Weekend Open Thread

| May 27, 2022

I saw a post, from a leftist, describing how he gladly pays more at the pump on the background of not having Donald Trump in the White House. Speaking of which, are you seeing a growing number of “Build Back Better” ballcaps? Enjoy your weekend.

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Hack Stone

Can you provide your home address so that Hack Stone can dispatch mostly peaceful protesters to express their displeasure with this crime against humanity?


Sure. But make positive you teach them the nuance of the 3-to-5 second rush, for reasons.



SSN and mother’s maiden name too, please.


Kong’s Rats to you My Brother Roh-Dog on your Trifecta of FIRST for the Coveted EARNED NEVER AWARDED TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread FIRST. This knave passes you a slab of fresh, hot, buttered, REAL Cornbread as he awaits your orders, My Liege. Have a Frosty Cold Yuengling to warsh it down with.

May not be in contention next week either, being as I will be elbow deep in preparations for the Annual Gun Bunny Family Food Fest.


Cong rats at’cha Roh!

Hack Stone

Magic 8 Ball, will Roh Dog’s reign of terror continue unabated, or will Congress finally enact some common sense legislation appointing Hack Stone as First Commenter for the This Ain’t Hell Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread for Friday May 27, 2022? Magic 8 Ball says…


“…reign of terror…”?!

Thats it! You’re on Whoopi Goldberg chambermaid duty this weekend!!

Hack Stone

You mean Perfessor Goldberg, expert on everything that she opines on? Legal decisions? See her comments on Roman Polanski’s “rape-rape”. Cabinet level appointees? Dr. Jill Biden would make a hell of a Surgeon General. And now she is an expert on the tenets of the Catholic faith, what with her comments this week that Nancy Peolosi cannot be denied communion because of her prop abortion stance. She did play a nun in two films, so she is more than qualified to render her opinion.


If her chambermaid has to dump and clean her chamberpot, that is cruel and unusual punishment.


Worse, if the chambermaid doubles as wiper…. try and shake THAT image!


Implied task.

Commissioner Wretched


Commissioner Wretched

Well, I tried. Congrats to Roh-Dog!! Since I can’t be FIRST, I’ll send up the trivia. And my book is selling rather nicely at the moment … if you were wondering, that is.

What costume item do “Von Ryan’s Express” and “Hogan’s Heroes” have in common?
By Commissioner Wretched
We interrupt your regularly scheduled trivia column to bring you the following public service announcement:

The first-ever “Did You Know…?” book is now available!

That’s right. I wrote a book. One I’ve apparently been writing for 290 weeks now, it seems.

I took it upon myself to go back through five and a half years of columns of trivial silly stuff and compiled a rather nice collection of … well … trivial silly stuff.

The book, entitled Did You Know…? Yet Another Collection of Useless Trivia, is available on amazon.com. For those who are truly Internet savvy, the link to my page is:


Commissioner Wretched

Right now, only this first book based on the column is available, but keep an eye on that spot. My two previous science-fiction novels may appear there in the near future, and who knows what else I might throw in. Help an author out!

Now, on to the stuff I’ll be basing the next book upon!

Did you know …

… the density of the planet Saturn is so low that, if the planet could be placed in a large enough container of water, it would float? (How you come up with the big enough container of water is up to you.)

… the first recorded serial killer in history was a woman? Locusta (~15 AD-68 AD) served the Roman emperor Nero (37 AD-68 AD) as his “official” poisoner. She is accused of being responsible for the deaths of several of his political opponents – including the previous emperor, Claudius (10 BC-54 AD). (I must resist the impulse to do a modern political joke right here.)


It wasn’t Hillarya?

Commissioner Wretched

… fifty percent of all Oreo™ cookie eaters say they pull the cookie apart before they eat it? (Makes you wonder what the other fifty percent does, doesn’t it?)

… punctuation was not regularly used until the 15th Century? (I notice with dismay that it isn’t being used quite as much any more, too.)

… the weather may have something to do with success in flirting? A study in the journal Social Influence found that ladies are more likely to give out their telephone numbers to men who flirt with them on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days. The research indicated people are in a better mood on sunny days … or that men may just be better at flirting when the sun is out. (So that makes me wonder where I keep going wrong …)

Dennis - not chevy

Punctuation is important. Remember, there is a difference between, “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma”.

Daisy Cutter

Punctuation and case are sacrificed on the altar of smartphone text messaging.

Commissioner Wretched

… two very different World War II cinema programs had something odd in common? In the 1965 dramatic movie Von Ryan’s Express, actor Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) wore a leather bomber jacket in the role of Colonel Joseph L. Ryan. Not long after the movie wrapped, the jacket was used in the costuming for a new World War II comedy, Hogan’s Heroes. The actor playing Colonel Robert E. Hogan, Bob Crane (1928-1978), wore the jacket with the only change being a name patch with the new character’s name. Crane wore the jacket for the entire six seasons of the series. The jacket made one further on-screen appearance, worn by actor Greg Kinnear (born 1963) when he played Crane in the 2002 movie Auto Focus, about Crane’s life and murder. 

