Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 17, 2022

Follow the science!

Opinion piece published in the Washington Post says George Washington Univ. needs a new name because…racism

The eyes don’t lie. Beware the crazy!

Sounds like racism to me

Overturning Roe is about white supremacy. Guess she doesn’t know why Planned Parenthood was started.

I never once needed to know what my teachers’ sexual preferences were

No wonder they’re missing actual terrorists

“Church” has a pretty loose meaning now-days

These groomers keep saying they aren’t grooming, but then do this…

Child abuse is legal if done by a doctor



No worries. I’ll never be inclined to compliment it.

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Fk me runnin. It might be time for drink.
Getting mad at someone calling you ‘sis’ is the softest of rage.
And that ‘doc’ will get his. Once a woman comes back to her ever loving mind and realizes she’s been butchered… have you guys ever seen an incensed woman?

I rest my case.

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These sick in the head mofos make me sick to my stomach. Have learned to let my breakfast settle down real good before I can even read these headlines. Not gonna risk upchucking a fine bowl of buttered cheese grits, infused with scrambled eggs and chunks of Conekuh grilled snarsages alongside a hot buttered cat headed biscuit. No way that I will read the texts. Blood pressure goes up high enough just perusing the headlines. Sorry Mason, I know you go to a lot of trouble putting these together, just to give us an idea of how these sick mofos have permeated thru-out society.

They all for abortion? Fine! We can do a post birth abortion on them. It’s called hanging by the neck until dead. Keep your between consenting adults to yourself, away from me, & I have little problems with it. Mess with or murder children? I have a severe problem with that. Fire ant beds, rope, stakes, and cane syrup come to mind. Some assembly required.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…..hanging by the neck until dead.”
Don’t forget to attach the sign “They advocated for abortion, they got abortion”


Need fire ants, I got a back yard full of ’em


Just sippin my coffee and waiting for God’s judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah part 2.


Makes one wonder how close the Fullness of Gentiles is getting? The Naked Bible Podcast has a good series on Revelations and I just finished The Old Testament in Revelation book that adds to the podcast, very interesting take and more food for thought.


Amen. I think the “pastor” of the “church” in Naples should brush up on Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2, and Mark 9:42.

Pretty sure that’s recorded in three of the Gospels for a reason.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

tic toc,dic doc, never involved with the sites. Only thing I know about tic toc is the Jive Five waxing “the Clock” 1962 on the Beltone label.


The Libs of Tic Toc exposes the posts of the rabidly insane libs, so that others can see just what they are advocating and doing.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Since reading about John Ross’ death, I finally remembered to order and buy a copy of his magnum opus (that’s “great work” for all you Gun Bunnies out there), “Unintended Consequences”.
I think it’s time to start enacting the last half of the book.
Pick a partner and come out dancin’. There’s plenty of ’em out there.


“rules for complimenting people…???”

How about something like “Nice job!” or “Thanks for getting that done so quickly”???

Idiots abound.


To “There are now rules for complimenting people. Everything is problematic” chick…
I’ll take things that never happen to her $600, Alex.


All these people/teachers doing this to children should be promptly fired and forced to register as sex offenders.

Absolutely fucking disgusting.


I support all of the videos… it’s what is needed to make this place a true communist utopia!


A Proud Infidel®™

PIPE down, be a good little Boy and your Mommy will have a nice warm enema for you before bedtime!


“Head of design at @Dropbox prioritizes BIPOC candidates in her hiring process.”

Lead from the front, you dumb cunt. Quit your position so someone from your token cause can take your place.

A Proud Infidel®™

I pray for the return of Saint Augusto Pinochet and helicopters, lots of helicopters…


I think this belongs here… 😜 :


Ok, so this isn’t a ticky tocky but if I don’t… share(?) my gd head will explode.

I pre-sant this soon-to-be-divorced piece of work that may or may not die in a house full of cats:


I’d say enjoy, but you won’t. God help us.