Stolen Valor Fruit

| March 30, 2022

I debated whether to post this but ultimately decided to. The only debate was I could not use names and it may strike some as “So what?” It has its value, however, in pointing out what goes on behind the scenes as well as feeling that the ‘Thank You’ we got should be passed on to the community as well.

We were presented with a case a few weeks ago.  A wife suspected her husband of lying to her about him being in the Army years ago.  He claimed that he served as an Army Ranger.  She went on to say that he doesn’t use these stories to obtain anything of physical or monetary value.  She said that some things just didn’t add up to her.  She tried the FOIA request route but said that she was told that they couldn’t provide her information.   She didn’t want to publicly humiliate him or anything of that sort, but instead just wanted to know for sure if her husband was lying to her and reached out to us for help on how to find out.  She said that she would be very grateful if we could point her in the right direction.

These are very typical of the case submissions that we get – and you, the community, never get to see.   There is no public evidence of him making the claims and/or the informant not wanting to have the case posted anyway.  We instead treat this as a ‘military verification’ case.

So we found no listed military service for him under DoD Manpower / SCRA searching each year since he was 16 y/o.  We also established a timeline of past residences which showed no residence close to a military base.  We also dug up newspaper articles that established him in his hometown and working a non-military job.

We filed with both the US Army and NPRC.  We wrote back to the wife and said that her hunch may be correct.  We said that the potential responses we get back from the US Army and NPRC most likely will say “no records found” but we’d have to wait for an official response.  Even then, the case is something entirely based on circumstantial evidence.  If DoD Manpower / SCRA showed no results, there’s still a chance he served in the Army Reserve or National Guard, but the likelihood is slim to none that they would send someone to Ranger School to qualify and there would be no record of that active duty.  Still, there was no absolute certainty.

We supplied her with two FOIA requests and encouraged her to file with both the US Army and NPRC because if there were multiple “no records found” responses, it could make for a better case.  We also said that it is better to hit someone with overwhelming evidence all at once vs. trickle out some head-scratching details that don’t add up.  For the former, they sometimes come clean.  For the latter, i.e. trickle out, they sometimes will use that to modify the story and in an odd sense they are helped to polish up a lie.

Well, we just got back the US Army FOIA result and it was as expected — “no records found.”

US Army FOIA Result

We sent the results to the wife as well as saying that although the FOIA results from NPRC are due to come back, don’t hold your breath since we are still waiting for results from requests filed over two years ago.  The results from the US Army are pretty good, however.  If he had served, they should have picked it up.

She replied saying that she ended up confronting him this past weekend.  He admitted it and “it was downhill from there.”  She went on to say that with the information she had, she was confident he was lying and she felt that her confidence told him that she knew he was lying.  She said that “the confrontation led to so many other things coming to light.”   She also added that “things will be much better for me from this point forward and I can’t thank you enough for your help. If there was more than one of you involved please thank them for me.”

So, even though there was no case to post, this ‘thank you’ should go out to Dave Hardin, someone they call “Snake,” all the wonderful people that write and post articles, and all of you.   There are so many people that contribute to this effort.  Without this community desiring to hear of Stolen Valor violations there would be no effort to expose these folks.  Without your donations and support, cases such as this may never see the light of day, even though they are somewhat private.

Who knows why this guy perpetrated a lie about being an Army Ranger.  He does instruction in firearms so perhaps it involved obtaining ‘street cred’ but who knows for sure?

I know that although we never advocate for direct confrontation, it is always a relief to get a confession.  That means there is no more ‘scorpion dance’ around the facts and what was said.  There is no more requirement for “it appears” or “allegedly” or any of those words leaving a crack in the door that they may be telling the truth but nothing points that way.

In summary, we really wish there were more cases that we can post – or perhaps wish that there are no cases we can post, meaning there are no violations.  But really mean that I wish that for the cases we do get we can clearly post evidence that they made the claims in the first place and the postings can warn others about their stories.  Although we do not advocate for someone taking matters into their own hands, this story sounds like it went in a good direction… at least for her.  I didn’t want to pry, but I didn’t know what she meant when she said that things will be much better for her moving forward.

Stated another way – you all really only see the tip of the iceberg which are those stolen valor cases that check off all the boxes and are uniquely suited to post and offer us legal protection in doing so. Many more cases below the surface that represent the rest of the iceberg are not so clean. This is just a sampling of the work that goes on.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great article and you Ninjas really put in the work and hours to uncover the stolen valor thieves

Slow Joe

Excellent decision in posting this, even though no names and no Fakebook posts or pictures were involved.


