Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| March 22, 2022

I apologize that this feature was MIA the last couple weeks. As I said on my Valor Friday piece last week, the family and I were recovering from a nasty stomach bug. Thanks to all who reached out and offered well wishes. Everyone is back to normal. The week before I just plain spaced it. I’d like to think I’ll do better in the future, but I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get cRaZy!

Shhh. Don’t tell your parents about what we did.

81 million votes, folks

He must be waiting for the Trump Train to go back to the theater

The party of tolerance and unity

Child abuse

It takes a big man to beat a woman!

Get this man a bigger soap box

We found someone dumber than AOC

Lastly: Meme of the year

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Welp, we damn shore know what brought on your tummy tantrum. Reading/watching this crap makes me sick to my stomach too. Glad y’all feeling more better.

What is this “normal” you speak of? There is no “normal” in these twatter twits. I do hope that when the Communists/Marxists/Socialists take over this Country, they will at least separate the useful idiots from the Patriots in the re-education camps and execution squads.

Still seeing dumbasses riding, alone, in their cars wearing a face diaper.


whenever I see a person in their car alone wearing a face burka I just assume they are retarded.


BTW, my friends and I refer to the masks as


Remember, always tell the Furkas acolytes to FOCUS

(Fuck off cuz U stupid)

Dave Hardin

“Back to normal”? Afraid to ask what you define that as these days.



Pink glasses there is full of shit and her fake tears sway no Man.

Idea: recently there was a poll that indicated 50+% of demonrats/commies/left-leaning bots would flee if the US was invaded. Is there a system were we can do a false invasion, or deliver a threat of one, like Operation Fortitude or Ukraine Comeuppance & Central Bank Obsolescence Proof 2022?

No bs, a lot of the above mental illness and first world debauchery-cum-faux-compasssion is going to end as dollar hegemony spikes towardsin’ null like a Boeing 777.

USMC Steve

The socialist dems/liberals would not really leave though. What they would do is to collaborate enthusiastically with the invading forces.


62%. It would also give a whole new spin on our “guest worker” program. Lots of people headed South….


Telling the child to not tell mom and dad is exactly what chomos tell their victims.


When libs tell you that a six year old knows they are the wrong gender at six but they don’t know what failure looks like you gotta wonder.



Not to mention all the un-trained soy boys who “volunteered” to fight in Ukraine ’cause they looked cool saying it on Twitter:


Stupid is as stupid does. Darwin is a helluva player.


Commie Girl has the Biden whisper down pat.

But the real winner is the only true capitalist on the page, The Palace Sobe queen. She makes a great point that the mom’s whoring out their pre-teen daughters at Miami gay strip clubs filled with pedophiles have an unfair advantage. Those $20s might be finding their way in to her G-String but for that.


Latest TicTok fad for idiots- Orbeez challenge
RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Police across the country are warning parents about the dangers of the Orbeez Challenge as they see a rise in incidents involving the gel pellets and toy guns. 

According to police, the Orbeez Challenge is a viral social media trend that encourages people to shoot Orbeez water beads and gel pellets from air guns. 

Fox 29

This problem could easily become self-correcting.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Bet’cha dollars to doughnuts these are taking place in Blue no-gun zonez.
Outside of that (red), the people being shot at are likely to shoot back. With lead.