Commissioner Wretched

Additional trivia note: The jacket is now being kept in the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio. It is in a Hogan’s Heroes display along with the uniform of Colonel Klink, worn by actor Werner Klemperer (1920-2000), and the overcoat of Sergeant Schultz, played by John Banner (1910-1973).


I always thought it hilarious that many of the actors on Hogan’s Heroes were Jewish.

Better article.

Last edited 1 month ago by Roh-Dog

Robert Clary had been a prisoner at Auschwitz so being in a prison camp comedy show did actually bug him a little but, hey, he’s an actor and it was a job. Imagine today’s actors doing that.

Commissioner Wretched

… dragonflies cannot walk? Yes, they have six legs, like all other insects. But their legs are only used for landing from flight; the insect is unable to walk. (Well, if you can fly, why would you want to walk?)

… two twelve-inch pizzas are smaller than one 18-inch pizza? It’s a question of geometry, and figuring out the area of a circle. (I think the old formula πr2 figures into it somewhere, but what do I know? Pie are not square, pie are round. Corn bread are square. So there.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the people of North Korea have their own “religion”? Known as juche, it was created by the founder of the North Korean state, Kim Il-sung (1912-1994). Kim combined the theories of Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) with his own peculiar way of thinking to form the basis for North Korean Communist politics. Juche, which means “self-reliance,” is now considered the world’s 10th-largest religion, and Kim is revered as a kind of god. (Well, he is in North Korea, anyway.)

… hamburgers and frankfurters have not always been called that? During both World Wars, when Germany was the enemy of the United States, hamburgers were referred to as “Liberty steaks” or “Salisbury steaks” to avoid using the German-sounding name. Frankfurters, known better as hot dogs, were called “Liberty sausages” during World War I. (Whatever you call them, they’re delicious!)

Commissioner Wretched

… engineers in the Netherlands have developed a machine that lets a cow milk itself? Each cow in a particular dairy herd has a computer chip in its collar. If the computer running the dairy senses that the cow has not been milked in a certain amount of time, the cow is allowed to enter the stall. Robot sensors apply the vacuum devices to the udder, and the machine does the rest. Milk production was boosted more than 15 percent under the system. The “do-it-yourself” system of milking has spread to dozens of dairies in Europe. (They missed a classic opportunity here … they could have called it the “Moo-it-Yourself.”)

Commissioner Wretched

… goats can climb trees? Well, they can in Morocco, anyway. There is a species of tree that grows in Morocco called the Argania tree, and it produces a very tasty nut that goats simply adore. They will even climb onto the branches of the tree to get at the little treats. Goats are natural climbers and are extremely sure-footed animals. (Not a baaa-a-a-ad thing to know.)

Now … you know!


Your shameless plug for the sales of your book has been approved.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Well, at least I didn’t come in around 40 or 50 on todays WOT

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Forgot to add in that the guy who gladly pays more because Pres. Trump isn’t in office is most likely he’s loaded with Moola Shmoola or just saying that and he’s really pissed off at the gas prices.but he will not tell you that.


He’s probably in Californicate and hoping for the $400 dollar rebate from Governor Nuisance to ease the pain for the high gas prices. 😜 


Change my mind.


Mostly peaceful authoritarians.

dunno sharp stick.jpg

Left/libtards gonna left/libtard… sense is no object for ’em.


Top Whatever.
I’m here…bitching, crotchety, whining, moaning, fussin’ spittin’ and a CUSSIN’ , like a Good E-4 (x2) should.
Happy 3 Day Weekend but have a thoughtful Memorial Day.


WTF,, Sleepy Joe was bragging about be accepted / commissioned to the Naval Acadamy in 1965. The lies never stop.


Really?! Doesn’t he know not to fcuking lie AT THIS POINT?! He’s been caught out on pretty big ones over the last 40+ years and is STILL running his suck?

Also, lolz.

Every time…

con v lib chicks.jpg
jeff LPH 3 63-66

I had pics of the conservative Fox and either cnn or msnbc woman and what a difference looking at their pics. Had it in the archive or archives file but somewhere along the line they got lost.


The Indy 500 will be this Sunday, 29 May 2022.

Check out this 2 minute video comparing a Pit Stop at the 1950 Indy 500 to a 2013 Pit Stop.

Wonder if those Pit Stops are now FASTER in 2022… 😉  😎 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

4 guys back in 1950 doing the pit stop and how many in the 2013??? Man thats fast. Saw the same one a few years ago and this refreshed my fast going memory.


“…this refreshed my fast going memory.”

Our Punster, Jeff, once again Rules!



Our hearts still go out to those murdered children and teachers in Texas.

We just wish the news media and others give a darn about those innocent children murdered in CHICAGO.

Bet if the Chicago Mayor or the Illnois Governor were members of the GOPs, the liberal news media would be all over the map.

Silence. Crickets. Blacks against Blacks. Gangs against Gangs.

