know …

… a difference exists between a nook and a cranny? If you didn’t know, a nook is a corner, while a cranny is a crack in the wall. (I didn’t know. I’m not really all that sure that I cared, but I certainly didn’t know.)

RGR 4-78

So, Hillary Clinton has a big granny cranny?

Commissioner Wretched

Now I need brain bleach …

RGR 4-78

At least I didn’t say anything about here nook, aye. 😉 

Commissioner Wretched

… bees in France produced different colors of honey in 2012? In the area around Mulhouse, France, beekeepers discovered their hives turning out honey in odd shades of blue and green. Concerned about some unheard-of disease running amok in the colonies, the beekeepers eventually discovered the reason – the bees were bringing back to the hives small particles of coloring from a nearby candy plant which produced M&Ms™.   The colored honey could not be sold, and that meant a financial hit for the beekeepers. (I think they missed a great marketing opportunity here, you know.)

… a world-championship duck calling contest is held each year in Arkansas? Tracing its history back to 1936, the contest takes place every Thanksgiving weekend in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Anyone wishing to enter has to first win a sanctioned preliminary duck-calling contest, and the winner takes home a nice $15,000. (And all the ducks they can call, I suppose.)


Yeah? In California bees are fish.


“On Tuesday, an appeals court in California earnestly held that bees are fish. Or at least for regulatory purposes under the state’s endangered species law.”

Commissioner Wretched

That story actually made the “kicker” on my radio newscast for today. I tagged it with, “It’s all a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, and the bees don’t really have to learn to swim.”

A Proud Infidel®™

It appears that nowadays in California to be qualified to sit on the Bench means that you have to have your brains pureed in a blender and run through a strainer after being lobotomized.

Commissioner Wretched

… a well-known psychologist beat a quiz show which wanted her to lose? In 1955, Dr. Joyce Brothers (1927-2013) auditioned to become a contestant on the quiz program, The $64,000 Question. She won a spot on the show but under the rules could not use her expert knowledge in psychology. In fact, the producers of the show thought they could get big ratings by giving her a topic she shouldn’t know anything about, like, say, boxing. As it turned out, Brothers’ husband Milton (1926-1989) was a big boxing fan, and between the two of them the doctor – who used her photographic memory – was able to prepare for the show. 

Commissioner Wretched

She not only won the top prize of $64,000, she appeared on the show’s spin-off, The $64,000 Challenge, and walked off once again with the top prize. The producers – caught up in the resulting quiz show scandals – admitted later that they selected boxing for Brothers in an effort to keep her from winning, and also admitted that the doctor had beaten them fair and square. (The fix was in either way, I guess.)

Commissioner Wretched

… sharks are the only fish that can blink with both eyes at the same time? (I’m not sure why that matters, but there you are.)

… you could experience a thundersnow? What’s a thundersnow, you ask? Well, it’s one of the rarest events in weather – a snowstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning. (What else would you call it?)

… greeting cards on store shelves are touched an average of 25 times before someone buys them? (Who figures out this stuff, anyway?)

… in Oklahoma, state law makes it illegal to wrestle a bear? (What if you win? The idea is bear-ly beliveable.)

… two popular brands of the same candy are made by competing companies? The popular candy brands of Rolo™ and KitKat™ are made and marketed globally by the Nestlé company – except in the United States, where competitor Hershey’s makes the candy.


My only experience with thundersnow was 1980, a group of us had just summitted the Grand Teton just as an august storm hit. Big fat fluffy flakes and thunder. We hunkered down about 30 ft below the summit, lightning hit the USGS survey marker. Thought it was my last day on earth. Thought we’d been hit with God’s baseball bat.


Seen it at Ft. Sill, OK!

A Proud Infidel®™

I grew up in Kansas, been in a Thundersnow or two!


Been out in thundersnow more than once, here in Michigan.


No worse than a Condition 2 White-Out at Keflavik. They saved Condition 1 for really bad weather.

Last edited 2 years ago by AW1Ed
Commissioner Wretched

… fireworks have a patron saint? Saint Barbara (273 AD-306 AD) was murdered, apparently, by her own father. And immediately after she was killed, her father was struck by lightning and died. St. Barbara thus became associated with lightning, and logically with the later developments of explosives and fireworks. (So if you want to call the Fourth of July “St. Barbara’s Day,” it’s okay with me.)

… one woman served as First Lady of two different nations? Grace Simbine (born 1945) is the widow of two African leaders. Her first husband, Samora Machel (1933-1986), served as president of Mozambique from 1975 until his death. She later married Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), who at the time was serving as president of South Africa. (Thus making her a Double First Lady, it seems.)


Nelson Mandela’s second wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was a big fan of ‘necklacing’ (don’t look that up unless you have strong stomach).
And attached is a picture of Nicolae Ceauşescu visiting Maputo, Mozambique, in April 1979, hosted by Samora Machel and his wife Graça Machel.