Some heroes wear, um, capes. Others, helmets and body armor.
And then there is a rare breed, hunched over keyboards covered in Cheetos dust.

Respect from this Infantrydood to the Silent(ish) Warriors of the 1s-and-0s fighting against the scourge of Stolen Valor!

Happiest of hunting, Ladies and Gents.

Daisy Cutter

Reminds me – the other day I was eating Cheetos and I pulled one out that looked like Jesus. I took it as a sign that my life was going to change.

So, I tried to sell it on eBay but some wanker said it looked more like Willie Nelson and I was unfairly using the ‘Jesus Angle’ to inflate the price I was asking.

Lesson of the story – not everybody is ready to celebrate your life-changing moment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

And sometimes that leprechaun is just a crackhead.

Green Thumb

I once saw the face of John Lennon in a small pine sapling that I was using for cover (yes – you read that right – Ranger School) after being up for about 80+ hours.


At least it wasn’t Yoko.

The Stranger

Why would you inflict that on us?


Forgive him Father, for he knows not what he does. Infantry and drinks Miller Lite. ‘spect any different? I’ll do the penance for my Brother Roh-Dog by drinking some Yuenglings and making him a Rosary Necklace out of the bottle caps.


No one forced you to watch it.

But since you did I reserve the right to laugh at your pain. haha.
j/k,…. maybe

Thank goodness I’ve got Cannoncocker working on my revival!
Now where’s Danny boy and Magill Lil Nancy!


Straight out of SERE.


Aiigh, my ears!!


Oh NO! Yoko.

A Proud Infidel®™️

She sounds like a feral Tomcat getting a Root Canal without anasthesia!

The Stranger

I’m more worried that you thought that a small pine sapling was adequate cover rather than that you thought you saw John Lennon’s face in said tree. 🤣

But, as you implied, 3+ days without sleep will mess with anyone’s head.

Green Thumb

Trying to get small….


Yep, there are big lies and little lies. People often use big lies to try and gain something of value (money, jobs, benefits, etc.) Small lies are often told to cover up something shameful in their past or just to live out a fantasy.

Just a guess but I wouldn’t be surprised if this started out as a “wouldn’t it be cool to be a Ranger” to “if I joined I totally would have gone into the Rangers” to “Yeah, I was a Ranger.”

Reminds me of the scene in Office Space where the nerdy guy with the glasses had a big “NAVY SEAL” flag hanging above the couch in his crappy little apartment.  🙄 

Randy Runkles

Now now, let’s not just jump to conclusions. Just because all of the evidence points to wannabe warriors. I sure there’s a perfectly good back up story that we just aren’t aware of. Cough cough

Green Thumb

“Yep, there are big lies and little lies.”

And do not for forget about “Phildosize” lies!


Part of a marriage contract should include a signed SF-180.

Roh-Dog ? Some of the women I’ve know shoulda been classified as Destructive Devices.

edit: changed 4473 to Form 4 for clarity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog
The Stranger

Interesting in that the wife took the time to get the information and confront her husband. Definitely a contrast to some of the cases that have been featured here where wives and girlfriends have fought to preserve the lie even after being provided with incontrovertible evidence.

Randy Runkles

Betting everything in this guy’s personality wasn’t screaming he is a truthful guy from the start. Likely he embellished everything and his house of lies came crumbling down.

Green Thumb

These turds use there stories for a myriad of reasons. Financial gain for sure, but some use it, like pointed out above, for “cred”. Some use it to get pussy, favors, free beers, etc. Regardless, they are still turds.

I wonder if the wife divorced him? If this slimeball was doing this, what else was he bullshitting her about? As referenced time and time gain here on TAH, that shit (SV) is usually to tip of the iceberg.

Maybe recommend Phildo’s wife’s attorney to others in the future……

Green Thumb

Also, here is a true “Stolen Valor Fruit” if I ever saw one…

comment image?resize=150%2C150&ssl=1


Who is he?


Ahhh, the Riverside Probation Department (CA)
Veterans Court poster boy.
Riverside made the victory story video go poof,
but it’s preserved here.

Bradley White – Phony Ranger, Fake Purple Hearts
IAS | September 2, 2021

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The rancid cherry topping the Shit Sundae.


I worked with a woman whose boy friend told some “mighty tall tales’ in my opinion. He would blab about “classified missions” but would skip the details because it was on a “need to know basis”. He was basically Jason Bourne/Bryan Mills/James Bond all rolled together. He was definitely in the Army, and she had a picture of him in uniform at Ft. Leonard Wood. How long and what he did would be conjecture, but my guess is some non-cool guy type MOS. He would have been there in the mid to late 90’s based on his age and when I knew him, so maybe some Army guys would know. Oh yeah, he ended up ditching her when she became pregnant…what a loser.

