“Russian warship go fuck yourself” Guard returns home a hero

| March 30, 2022

Border Guard Roman Hrybov/Gribov

Apparently the Ukrainian Border Guards from Snake Island, who famously told the Russian Navy to go fornicate themselves rather than surrender, have been repatriated after being taken captive. The man above, Roman Hrybov (alternately spelled Gribov, on right), was honored upon his return home.

It had previously been reported that Gribov and the other guardsmen on the island would receive the highest national honor of Hero of Ukraine. It does not appear that this is what he received today. Photos of the medal are different than that for Hero of Ukraine. It looks like this was a medal from a regional authority.

From New York Post;

The Ukrainian sailor who told a Russian warship to “go f–k yourself” as he helped try to defend Snake Island was awarded a government medal in a video posted by Ukraine on Tuesday.

Hero seaman Roman Hrybov received the award “For Merits to Cherkasy Region” from Regional Gov. Ihor Taburets.

Hrybov was one of a handful of sailors manning the defenses of Snake Island in the Black Sea during the early hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month.

When Russian naval craft the Valisy Bykov ordered Hrybov and his comrades to surrender, the brave sailor reportedly replied by radio, “Russian warship, go f–k yourself.”

The reply prompted the Valisy Bykov to bombard the island.

Hrybov and the other Snake Island defenders were initially declared dead, until it became clear they’d been captured by Russian forces. His retort became a rallying cry in the early days of the Ukrainian resistance.

The Valisy Bykov was reportedly destroyed two weeks later by Ukrainian forces defending Odessa.

The captured Ukrainian sailors were freed last week in a prisoner swap, and Hrybov’s award ceremony was held soon after.

In an interview with Ukrainian outlet Today, Hrybov’s mother said her son had never bowed to anyone.

“By the way, I have never in my life heard my son swear at me,” Tatiana Hrybov added.

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Planet Ord

Good for him. Well deserved.


He would have gotten the highest medal if he was dead.
Second place is good….


Was the award ceremony held in the Ladies Room? That’s where second place trophies are kept…Right?

Wonder how many Uke POSers will show up, years from now, claiming to have been “on the island.”

Tar Baby getting more and more sticky, huh Bre’r Vlad?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A Navy Squid, wondering what his rate is.


Of course he wouldn’t swear at his Mom. She’d smack him silly for it.

Bravo and buy this guy and his cohorts a big cold beer… and some pizza.

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The Stranger

Zimne Piwo!

Yeah, I know that’s Polish…he’ll understand.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Pizza, so how about listening to “Pizza Pie” by Norman Fox and the Robroys 1958 0n the Hammer label.

Hack Stone

“Up until now you never burned the toast.”

There is the punchline, you Deplorables fill in the rest.


Troll King!


Kicked ass– those Leftists couldn’t meme worth crap!
comment image


Hell yeah!
comment image

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Has anyone made that into a real flag for purchase?

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

The description is УКРАЇНА ПРАПОР meaning “Ukrainian Flag” … but the actual flag DOES have the invective: іди нахуй

So kewel!

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Daisy Cutter

When I first read the story meaning the actual story and not this post, I thought Snake Island was the one that was inhabitable due to all the poison snakes that took it over. After some poking around, I discovered that there are two Snake Islands – one in Ukraine and one off the coast of Brazil.



Death by artillery or fangs?


For some reason, I read that as “by artillery or fangs (bundle of sticks).
BOY, Fast Times at Ridgemont High would NOT fly these days.