Additionally, our hearts still go out to the folks in Ukraine. However, the ninja family is tired of being the World’s Policeman. WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!!! OUR OWN CITIZENS!!!

We hope and pray everyday that this coming November election will make a HUGE CHANGE so we can tolerate 2 more years of Brandon and his Croonies…

*Drops Microphone…Jumps Off Soapbox…*




Couldn’t make a selection, so he just punched both.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Thirty- sump’n and I award myself Honorary First once again.



Some news for Friday:

Retired Air Force General, William McBride, turned 100 yrs young on May 25th. His final assignment was as Air Force Vice Chief of Staff from 1975 to 1978.
Wampum native reflects on life and military career on 100th birthday (ellwoodcityledger.com)

I intensely dislike identity politics/promotions, but this seems like a ‘fleet up’ well deserved. Marine LtGen, Michael E. Langley, has been nominated for his 4th star to take over AFRICOM. If confirmed, he would be the first black 4 star in Corps history. 7 black general officers have reached 3-star rank in USMC history.
Michael Langley to be 1st Black Marine 4-Star General (outsidethebeltway.com)

Daisy Cutter

Sarah purchased her war medals online:

Last edited 1 month ago by Daisy Cutter

Jeez, she can’t even salute straight…


P.S. Here’s Angry Cops on her:

Hack Stone

There were more D. On a in that video than in Scarface. Love it.

Hack Stone

Hack needs to double check when posting. Typing this morning he wrote “more F Bombs than Scarface.”


Need to invent punch-o-vision for MacBook.

Also, does anyone know a good repair guy that doesn’t have a connection to America’s Mayor Rudy G? Don’t need that Hunter treatment…


Daisy Cutter,
So did Chipp Reid, the Annapolis, MD fake Marine.
It felt good BURNING his (2) Phony Purple Hearts.
And the whole rack.

(Note – Custom mini medal rack, NOT reusable.
And not something I’d want to put in the hands of another phony.)

How many others bought phony medals through the websites,
including from those 2 retired female Marines in North Carolina
who make and sell custom racks of ribbons, medals, and mini medals?

Chipp Reid Medals and Devices Scan 1.jpg
Last edited 30 days ago by MarineDad61

Back behind the wire at the GB Compound after an extensive reconnoitering excursion to the NRA Annual Meeting exposition a bit south of our regular AO.

Left my drool on a lot of cool things, got to play with some cool toys, talk to some great representatives. A small handful of the Booth Bunnies were displaying their assets (Copious and curvaceous) but most were not. Had a nice conversation with a lovely young lady, modestly but fetchingly dressed, about the grips on one pistol, only to realize (belatedly) that she is one of their sponsored competitive shooters – and very good. Her knowledge and understanding of the companies’ product made her very pleasant to talk to and learn from.
I may change my outlook on bullpups now.
Have more things on my “covet” list now…


Redo w/ better link.

Memorial Day:
comment image


Looks like the adults are in charge at Ramstein:”Air Force wing nixes drag queen reading event for children at Ramstein library, drawing LGBTQ supporters’ ire”  😜 


That is all.


In the past 3 weeks,
I visited 4 local PA (open once weekly) flea markets.
All 4 had cap sellers, including veteran caps.
All 4 sold Purple Heart Combat Wounded (Veteran) ballcaps,
same or similar as the stock photo shown.

I asked all 4 cap sellers,
IF they ask for any kind of proof of Purple Heart,
or even proof of military service.

3 said NO.
1 said YES, but a VA ID card alone is good enough for him.

So there you go.
TDS (Teddy Daniels Syndrome) is on the rise in PA,
and the caps are selling like funnel cakes.

Purple Heart Combat Wounded Cap 1 large.jpg

For those who don’t know…
This is a funnel cake.
Popular in these parts at flea markets and carnies.
Max grease and max powdered sugar.
But it’s a race with the devil to get home (to poop).

Funnel cake 1.jpg

Phony Alert. Phony Alert.
Came upon a fuzzy cellphone photo of a FAKE DD-214,
on the Book of the Fake,
that was presented to an org in TX (for membership?).

Awaiting a CLEAR photo/scan.
Advised the commenter to report to the MP report page.

Here is the fuzzy fake.
“payed in lump sum”?

FAKE DD-214 fuzzy from TX.jpg

IF I get the clear view FAKE DD-214,
I’ll put it up here, and email it to admins.

This is a VG story all by itself.

When the phony was asked
to sign off on a DD-214 copy request,
to be sent directly to the org,
(quote from commenter)
“He did not agree to signing off
due to his service records being “Top Secret” clearance.”


That type face is all wrong…. or it’s a Denny’s menu.

Take that potato that took this pic, bring it to the backyard, shoot until dead lest it breed and make more potato cameras.


Still no PM with clear scan from the commenter.
I hope he takes the suggestion,
and sends it (and more) to the MP Report SV page.


I swear, it says “Special Forces SEAL Fighter Pilot Doctor” with SR-71 HALO Jump Wings in the classified redacted section!