“Butcher of Syria” to lead Russian Invasion

| April 10, 2022

General Aleksandr Dvornikov

After failing to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, Russia has put General Aleksandr Dvornikov in charge of its invasion in Ukraine as Moscow’s forces regroup.

Prior to Dvornikov’s appointment, no central commander was directing Russian forces on the ground in Ukraine, stated U.S. officials.

He is a Russian Ground Forces Colonel General and Hero of the Russian Federation. He commanded the Russian Armed Forces in Syria at the beginning of the Russian military intervention there.

“Dvornikov is known as a ruthless commander and will deploy tactics used in Syria now in Ukraine. He was in Chechnya 20 years ago. It is about liberating cities by reducing them to rubble,” cited a military analyst from Moscow.

WH says they know what to expect in Ukraine based on Putin’s choice of new general

Russian Gen. Alexander Dvornikov known as ‘Butcher of Syria’

By Stephen Sorace

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reported appointment of a new general known as the “Butcher of Syria” to oversee the invasion of Ukraine is a choice that shows the Biden administration exactly what to expect as Moscow’s bloody aggression continues, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday.

Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, commander of Russia’s southern military district (SMD), was reported to be Putin’s pick as the new commander to lead operations in Ukraine. U.S. officials have said the 60-year-old general has a record of brutality against civilians in Syria and other theaters of war.

Psaki appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and addressed what the reported appointment of Dvornikov could mean as global concerns grow over the bloodshed in Ukraine.

“The reports we are seeing of a change in military leadership and putting a general in charge who is responsible for the brutality and atrocities we saw in Syria shows there’s going to be a continuation of what we’ve seen on the ground in Ukraine and that is what we are expecting,” Psaki said.

Dvornikov gained prominence as head of Russian forces that Moscow deployed to Syria in 2015 to shore up President Bashar Assad’s regime amid the country’s devastating civil war.

Fox News

So now the White House denizens know what to expect from Putin and his new commander. It’s not like he’s showing his hand by massing toops on the Ukrainian border and ignoring threats of sanctions. /sarc

Wait, yes he is. Now with a commander seasoned in crushing a civilian population.





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Hack Stone

Can’t they just roll out Hillary Clinton with her “Reset Button” to make things better again?


Well, she is a heavy hitter, so there’s that.

Old tanker

Perhaps someone should tell her that the good general has information that will lead to her arrest and conviction….

Hack Stone

They keep this shit up, and Hunter Biden just might refuse to accept millions of dollars from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow.


Not a chance. People want to get paid, Joe, Hunter and a host of other corrupt family members and politicians.


From Russia with Love?

The White House has clearly answered this with implications of counter accusations according to Politico.

“What kind of American, let alone an ex-president, thinks that this is the right time to enter into a scheme with Vladimir Putin and brag about his connections to Vladimir Putin?” Bedingfield said. “There is only one, and it’s Donald Trump.”

See? Nothing Happened.

Not only that but the Washington Post Investigated it and found no evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from money transfers from a Chinese energy company.

You should check out their “Fact check” area of their fine organization sometime. Vapid arbiters of the truth those guys.

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Hack Stone

Democracy Dies In Darkness.



Be fitting he should die at the hands of civiians.
And his carcass left in the street for the crows.


May he die with his pockets full of sunflower seeds.


Nuremburg Trials Part II will be necessary in the near future unless the Russian leadership falls from sudden “suicide”.

Too bad Spandau Prison in Berlin built in 1876 is no longer available. The prison had a capacity of up to 600 inmates, but shortly after the Second World War, it would only hold seven: some of the highest ranking German Nazi government and military officials, sentenced to between 10 years and life in prison. Prisoners were guarded a month at a time in rotation by US, British, French and Russian soldiers.

The prison was destroyed in 1987 and turned into a parking lot following the suicide of Rudolph Hess, the last prisoner there at age 93 in August 1987, to prevent it from becoming a Neo-Nazi shrine.


Guard change from US soldiers of Berlin Brigade to USSR soldiers.
comment image


Now that they know what Russia’s done, and they expect more of the same from “The Butcher of Syria”, what’s their plan? More strongly worded letters? Take a couple more oligarch yachts. That’ll show ’em.


Maybe Putridpants is warming up to reinstate the USSR.
But what do I know??
I know NOTHING!!!! Nothing, I tellya!!!


Has anyone besides ol’ Poe given consideration to the possibility that this Russian invasion is tied to their perception that they, the Russians, had Joe Biden so compromised with large-scale corruption that they would have him effectively
sidelined as they did their dirty work?

Just imagine what the Chinese are thinking… 🤑 


They are likely wondering who delivered the winning bid.

And if that idiot princeling delivered theirs.


Undoutedly, Vlad has figured out who is in power and pulling the strings in the Brandon regime. The Chinese will bide their time, and when the Western world of Progdom does nothing when Putin takes half of the Ukraine, they will know they can safely take down Taiwan with little blowback. Plus, in the last year of the Brandon regime, it will be tied up dealing with the domestic problems of having about 20% of the people living here being illegal aliens from all over the third world.

Old tanker

Being that prior generals seem to have a problem continuing to breath when in the war zone, perhaps putin is just thinning the herd of of potential threats to his dictatorship.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Time will tell………


Despite the propaganda to the contrary, as I observe relatively neutral sources of Ukranian civilian casualties and in observing the Russian tactics, it appears that Russia has made an effort to keep those low. With the Rooskies shift to the Donbas region, which is mostly rural, there may be more civilian casualties, but the question is: which side will be the cause? There are credible reports that the Ukes use civilians as human shields so who knows who will be responsible.

With the upcoming Donbas battle, Russia has a huge advantage with their artillery. It will be an ugly battle for the Ukes. Russia also owns the air but have appeared reluctant to fully use their air forces. Curious. Russia has only recently started to bomb supply routes to the Donbas (trains, roadways). Donbas civilians who support Zelensky have had plenty of time to flee up to now.


As the war shifts to a more conventional war it makes sense that the Russians would put one guy in charge of things.

The one thing I fear is that the Ukes/Nato/US will create a false flag operation that will pull us into the war. Propaganda and false flag operations are the only tools left for the Ukes/NATO/US to potentially save the Uke army in the Donbas.


I think Dvornikov was promoted from Colonel General (equivalent to US 3 star) to full General back in 2020. Here is a pic of him with the oversized shoulder-board star indicating full General:

GEN Dvornikov.jpg

Honestly, every time I hear about the “Butcher” of whatever, I think back to Dresden, Tokyo, heck Berlin…and remember what real tragedy looks like….This isn’t it. Maybe the children should read some history and try a little dose of perspective. Want some serious crime on a civilian population? Try Pol Pot, Uncle Joe Stalin, Little Boy Mao Tse Tung, or maybe the Bavarian Corporal? Adolph? We’ve had some doosies. It just feels like the kids are running the school house and nobody’s pointing it out.