Fair Warning: Clouds On the Horizon

| April 28, 2022

Grain and world markets in trade: https://apps.fas.usda.gov/psdonline/circulars/grain.pdf

US  wheat sector 2021 – 2022 https://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/crops/wheat/wheat-sector-at-a-glance/

 And why are grain prices skyrocketing? Read at the link below, but don’t cringe just yet.


Question: If the USA doesn’t import oil/gas from Russia, why are these prices rising like a thunderstorm in the distance?


Our research and experts verified we may not bring in much oil from Russia, but the United States doesn’t have to import Russian oil for it to affect our prices here. That is because in the oil world -it’s all one barrel. – article

Well, the answer is right at the link below, people: the Biden Administration decided to use funds that were instead intended for the citizens of the USofA — that’s use – to provide aid to other countries instead. He said – if you will recall – that taking petroleum from the US strategic reserves was to benefit US, the People of the United States.  But he lied his ass off. It has gone to foreign countries instead.


From the article:

“It is no longer difficult to foresee that everything the current administration is doing is fueling the inflation instead of dampening it. I say that as the US has become an exporter of the energy that is the larger factor for all of the current inflation.  Yet, our President sold oil from the strategic oil reserves to another country when he clearly stated the release of it was to help the consumer overcome the burden of high energy costs. So, with this a realization, I believe many foresee that the inflationary aspects are here to stay.  Actually, it is anticipated to be worse as there is no telling what the next action may be.  Oh, I just found out from this headline:  DJ White House Plans Food Aid for Countries Affected by Ukraine Invasion — Market Talk Wed Apr 27 14:15:09 2022 EDT 14:15 ET – article

I have seldom been so disgusted with a lying sack of brainless s- -t as I am right now.

I know I’ve been pounding the drum on things like stocking supplies of food and household necessities, but when this is the reality we are facing from that Braindead Lack Of Administration in the WH right now – and that dimwitted codger will sign anything put in front of him without reading it – then maybe a reality check like this is something we really needed. Inflationary prices are going to be here for a while so act accordingly.Try to remember the things your folks (or grandparents) said about how they made do during the Depression.

Read the Barchart article. It will make you cringe.

Meanwhile, if you want to know why food prices may possibly go higher, there is an outbreak of avian flu in several states (Kentucky, Indiana, and Iowa. Over 5.2 million chickens and turkeys on one Iowa farm alone had to be destroyed because of this contagion.

Map at this link: https://www.usgs.gov/centers/nwhc/science/distribution-highly-pathogenic-avian-influenza-north-america-20212022  and from the color spread on that map, it appears that wild birds are carrying the disease with them and shedding the virus near poultry farms. The farmers can’t just kill the chickens and turkeys. They have to be destroyed, meaning pile up the carcasses and burn them.

I know I harp a lot on stocking up, but I grew up in a post-Depression and post-WWII/Korea world when something as simple as a Fudgesicle was $0.05 and milk was still delivered to your front door.

We aren’t doomed, but the current administration is clearly incapable of taking care of its own people.  Right now, I think it’s plausible to say that we are on our own. We’ll just have to pull up our britches.

But maybe something good will come out of this. After all, it only takes one idiot to completely foul the lines, right?

I found what looks like a good video about making a good, solid, stuffed meatloaf. I’ll post that in my cooking article.

Enjoy the weekend coming up.

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Explaining to wife why I cringe as diesel fuel prices go up. It effects everything.


Ex-PH2, here’s a little tip, while it might not work for everybody. will help save a couple of bucks each time you gas up.

I use a Shell rewards car for five cents off a gallon and then use my charge card for an additional 5% off per gallon. Put 10 gallons in my Jeep yesterday @ $3.79/gallon and saved a total of $2.40 bringing the per gallon charge down to $3.54.

Now I realize the $2.40 isn’t going to make a huge difference, but multiply that by 52 weeks and you have a yearly savings of about $120.00 plus….or 30+ gallons. And if you have to commute daily for work. etc., the savings could be more.

I’m not a credit card guy (hate them), but in this case there is a benefit. Just be sure to pay it in full when due.


Grocery store discounts… headed to Brookshires because I get $.70 off this month on a fill-up. I have occasionaly gotten $1.00 off at Kroger. I won’t put their gas in a car with direct injection, but two of the cars are carbureted and don’t know the difference.


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Herbert J Messkit

I’m not worried. We’ve got TOP PEOPLE in charge, TOP PEOPLE. /S


And now we have this, ExPH2.

I watched the short clip.

Ole Brandon is getting worse.

“Reaction To Biden’s Latest ‘Alarming’ Russia Gaffe: ‘America Deserves Better’



I am firmly convinced that those currently in control are intentionally working to destroy our country.
In generating more fear and chaos (COVID anyone?) they can grab more control and remove more freedom.

They know what they are doing, they are intentionally working to establish a tyranny with themselves in control.

I just pray we can reverse this by the elective process.

Growing up with parents who were Depression era kids, and living most of my adult life below the poverty line, I know we have a good chance of making it through. But it is going to hurt a lot of people.

Not that this administration gives a damn about people.


But we must force AmeriKKKa into eating bugs and driving a handful of Chinese-made golfcarts… er, “green energy,” for power… uh, “social justice,” comrade!

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A Proud Infidel®™

AND as Comrade Gates says, to force Americans into eating plant-based meat substitutes!


He likes the name Soylent Green for the algae variety…


Sign on the local grocery store yesterday:

“Cash Only….unable to process EBT cards”

Put a smile on my face.

Old tanker

The fairy tale the administration keeps harping on about inflation being transitory is just a plain bald faced lie. Inflation RATES are transitory in that they can fluctuate. The results of inflation are rather permanent. If they were not you could still buy a new car for $2500 and a nice house for $35k like in the 70’s.


LOOK, I better got my got-Damn Bird on Tuesday or I’m going to have to shoot a couple you bitches, but after I have my heroine.

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Love that Nork propaganda… at least it’s not “Yankee imperialist running-dog” type stuff any more.