Russia Uses Hypersonic Missiles. Why?

| March 22, 2022

MiG-31 with Mach 10 “Dagger” Hypersonic Missile

Putin has fired at least two “Dagger” hypersonic missiles at Ukraine targets, the first time weapons of this type have ever been employed. They used conventional warheads, but are nuclear capable.

These weapons are intended to defeat dense air defenses and strike highly strategic targets, the so-called enemy Center of Gravity. It’s no secret Russia has them. That these strikes did neither asks the question, why use them here when conventional cruise missiles, or even iron bombs would have had the same outcome?

Russia says it fired hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. What are they and why would Moscow use them?

Holly Ellyatt

Russia’s purported use of hypersonic missiles in Ukraine in recent days is not only a sign that its military could be resorting to using more destructive weaponry, but also an opportunity for Russia to flaunt weapons it says it’s been developing for several years.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said Friday that it had deployed “Kinzhal” (meaning “Dagger” in Russian) hypersonic aeroballistic missiles to destroy a large underground warehouse of Ukrainian missiles and aviation ammunition in Delyatin, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of western Ukraine.

Then on Saturday, the ministry said it had used Kinzhal hypersonic aeroballistic missiles again to destroy a large Ukrainian storage base for fuels and lubricants in the Mykolaiv region. Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement it was the main fuel supply base for Ukrainian armored vehicles in combat areas in southern Ukraine.

Russian news agencies said the reported use of hypersonic missiles was the first time the country’s military had used them in its invasion of Ukraine, which began Feb.24.

CNBC was unable to immediately verify the claims of hypersonic weapon use. The Pentagon said it wasn’t able to either, but Russia has been flaunting the development of several types of hypersonic weapons for several years.


Why is Putin using a scarce, expensive weapon when others would have much the same kinetic effect? He’s trying to intimidate, and regain some momentum in what is rapidly becoming a stalemate. It’s an act of desperation.

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Why not? They’re really fast (especially if the Russky air force can’t beat the Ukrainians).


To test them out in an arena where they can get data and them improve them or modify them for when it’s for reals.

Green Thumb

That was Syria was for the Russians.


Are they running short of the other stuff?. Their supply of beans and gas so far has been pretty lackluster. The possibility exists that due to systemic corruption it was either sold or not produced.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m betting both, the former USSR is very riddled with corruption.


Poetrooper sent me this last night.

The Drive explores the alleged hypersonic weapon’s use. Scroll to the bottom for an update. They’ve confirmed that the video is not where Russia said it was, so I suspect the rest of their claims are BS too.


Eh, it’s just an SS-26 Son-o’-SCUD launched from an airplane…

George V

I can think of a few reasons.
1) It is a test in actual combat.
2) The two targets mentioned would, I would think, have at least somewhat effective air defense against cruise missiles and aircraft. This type of missile is hard to stop except in perfect conditions (air defense is right in front of it, and you get target acquisition really far away in time to get a launch window). So, high chance of a hit on the target.
3) It’s a psychological weapon. It says “See, I can hit you anywhere, any time, any high value target, and you can’t stop it”.

On the flip side, I hope the Ukrainians have been smart enough to disperse their ammo supplies, fuel, and personnel.


I think if they were (which I doubt) using them, it’s this plus a big message to the west. Especially if Ukraine is using our air defense systems in the area they’re targeting.

MI Ranger

George V,
I agree with your statement, especially #1, and probably #2, but #3 is entirely lost on the target audience.

The Russian government has a requirement for funding that new military technology be tested in live environments which is why Russia has been heavily involved in Syria (and bringing out the toys), and why new and interesting toys keep showing up in Ukraine. Who knows maybe this was all just a validation test for the Russian military and not an actual attempt to invade!?


Vlad trying to wave his di@k? Maybe he needs to get some eyebrow tweezers to grab it, and issue some magnifying glasses so people can see it. He might want to save some of his toys for when his Chinese Communist Buddies decide they want his “Northern Resource Area”.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Rumor has it that Putin has been bugging the Commie Chinese for help, but my bet is that they’ll backstab him at the first opportunity, look at the quality of those Chinese-made tires on the Russian Military Equipment!


He has to show of something that works for potential customers.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That struck a funny bone(r), I can’t quit laughing.


Soldiers drawing dicks goes at least as far back as Hadrian’s Wall.


Soviet art un-cut?


Poe wrote this for Mick the other day in the Creepy Admiral thread, but it fits here even better:

“…he is NOT a Naval Aviator.”

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 😝  😜  😝  😜  😝 

With sincere apologies to John Gillespie Magee Jr.


And, it continues…
comment image




I know there’s a lot of CaCa propaganda flying around but, I have to say, this probably has some truth to it. It’s costing somebodies a lot of rubles, this entire dick waving exercise.
Money talks, Bolsheviks bite bullshit bagels.


Supposedly the U.S has turned off the GPS satellites for Vlade, this gear might not need them.


They have GLONASS (which provides worldwide coverage) and they probably have access to China’s Beidou (which has a coverage area reaching in to Europe now).

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yes, the Russky missile is hypersonic…… is every other missile.
 “Anything that can exceed around 3,800 miles per hour is technically hypersonic. This is nothing new.”
Neither is the Kinzhal, the official said. At least, not technically. “It’s an upgrade of a system that was developed in the 1980s,” the official said. “The name is new.”

Sooooo…………..big whooptie (not).

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Guided Missiles by the Cuff Links 1957 on the Dootone label


No test is as good as the real world.

Green Thumb

The French had rockets.

I do not think they ever made it space.


Been putting stuff in orbit since ’65. Considering we have had to use Russian rockets…not sure we should talk smack about theirs.


Here’s a good explanatory video from Alex Hollings over at Sandboxx News:

Don’t believe the hype around Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal missile – YouTube