Music teacher escapes Ukraine, joins SC daughter

| March 22, 2022


Irene’s world quickly changed from the soft, sweet sounds of piano keys … Susan Hardin needs your support for Music teacher escapes Ukraine, joins SC daughter

Many have asked about family and friends.  There are several more that are in the process of getting out of Ukraine and or to the United States.  Many others have chosen to stay and need our support as well.

Feel free to share the link.

Semper Fidelis


Source: Fundraiser by Susan Hardin : Music teacher escapes Ukraine, joins SC daughter

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Daisy Cutter

On the GoFundMe:

“… a veteran of the United States Marine Corp.”

Do they use Corpman?

Seriously, nice story.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

Welp, it obvious where The “Soviet” got her good looks from. There were some rumors that she had been assembled from spare parts out an Adam & Eve Catalog…with an air valve. Now we know.

Forwarded the linky to all the friends and family that do the Social Media Thingie for posting. Sent email to Susan @ Contact for a way to send Coin of the Realm via bank drafts or money orders. Thanks for giving us a way to help, Dave. You may refer to yourself as TVI, but you are OUR TVI. SF


Glad the MiL made it out. Here’s to a better future for her! Welcome to America, Irene. We’ll take all the eastern European beauties we can get. 😃


Today’s real Feel Good Story.