Biden’s Deterrence Strategy Failed

| March 30, 2022

Despite PINO Joe’s messaging strategy to issue dire warnings of economic sanctions and deploying a few thousand additional U.S. troops to Europe, Putin’s army invaded Ukraine on 24 February. This after months of his massing troops on their common border, signaling his intentions.

Captain Obvious sends.

US commander admits Biden’s deterrence strategy failed in Ukraine

US general admits Biden’s deterrence strategy to prevent Russian invasion of Ukraine failed

By Anders Hagstrom | Fox News

U.S. Gen. Tod Wolters admitted that President Biden’s strategy to deter Russia from invading Ukraine failed during testimony before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

Wolters made the admission in response to questions from Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher. While Gallagher did not reference Biden by name, he questioned Wolters about the effectiveness of the U.S. effort to deter Russia’s invasion by non-military means in the months leading up to the invasion.

“You as a combatant commander felt that you were part of an inter-agency effort intended to deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine?” Gallagher asked.

That’s correct,” Wolters responded. “Deter and dissuade.”

“Would it be fair to say that deterrence failed in Ukraine?” Gallagher pressed.

Fox News

Economic sanctions may have had a deterrent effect if enacted prior to Putin’s invasion. We’ll never know, and Joe stated they were never intended to alter Putin’s course of action anyway.

Joe’s remarks refuted statements from his own Vice President, Secretary of State, and Press Secretary, who all claimed the sanctions threatened against Russia were meant to deter Putin’s invasion.

Joe’s long history of being wrong stands untarnished.

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RGR 4-78

Thank God we have not been subjected to mean tweets for the last year.

A Proud Infidel®™

Has Joe Biden EVER touched a damn thing without fucking it up nine ways to Sunday? Sky-high gas prices, inflation like we haven’t seen in about forty years, everything else going to shit BUT we don’t have mean tweets hurting the feewings of fragile snowflakes!

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Has Joe Biden EVER touched a damn thing without fucking it up nine ways to Sunday?

Yep, countless little girls…


When the smoke clears, remember Uncle Joe was not alone in this mess, many bricks in that wall….

Echo from the past, “Tear down this wall…” every brick on all sides!


No one or no thing will ever convince me that 81 million people voted for this career, lying, grifting, thieving politician.

Only thing Xiden is good for is fornicating things vertically. (ht 2 OAM)


Well, at least Pedo Joe can do one thing half-way good.

USMC Steve

They didn’t dude. We have known it for some time.


His policy worked exactly as he intended, just like his border policy. He told Putin that a limited invasion was ok. The fact that it was the Ukrainians that turned a large scale invasion into a limited one shouldn’t count against him being good with it.

It isn’t like they destroyed all the major cities and the capital. Just most of it.


News Flash!!!!!
Biden is still a dumbass, news at 11:00.


Both the Washington Post and, believe it or not, CNN, are now discussing Hunter Biden’s corruption, which we all know will inevitably lead to Joe and Jill. Some conservative pundits are speculating that the powers behind the throne in the Democrat party are maneuvering to dump Joe and possibly Kamala as well by using either corruption, or the 25th Amendment, on Joe and let Kamala be prezzie just long enough to get someone more to their liking as her VP, then allowing her to be impeached, convicted and removed from office by a majority Republican Congress.

We live in interesting times…


I’m telling you, it’s going to be the Hildebeast. But on the bright side at least there will be somebody with some balls in the executive.

It will be interesting to see what the FBI does. When Trump was in the media simply made shit up about what the FBI was doing or the FBI political flunkies told them what they wanted to hear. Now we have actual real criminal acts, with real collusion between the chief executive and the business entities of a foreign power that isn’t going away. They can’t charge the president even if they wanted to so what to do?

Ever since the Bill Clinton impeachment fell hard on political lines and not along the facts; impeachment has proved to worthless for removing someone from power. Interesting times indeed.

USMC Steve

Doubt it will help. I would refer you to the youtube video of Biden bragging about how he blackmailed Ukraine for bribes for himself and his son or no foreign aid. That is a crime, yet no one cared a bit about that.

Perhaps because that sort of corrupt behavior is both a hallmark and a specialty that people expect of socialist democrats.


Ol’ Poe thinks this current mess in Ukraine is tied to the blatant Biden corruption there and the placement of U.S. biolabs (for the purpose of weaponizing biological agents in that country) by the Obama administration. Poe thinks Joe was the point man on those labs and his shakedowns of Ukranian energy companies was a by-product of those lab-placement negotiations.

What would the U.S. do if Russia created such biolabs in Cuba?

Somehow or another, it all ties together… 🤔 


eh… Soviet backed bio-labs have been in Cuba since at least 1986 openly and likely well before that. So far as Uncle Joe taking point on anything…. honestly don’t believe he has the faculties and hasn’t for a long time.


Congrats to Gropey and his banda ho’s. Now there are reports that Putin and his command staff are cloistered in some nuclear bomb proof underground nuclear war command center in Siberia. Let’s all hope this is fake news.

USMC Steve

It would appera that they don’t have meetings or something to coordinate their lies to us. They are apparently just making stuff up on the fly.


We can just shorten this to “Biden failed”.