People’s Convoy leader asks Biden to end the mandates

| February 23, 2022

A Maryland gubernatorial candidate is asking Joe Biden to end pandemic related mandates. Today is this convoy’s first day of travel. Kyle Sefcik makes a valid point. If what happens to these truckers and their supporters is a repeat of what happened in Canada, then freedom as we know it “is gone”.

From the Daily Caller:

“We are coming peacefully, and we’re going to do this lawfully and constitutionally,” Sefcik said. “I want the rest of the world to know our plans, so there’s no lying about who and what we are.”

“On behalf of Freedom Convoy 2022, we are asking you to end the state of emergency. End the mandates once and for all,” Sefcik continued. “Sir, the world is watching us because they know if what’s happening in Canada happens to us here in the land of the free, then freedom as we know it is gone.”

The “Freedom Convoy USA 2022” protesters are planning on arriving in D.C. for Biden’s March 1 State of the Union address. Sefcik said he “pulled a permit from the National Mall” in an effort to be “respectful.”

The Daily Caller has the article, and video, here.

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AW1 Rod

Don’t look for the Senile Socialist Sundowner to acquiesce. Power and control are the only things that keep that worthless husk alive.




The insanity isn’t even hers or very new:
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Eighty one minutes ago; it’s confirmed – Trudeau has revoked Emergencies Act. Which futher confirms what we’ve suspected all along; Trudeau is still a neurotic pussy..*spit*


On YouTube:


Right before that though…


Salty Cracker comments:


The French word is POO-SAY!


Au contraire, mon ami.
The French word for it is PUTAIN.
The English version starts with w.

A Proud Infidel®™️

NOT to be confused with Poutine, a tasty combination of French Fries with gravy and cheese! Meanwhile, the Spanish word for Trudeau would be pucha”, pronounced “POO-cha”!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not to be confused with “poutine” (mess) (french fries with melted cheese and gravy – I can feel my arteries hardening just talking about it – but what a delicious way to go!)

USMC Steve

I am surprised he had them unfrozen. Apparently once the fascist gets what he wants, he calms down.

A Proud Infidel®™️

This Convoy is taking place to protest what the left has inflicted, thus it’s going to be labeled “racist”, White Supremacist”, you name it. I’m sure the liberal media talking heads are already loading up on their talking points about how this is another “insurrection” as well.


“Traitors” and “domestic terrorists” who expound a “nazi” definition of individual freedom that doesn’t include gov’t control of everything they do and say, of course.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Breaker Breaker, we got ourselves a convoy. Are CB radios still used on semis??


They are. Some also run 10 meter radios. I’ve got an old ranger radio around here somewhere. Haven’t used it in over 20 years, so if I do find it, it’s probably just a paper weight by now.

It’s range for getting out or receiving was absolutely amazing.


Freedom as we “knew it” is already gone. We won’t have our freedoms back until we take them back. And for those that are hoping (and we all know that hope is no plan) that the 2022 elections will turn the tide? One word…Dominion. Virginia got real lucky this past November. They had enough people monitoring the election to keep the nefarious activities to a minimum. Just as the demonrats were blindsided by the ’16 election, they made sure they were “ready” for 2020. I don’t give a flying phuque at a rolling donut what spapos, LC, or anyone else says, the 2020 election was stolen just as sure as the Good Lord made little green apples.

Rise up…Resist…Rebel…Revolt.


It’s the only way they can win anything this midterm election.
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VT NG deploying think they get a battle star for defending the #HouseDrinker?


I’d bet my last dollar that before the convoy gets to DC the squad and Pelosi will be screaming insurrection. The national guard will be ordered to arrest and detain as many as they can.


Russia has entered Ukraine, and has told Ukraine military to lay down their arms.

Won’t this phuck up bidens cash source?


Even as this confrontation in Washington builds the New York Times has revised a story they published this past weekend about the CDC’s reluctance to releasing data to include this very telling sentence:

“The agency has been reluctant to make those figures public, the official said, because they might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective.”

What Don’t the Bureaucrats Want You to Know? | Power Line (

As we all have learned in the past year, whenever the left uses the descriptive misinterpreted or misinformation you can bet the farm they are trying to hide something.

Another “conspiracy theory” on its way to becoming fact…???

Last edited 4 months ago by Poetrooper

Grab yer helmet and crayons ’cause sh*t just went retarded…

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

Chicoms will move on Taiwan once we’re fully occupied by Europe.

USMC Steve

Can only hope the Ukrainians make that crappy army of Putin’s bleed profusely.


Gateway Pundit, among others (please forgive an old man his mischief–ol’ Poe just had to reference Gateway Pundit because of, well, you know…), is reporting that a member of the board of directors for a large German health insurance company, BKK ProVita, is saying that according to insurance industry actuarials, the government is grossly underreporting adverse vaccine responses, just as many of us have been saying here from the outset of this plandemic:

Board Member of Large German Health Insurance Company Sounds the Alarm: Side Effects of COVID Vaccines Much Higher Than Official Reports (

There’s also a link to WELT, a German business TV network, but it’s in German and ol’ Poe couldn’t get his page translator to work:

Coronavirus: More vaccine side effects than previously known – WELT

Another Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory about to become fact?

Last edited 4 months ago by Poetrooper