Commies all.jpg

Whoa up thar CW, Stop the presses! “…Fourth of July “St. Barbara’s Day,” it’s okay with me.” Nix, Nein, Hells to the Naw. Saint Barbara (The Patron Saint of Artillery Gun Bunnies and others that make things go all ‘splodey) already has Her own Day, 4 December. You may invoke Her Name on the 4th of July to help keep things from going ‘splodey in your hand, but one mustn’t take away from Independence Day OR Saint Barbara’s Day by forgetting the Celebration on 4 December. I’ll attach a linky for your edumacation. As penance for your error, you get to provide the Artillery Punch at the Regimental Dinning In in celebration of Her Day, 4 December. 😉 Other than that, another fine j.o.b. on the trivia.


Commissioner Wretched

Rebuke noted and accepted, Gun Bunny. Just tell me what “special” ingredients you want in the Artillery Punch.


Different Variations there CW, but here’s one with video that is real close to the Original. Careful, that dog will bite you.


Commissioner Wretched

Gonna have to give that a try one day!

Commissioner Wretched

… scorpions glow under ultraviolet light? (I’m not sure why this matters, but it is a fascinating thing to know.)

… a meteor, a meteorite, and a meteoroid are all the same thing? Picture, if you will, a rock out in space. While that rock is out there away from Earth, it’s called a meteoroid. Once captured by Earth’s gravity and pulled into the atmosphere, it begins to burn up, and is called a meteor. If, by chance, some portion of the rock survives the trip through the atmosphere and strikes the ground, then it’s called a meteorite. (Call it Irving if that makes you feel better about it.)

… one plain bar of milk chocolate has more protein than a banana? (Bananas, however, don’t melt in your mouth. Life is full of little trade-offs.)

Now … you know!

Skivvy Stacker

I’m looking for a rich widow….with a heart condition. And no offspring.


CW WHAT?!?!??!
Congo of the Ratulations.
I’m here….byatches.


Jerry (pooopy pants Nadler says young men are cannon fodder.


The draft is state-made-legal slavery.
Nadler is ok with this.
Jerry Nadler is pro-slavery.

Wonder if he’s championed a lowering of the voting age to 16?

With ideological foes such as these…

Skivvy Stacker

I think he was born when slavery was still legal.


God that guy is such a piece of shit. The disdain these people have for the common man is unbelievable.


Yeah, and here’s what his equally slimy colleague thinks of your constitutional rights:

Democrat Representative Calls Constitutional Rights ‘Bulls**t’ (conservativebrief.com)


On station.

Used to be still serving

I wonder how much fentanyl will be coming over in those cans with the tacit approval of The Usual Suspects©.

Summer is awful for the mules and coyotes.


Be sure and only buy the nonspicey variety. Rated in 1 to 5 star hot.

A Proud Infidel®™

Europe has plenty of Baby Formula too which further convinces me that this “crisis” is manufactured.

Hack Stone
A Proud Infidel®™

Thirty-sump’n and I give myself Honorary First once again.



Forty-sumtin and still FIRST (h/t CW) in the hearts and minds of the grandkids.

I just got a new pair of glasses – FIRST prescription and FIRST with progressive lenses.

I was going to post the recipe for the cake I baked for Mrs. GB’s celebration of orbits around Ol’ Sol, but may have to do that later. It was good, though. It was a variety of Williamsburg Orange cake, using real butter, and Texas pecans. My recipe was from a Betty Crocker cookbook.

Corn’s been comin’ in. Shucked 35 ears and Mrs. GB parched and froze them for later consumption. Got a few green beans. Tomatoes are finally starting to show. Zucchini doing passable fair. Grass is so far ahead of me I won’t catch up this season.

We’ll rest easier tonight knowing that murdering monster that escaped from TDCJ-ID is now roasting in Hell. He killed a 66-year old grandfather and his four grandsons, 18, 16, 11, and 11. Pray for their families, and hug yours.

Hack Stone

Appears to be a “head on” crash.


Those vehicles are dicked up


Yesterday, I received a very convincing telephone phishing scam. A supposed criminal defense lawer called saying he was representing my adult son who had been in a serious auto accident and was arrested because he ran a stop sign while looking at his cell phone. An elderly woman was injured in the T-bone accident and was in the hospital. He wanted to know if I could help with the bail to get my son out of the county jail. After saying I would, he put my “son” on the phone. My “son” sounded like he had cotton rolls stuffed up his nose, likely so I wouldn’t recognize it wasn’t really him. After briefly describing how the accident happened, a “guard” made him hang up. Then the “attorney” came back on the line and described how he was working a deal with the DA so my son wouldn’t lose his driver’s license and would only do 50 hours of community service. In talking to him, I disclosed I was a retired attorney. I think that information ended the scam, as he never called back. BEWARE


They’re evil, and they’re out there. Ask a personal question only the “victim” would know and they’ll hang up in a hurry.

Hack Stone

You have to play along. Tell them that you will wire the money. Then have them head down to the Western Union to pick it up. They call you back, you tell them someone signed for the money.


The lead-up to this was covered on TAH, but it went out with a whimper instead of a bang. For anyone who missed it, Special Counsel John Durham failed to get a conviction in his case against Michael Sussmann:


Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) takes it in the ass.


then mouth. “Rinse and repeat”