Randy Runkles

Now now, you know these guys are in deep cover, no names ever associated with them.
They are embedded with indigenous people all over, they’re the guys that insert with the super secret ops only known to us as shadow warriors.
I have only seen one from a really far distance and even then I couldn’t be sure because they were making their first bigfoot kill. When I went to where I thought I had seen them there were no tracks or even any traces that my full blooded Cherokee tracker could find.
We both are sure they were using some type of alian technology because we could feel them watching us from their camouflage suites like we seen on the movie predator 4 times that week.
Later about 10 clicks away we found a shot gun shell from the 1970s. We simply thought this was put there to put us off the track or scent we at this point think is the only way to find such shadow warriors. I can see you are finding ambiguous and sometimes almost unbelievable tales about people. Enjoy


I can’t wait until all the heroes return from Ukraine with their tales of derring-do.

I found this interesting, but then I am a word nerd.
“Derring-do is a quirky holdover from Middle English that came to occupy its present place in the language by a series of mistakes and misunderstandings.”


Will comfort SV Divorcees for food. Have DD214, will travel.

Great post, Steve. We all know of someone that is this POSer.

The Stranger

Food? I thought that a sixer of frosty Yuenglings was your going rate for most anything!


Eat FIRST (ht2 Hack Stone) Pappy, then drink. I will do some sketchy stuff for for a sixer of frostys tho.


Steve, thanks for posting the story.

I believe most of us dickweeds don’t have a clue as to what you & all of the other “upper level tier” 😉 go thru in pursuing stolen valor thieves and wanna-bees.

Interesting to see “the rest of the story”.

Keep posting them, or at least what you are able to.


I shot Bin Laden. Some guys had a Bin Laden target at the range and I took a few shots at it. DONT TELL ANYONE, ITS a SECRET.


I dealt with a case a few years ago where the husband claimed to his pending ex-wife to be both a former soldier and a current undercover LEO. The criminal history that he was trying to cover with pretend service made all this impossible.

I am mostly stoic when dealing with calls but my face gave me away when she told me that;

Her: “he is with you guys”.

Me: “what guys”

Her: “you know the police”

Me: “No, he isn’t”

Her: “what? Do you think he was lying about being in the Army too?”

Me: …..

Her: “Shit”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As the old saying goes, “A wet bird never flies at night”


Thank you for your selfless help to this lady. I hope it helped to make her life better.

And also thank you (everyone) for making this website what it is.


Ditto. If it weren’t for TAH and the other organizations that out these phony ponies, their numbers would be more endemic. Public exposure is the only real sanction available in most cases.

58 Driver

scouts out


Good job, VG/TAH.

Fresh fish in Pennsylvania.
This home builder scammer has a FaceBook page with
“Army Pathfinder”, CIB, & parachute patches and pins,
but his ONLY Army photo (of himself) is the flag backed photo at Army Basic Training.

But plenty of jump and airborne imagery in his FakeBook posts.

Oh, he runs his scam construction business
under his (Polish) import wifey’s name.

[Action News Investigation: Builder allegedly forged permits used for construction loansEd Myles, of Professional Home Services (Albrightsville, PA), denied any wrongdoing in forging or submitting fraudulent permits.]

Ed Myles PA Phony Homebuilder possible phony Army Pathfinder 1.jpg

The FakeBook page, full of jump glory.
Decide for yourself.
I’ve got the yellow flags goin’ on.

Green Thumb

Dude probably contracts for All-Points Logistics.


Uh… did anyone consider his records were maybe top secret (dunce)class-i-fied? Give the man a break.

Skivvy Stacker

They may not be stealing money, or getting any sort of material gain from their deception, but they are stealing the trust and love of the people they promised to live with in harmony, and wedded bliss forever.
I sometimes think that vow of “for better or worse” be removed, and replaced with; “for better or else”.


“My fiancee is a former Navy SEAL.”
Deja voo doo.

Where did I hear that before?
(Most of you already know the answer.)

Green Thumb

The Phil Monkressity of this sitaution is not lost upon me….

Hack Stone

Just found this on Al Gore’s Amazing Internet. Could come in handy for anyone whose military records are sheep dipped, destroyed in “the fire”, or destroyed by a vengeful ex-wife/girlfriend.,brush%20and%20different%20colors%20of%20enamel…%20More%20