Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| February 8, 2022

Pedo educator


He apparently is also OK with slavery?

Freedom convoy triggers



Child abuse




Patriotism is hate speech

Everything I don’t like is Nazism

Secret Service radio traffic

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Speaking of insane leftist BS, did you know that “It’s Safe Internet Day” on Pootube? Yeah, apparently they are going to highlight videos that show how to be safe in the internet.

So I followed the link…not ONE video showing how to avoid Google spyware.



How about how to safely unplug the giant server/storage farm the No Such Agency built in Utah to sweep up every bit of data because the 4th amendment literally meant ‘paper’ and was written by racist bigots, you Nazi!
We at the USA Corporation thank you for your continued compliance with the program for your safety. Extra half food ration for you.


Yes, videos about pedos and BLM happily using Teh Interwebz but that evil patriotic insurrectionists should be locked-up from contaminating it with Free Speech.


“it’s not obvious to me that it is in fact wrong”

Let’s take a hands on approch to this. You put your hands on
a kid and what is wrong with that will become obvious as the
noose around your neck tightens and your hands shake like
a dog coming out of the water and you shit yourself.

Hope that clears up any remaining doubt.


Whole Lee Crap! I’ve had 2 strokes and I think that I still have more working brain cells than these idiots. Molest kids around me and you’ll find out that a life prison sentence is not a deterrent to keep me from molesting you! Too bad there’s not a place we can put all of these sick, power hungry mofos. Oh…wait…there is! I think it’s called the Mariner’s Trench. What we need to keep away from children are these indoctrinating mofos.

Rise Up! Resist! Rebel! The freedom you save is yours.


We’re all very lucky to live in a country that allows free speech, particularly the free speech that makes it so easy to pick out the pedos, loonies, and the just plain confused. Thank the internet for giving these folks a platform, enabling us to see them for what they are.

RGR 4-78

And. thanks to those who have seen the light. They are the straw that will tilt the camel’s back to the middle, forgoing the collapse.


Those who have seen the light.


My Dad used to always refer to Western democracy as a ‘Soap-box democracy’. When I asked my Dad why he referred to it as such, he replied “Democracy means everyone has a say-so and in the old days, when you had something public to say, you got up onto a soap-box to tell everyone about it. Of course these days, the soap-box just makes it that much easier to put the crosshairs on ’em”.

*sigh* Miss ya, Dad…


Someone should take the fat girl with the ring in her nose, who doesn’t want to be oppressed, and hook her up to a 9 volt battery.


Today I learned that “not fat” people are privileged.


Wait, so I can eat all the ho-hos I want, get to be an obese fat slob and I have the moral high ground on those who didn’t?


Libturds of tick tok that’s what what it should read.


The post about trespassing is factually incorrect.

Entering or failing to leave school property after being told to leave or in violation of posted notice is a Class 1 misdemeanor under Va. Code §18.2-128(B).


How about those TikTokers claiming to be members of victim groups pompously lecturing others on their vocabulary, worship, and expression? In the meantime, my account gets banned for pointing out that women don’t have penises. They allow a lot of woke SJW tranny bullshit, but the Gospel is hate speech?