Bad Moon Rising… Again

| April 10, 2022

Okay, I know how much you people all hate doing your homework, but you can’t get out of it if you want to know what is going on in the real world and how it will affect you in both the near and distant futures.

The link to the article at WUWT is worth following. Read the entire article. It is worth your time to do so, and take seriously what the author says.

Is it coincidence that when Biden was installed in the White House, mostly as a puppet of the Lefties, things in Eastern Europe and in the gas and oil industry began to change and the prices of what we take for granted – food, fuel, heat, medical treatment, etc. – almost immediately began to slowly fall apart? Was it a coincidence that a dangerous respiratory virus somehow found its way into our population and everywhere else on Earth shortly after Biden was elected?

I don’t think so.

The author of the article at the link says, bluntly, that Putin won’t accept payment in US dollars from now on. He wants rubles, and he wants them from everyone. The author is not soft-pedaling anything.

Before you start scratching your head over that, the US dollar is the ultimate support currency for all trade globally.  What does it really mean? Among other things, it means that if Putin succeeds in forcing payment in rubles for gas provided by GazProm, then every nation that does business with other countries may find themselves facing the same thing from other trading partners.

Could the Chinese start to demand payment in yuan ($0.16 in US dollars) instead of US dollars? Could the entire trading system crash? Sure. Why not, for both of those questions?

What is the excuse for gas at the pump more than doubling in price since Biden was elected? I know it’s the commodities traders that drive up the base prices on things, but there is more to it than that, such as shutting down the construction of the Keystone Pipeline for no good reason, and importing oil when we sell our own to foreign countries.

At this particular point in time, international trade is still based on a stable financial system, and the US dollar is the base of support for that system. If Putin thinks he can bring it down and benefit from it, he does not understand a hell of a lot of stuff about economics.

Read the article It is worth your time. And while I keep harping on stocking up, I won’t stop doing that. The more you know, the better off you are.

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But the world will be a better place when the economy is destroyed and our cronies ride around in the handful of the overpriced electric vehicles made in China we can afford!


Interesting article Mi’Lady. And the conversion of The United States of America has been the goal of Marxits/Communists into the People Democratik Republik of Amerika for over 100 years. They are very close to that goal as we speak. All that is left is for good men (and women) to do is…nothing.

I WILL Resist, Revolt, and Rebel. Better to die fighting than to live on my knees.

I used to see the Bad Moon Rising everytime my former wife got out of bed…nekkid.



Soylent Green did take place in 2022, just saying, might re-watch for more tips….


Any sufficiently advanced Leftist policy is indistinguishable from dystopian ’70s SciFi.

USMC Steve

Soylent Green is…liberals.


A couple of years ago they brought out a drink named soylent, named because it was made from soybeans.
I kept laughing at the reps as they tried to get people to try it.
It was obviously something woke put out by a bunch of know nothing snowflakes that had no idea of the connotation of it.
They are so stupid they have no idea what they are doing.
I would also posit the fact that although it looks like America is over, I wouldn’t put that bet through the test of time. Sooner or later they will push too hard and then the branch will snap…
I don’t know what it will take, but this immigration invasion sponsored by the wokesters might be the straw we have been waiting for.
Gotta love Governor Abbott with his idea to send them to DC !!!
I think the busses are already heading that way. I know I saw a caravan going through Austin the other day. Heading South.


By the time the mass of idiots find out what they have signed up for it will be too late


“Was it a coincidence that a dangerous respiratory virus somehow found its way into our population and everywhere else on Earth shortly after Biden was elected?” This statement is not quite accurate. The virus hit JUST IN TIME TO GET Biden elected. Just in time to ruin our (then) roaring economy. Just in time that your average (read: ill-informed) voter would blame President Trump for the problems that were caused by the government’s over reaction.

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He can ask for rubles. Doesn’t mean the deals will still happen.

Mike B

Saudi is already considering accepting Yuan from China as payment for oil, versus US dollars.

And there is talk of China using Crypto-Yuan for cross-border payments, and some analysts believe the Crypto-Yuan could give the US dollar a run in a decade or less.

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Old tanker

You do realize that covid was a thing before the dementia in chief was elected, right?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

But….but….but….we’re so much better off now that the orange-haired man with the mean tweets is gone…….(/s)


BRICS is very rarely mentioned in the news. This economic coalition of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa is an emerging regional monetary exchange that challenges the dollar. IIRC, Russia is an exporter of nearly 1/3rd of the world’s wheat. Besides oil, this too is a huge hammer. Instead of countering this trend to regional monetary exchanges the dummies in the WH keep finding ways to exasperate the problem.


I had seen this in WUWT and lots of other articles that support the author’s contentions. The conclusions and obvious consequences make me fear for my grandkids’ futures.

USMC Steve

It reminds me of the time when Obama was screwing our credit up so badly that the US credit rating went from AAA to AA.


I’m glad I finally read that article, spot on. Having the most-used currency gave us quite a run, but in the history of fiat currencies none have lasted the test of time.

This will always be the way.

Now a new threat emerges on the scene, a commodities-backed unit of account ran by, China? Brazil? Russia? India? A union of trade based on the availability of primary and true wealth, actual stuff?!

It’s a wonderful thought experiment, one that will play out sooner than later. I wouldn’t dare profit advice, especially given the collective West’s notion of seppuku, but security will always consist primarily as being to live tomorrow as you do today.

Plan accordingly.