Recalled school board members blame white supremacy

| February 23, 2022

Three members of the San Francisco school board were successfully recalled. These members leaned heavily to the left. The voters apparently did not approve of these individuals not doing enough towards reopening schools during the pandemic. However, these school board members were active with regards to efforts to rename schools.

From the Daily Wire:

The members are now citing racism as the reason for their removal, with Lopez tweeting last week, “So if you fight for racial justice, this is the consequence. Don’t be mistaken, white supremacists are enjoying this. And the support of the recall is aligned with this.”

The former president also retweeted one post that claims the recall effort “was funded by republican billionaires, led by … ‘reopen the schools’ moms that used id politics and anti-blackness to turn out votes within the conservative Asian immigrant community.”

Echoing this sentiment, Collins tweeted that the recall “has emboldened more dehumanization of Black folks” and that former Vice President Mike Pence’s opinion on the recall was representative of a “dog whistle.” Pence told students at Stanford University he “had to read” the results “twice” when they were released in San Francisco, noting: “This week in San Francisco parents recalled three woke school board members who cared more about renaming schools than reopening them.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed admitted Sunday while speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd that the city’s board of education “failed our children.” Voters showed out in numbers to remove the progressive members, with 70% supporting the removal of each member. Following the recall results being announced, Breed said a “clear message” was communicated.

The Daily Wire has more information here.

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AW1 Rod

Of course. “White Supremacy” is to blame. The boilerplate response of every leftist, woketard cretin who loses his/her position of authority.


The libturds, ya just gotta love ’em for their consistency !!!!

AT1 ret

*roll eyes*


Collins made what are arguably racist comments concerning Asians, comparing them to “house n******.”

Asian areas voted 80%+ for the recall. Also at issue was allowing admittance to a prestigious high school based on race rather than academic merit.

And they have the gall to call others “racists.”

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Tweet image

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Second image:

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Hack Stone

She makes a compelling argument. Not sure how that will sway anyone to her point of view, but is compelling nonetheless. Surprised she didn’t call them Deplorable.


Traitor Lars’ paradise — California.

Fuck that state.


Dear Democrats, you suck.

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BOOM! roasted!


Being Leftist means never having to be responsible for self-inflicted failure.

It’s always racism, patriarchy, Trump, etc. that did it.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Talking about racism, I heard on either newsmax or WFTL 850 AM radio that in one of the states that I don’t remember because I never write this stuff down when I hear it is that the motorcycle helmet law which was mandatory while riding was taken off the law due to more black riders were ticketed than white riders for not wearing a helmet. Can’t make this stuff up.

Hack Stone

Another politician wants to rescind enhanced penalties for firearm assaults made from vehicles, otherwise known as a “drive by” because a majority of those charged are African American.


Seattle. I’m wondering whether they (white progressives) felt the “root cause” was that blacks couldn’t afford helmets or they hurt the hair. Either way, it’s insulting.


Sooo…now nearly 80% of Asians are white supremacists too? Got it.

Take notice demonrats. We, The People, are getting fed up with the BS.


At this rate, BLM members will be accusing each other of that by next week.


Now that Marc Elias (yes that Marc Elias) has moved into a top spot in the organization I am surprised it hasn’t happened already.


Yep…like clockwork. I posted this on another thread on 2/16/2022: “Im just awaiting the inevitable screams of ‘racism’ as Lopez, Collins, and Moliga are all minorities. You know its coming.”

Im just shocked it took a week


It may feel good to celebrate voters finally becoming truly “woke”, in the sense of waking up to what the Democrats have been doing to their children, but we conservatives had best be putting heat on our political leaders to tighten up security for the coming elections. All this talk of a coming anti-Democrat landslide means that those desperate bastards will be unafraid to increase both the breadth and the depth of their election theft because we have already let them get away with it.

The bold dishonesty of 2019 was nothing compared to what they’re planning for 2022 and 2024. And their dishonest justification for it will be the same as it is in these recalls, “We must fight white supremacy and racism by any means we can.” For libs, the end always justifies the means.

Sadly, ol’ Poe doesn’t see our complacent conservative leadership ramping up to meet this threat. If you live in an area that isn’t solidly red, you should be writing all your politicians.

Last edited 4 months ago by Poetrooper

More than 63% of that city is registered Democrat (or affiliated party), around 7% is right-wing.

This is like when Kamala said the reason she wasn’t doing better in the 2020 Presidential Primaries was because of racism. Only Democrats were voting in those Democratic Primaries.

I mean, they’re not wrong when they call the Democrats racist, but that’s now what they’re trying to say.

A Proud Infidel®™️

EVERY TIME moonbat liberalism gets rejected nowadays, it’s “White Supremacy” alongside “racism”, “fascism” among whatever other propaganda their minions are regurgitating. What’s sad to me is that these goobers truly believe the effluvia they spout just like Major Moonbat from UC Berzerkely! Oh well, another batch of defeated moonbats throw their Acme® Victim Card™️ showing yet again that they can’t handle reality!

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Ah, yes the great “White Supremacy” problem of San Fransicko and the Greater Bay Area.

That must be where all these Klan members are hiding out at these days.


Looks like the Chinese 三 k 党 (KKK, pronounced sān k dǎng) has taken over Chinatown… 😜 

Chinese-English translator – Search (


The Commissariat agrees that the evil, white, devil, slave-masters are behind this conspiracy to oust the defenders of socialism on our schools!

It’s time to mobilize the street fighets to take this to the next level!


A clear message was communicated:

“You suck.


Parents Who Care About Their Kids.”

Old tanker

This fits


Racists in SF? That’s unpossible!