I call it the “Hunter Biden Project”

| February 9, 2022

To advance more “racial equity”, the Brandon Administration is apparently going to be sending out free crack/meth pipes. Seems pretty racist to me to say that doing crack and/or meth happens more to minorities, but what do I know?

WGME has the story;

In the name of harm reduction, the substance abuse arm of the Health and Human Services Agency will begin providing funds to help distribute “safe smoking kits” for the consumption of various illicit drugs like crack cocaine and crystal meth.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA) has allocated roughly $30 million for a Harm Reduction Program Grant, which includes funding for syringe exchange programs, the opioid reversal drug naloxone, test kits to detect fentanyl and “safe smoking kits/supplies,” among other more traditional measures, like HIV testing and safer sex resources.

Harm reduction efforts, like testing for infectious diseases, needle exchanges and naloxone distribution programs, are nothing new, but providing federal taxpayer funds for paraphernalia used to smoke drugs is.

An HHS spokesperson reportedly confirmed to The Washington Free Beacon these “safe smoking kits” will provide pipes for the consumption of “any illicit substance” to reduce the risk of infection, which can potentially occur through cuts and sores.

Seattle previously distributed meth pipes to residents in 2015, according to Reuters, but it’s reportedly hard to tell the benefit such a program can have.

“It is plausible the intervention could be effective,” said Matthew Golden, a Seattle and King County disease control official and a University of Washington medical professor, when the program was launched. “It’s simply an unstudied idea.”

One nonprofit said it had conducted research which determined meth users would be less likely to inject the drug if given access to pipes, but there is little evidence to back up such a claim, Reuters reported.

San Francisco has handed out crack pipes as well, according to local reporting, where allegedly an estimated 25,000 people actively inject drugs.

The SAMHSA grant’s $30 million will be spread across three years, and the money will be prioritized for “underserved communities that are greatly impacted by substance use disorder (SUD).”

Other measures funded by the grant include harm reduction vending machines – including the contents to stock them, infectious disease test kits and medicines, vaccination services and wound care supplies.

The National Desk reached out to SAMHSA to see if the “safe smoking kits” will also be available at harm reduction vending machines across the country but did not receive an immediate response in time for publication. This story will be updated if a response is obtained.

I’m sure Hunter’s next push will be for free crack testing kits to be sent out. Hunter (who President Biden unironically called “the smartest guy I know”) one time smoked a ‘rock’ of parmesean cheese. That could have been prevented with a simple reagent testing kit.

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Joe’s crack-head son uses pipes, so it’s only natural that he thinks we should distribute pipes to the POC’s in the name of “equity”. Way to go Brandon.


Spiders on drugs, documentary.


Guess the next thing will be giving them the dope to put in the pipe.

tom reynolds

Only for vulnerable populations that don’t have crack money or the ability to steal it from the working men who are holding then down. Crackhead Lives Matter. CLM,CLM,CLM…


Mostly the government sells legal recreational drugs. Various government agencies are the largest retailers in the world of alcohol for example. Alcohol is physically addictive and tolerance building so steady increased sales are a thing.

They do give away Suboxne and it’s derivatives to keep the lower rung hooked on drugs. People are much easier to control when they have to go to get a handout from their dealer to keep from getting sick.


Both Utah and Idaho have state liquor stores that have a monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages.


“The 17 control or monopoly states as of November 2019” -Wussipedia


Edit: can’t edit the image… oops. Shoulda resized it before posting. Provided in link.

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Vancouver, B.C. is doing that today: “To prove that access to clean street drugs, including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, could immediately help to mitigate the number of overdoses, several non-profit groups are banding together to give out free three-and-a-half gram doses of the different narcotics. The drugs will be made available to members of two of the participating nonprofit and distributed at their offices in the city’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) on Wednesday.”


So about 400K people in the US regularly smoke crack. With $30,000,000 that is enough to buy 3,000,000 higher quality crack pipes. That oughta cover them for the year.

People who smoke drugs think that people shoot up are crazy and vice versa. They generally pick a way that they like (shoot, snort, smoke, drink whatever) and stick with it.

The best part of this plan is the idea is that it will stop the spread of disease. That the drug addicts will then become responsible citizens and not engage in risky unprotected sex, sleeping in dumpsters, sharing needles, sharing glass pipes and all their other favorite past times. Good luck with that.

Frankie Cee

The good cops will appreciate this. These pipes will become “Paraphernalia” as soon as the doper takes possession of it. Finding it in their possession is probable cause for a deeper search.
We have to find some good in all this idiocy, don’t we? Anyone?


Mason wrote: “To advance more “racial equity”, the Brandon Administration is apparently going to be sending out free crack/meth pipes.”

Check out what Snopes had to say not only about the “racial equity”, but also about the $30 Million Harm Reduction Program Grant (see link below).

We read the Snopes article several times because it came across confusing. IMHO, the more we read, the more we believe the Author was not only rambling/grasping for straws, but also seems to have contradicted himself. 🤔

You Be The Judge:

“Did Biden Admin ‘Fund Crack Pipes’ To ‘Advance Racial Equity’?”



Snopes=Clown show extraordinaire.

Hack Stone

If these idiots voluntarily consume crack, meth and/or heroin, they are probably not too concerned about catching an infectious disease.

Frankie Cee

But they would be willing to vote for the donor of the pipes, even like 5 or 6 times, depending on how much METH they pay per vote.


Government facilitating overdoses. Yeah, that works.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Eventually the pipe addicts will have to pay the piper.


Pipe down, Jeff…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Good one Poe.


I bet if Slow Bag-on went on National Tee Vee and demonstrated the proper use of a crack pipe with real crack, the left would be “OHHH, Joe’s so connected with the lunch pail crowd” and OHhhh he’s just trying to identify with the common man and he’s SUCH an endearing parent, sharing his son’s hobbies” AND then they’d also be, “Hey let’s ALL smoke Crack and be like Joe and then about 3 days after this the CDC would mandate Crack smoking for everyone because COVID and then they’d not worry about crack babues because they’d approve Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use for infants 6 weeks and up as soon as they can learn to come off the teets and start working the pipe, BUT someone would *obviously* have to work the lighter for the babies.
They don’t have the fine motor control and all that, yet. Jebus, do I have to think of EVERYTHING around here???
😀 😀
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Hunter “the smartest man I know” Biden will be in charge of procurement and distribution. He’s already requested bids from several Chinese companies (that he’s invested in) for the kits.

A Proud Infidel®™

Free syringes to throw on the sidewalks afterward, now crack pipes. I wonder how much of a kickback the current Crew of Criminals is getting for it?

Green Thumb

The real questions are 1) Did the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) get his? I mean, lots of crack smoking and coke snorting going on down there with him and that poser-supporting North Florida MC back in the day and 2) Did All-Points Logistics get the contract based upon Phildo’s fake Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims?

Green Thumb

I wonder if Corn Pop got one?


Dude, Corn Pop is dead. He died of tetanus years ago from shaving with a very rusty straight razor.

Green Thumb

Well maybe his grandson?


“Back in my day if you wanted a drugs’ pipe you had to buy it yourself” – future old guy

Also, I’ve got $10 says those pipes are made in China and double-or-nothing says they test positive for Coof-1984.


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So, this silver lining has a cloud?
Assembled in USA ftw?


I commented about this a couple of days ago. There apparently are no bad ideas that the Brandon regime will not fund. But this could still lead to some great crack-pipe modern art if some users break off the bowl and use the stem to paint Hunter style.


Time to figure out how to make a better crack pipe so the Brandon admin can beat a path to my door.


Will Joe present Hunter with the ceremonial first crackpipe?