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| February 8, 2022

Kalashnikov USA KR-101

Two inmates who escaped Tennessee jail are dead after allegedly robbing store, leading police on chase
A third escaped inmate is still at large

By Paul Best
Two inmates who escaped from a Tennessee jail last week are now dead after allegedly robbing a convenience store on Monday and leading police on a chase in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Tobias Carr, 38, and Timothy Sarver, 45, were pronounced deceased after their vehicle was disabled during the pursuit.

A third escapee, 50-year-old Johnny Brown, is still at large, according to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.

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Pic: Florida man, grandson on magnet fishing trip pull sniper rifles from water

A Florida man and his grandson have a different type of fish tale to tell.

Duane Smith and his 11-year-old grandson, Allen Cadwalader, went out on a magnet fishing trip in the Miami suburb of Homestead on Jan. 30. Just minutes into their expedition, the duo pulled up not scrap nor tossed cans, but sniper rifle receivers and bolt carrier groups wrapped in shrink wrap.

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Frankie Cee

First, and I didn’t hit it until 8 minutes after it posted.
“were pronounced deceased after their vehicle was disabled during the pursuit.”
Isn’t that nice, two of the bad guys and the car became “disabled” at the same time.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I hope grandad is allowed to get the rifle and components back after the po-po are done with their examination. What a find!

The story kind of sounded like Grandpa knew what he had, but decided to turn them over to LEO once he cleaned them up and saw the SNs were scratched off. He may get them back, since he knew they were market valued at $7K a piece.

Last edited 2 years ago by MI Ranger
Old tanker

Link to the first story is broken with a 404 error.


Try this linky on the DRTs Old Tanker. Slim info out there on this one. Still trying to find out how the vehicle became “disabled”. A similar story from GA on 4 DRTs & 2 injured from a Dodge Charger running up I-75 North in Forsyth, Monroe County that crashed and burned after/during a chase. Looking for updates on that one.

The fishing tale? I admit nothing! Call my lawer.

That KR 101 looks like it has room to mount a chainsaw bayonet on the front, but I can’t tell if it has a flip up thingie on the back. I’d still give it a loving home.


The Party of Hell No!

What!!?? A grandfather and his autistic grandson on their first magnet fishing trip and you did what with your treasure? Gave it to the Miami Dade police?


Sorry, as a grandfather – my grandson and I are going to spend lots of time cleaning them up and then they get mounted on a wall in my garage as our first find.

No one knew there were under the water – well someone knew – and once on my wall no one still will know they are not under the water.

The assumption is they were used for nefarious reasons and there must be a crime!!
Maybe not.

MI Ranger

Other articles said they were Barrett .50cal sniper rifles (that is not what the grandson is holding the picture). The Articles did say the Serial Numbers were scratched off, and Grandpa was an expert on what he found…which is why he turned them over 9after cleaning them up.

Last edited 2 years ago by MI Ranger
The Party of Hell No!

So I also went to the news cast and saw the video with a picture showing a boy holding two – looks like rifles – with their butts on the ground holding the barrel tips. So if these are not the guns found… did the news team setup this picture for the news cast with some other rifles… did the grandfather setup the picture with not the rifles found?

Sorry, I call bullshit on this story. I am a grandfather, I would only have pictures and video of our first find and I would never allow my grandson to be used as a prop in a news story, or allow props be inserted for the news organization to profit.

I say these are the guns found and someone does not know munitions and is claiming to be an expert when they are not… is this not the site for stolen valore where people claim military service…

MI Ranger

No I think the picture is authentic, and the earlier news stories were wrong about them being Barrett .50cal rifles. The Bullpup and AR pattern rifle covered in mud seems to be authentic!