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| February 8, 2022

Will there be an invasion of Ukraine by Russia? Depends on who’s doing the talking about it, in reality. Putin/Russia says “Nyet”, because – well, that’s was Vlad does. On the other hand, more informed sources say the same thing: there is no reason for a war over who’s in charge in Ukraine.

However, as usual, the occupant of the Oval Office has too weak a concept of what is really going on over in Eastern Europe right now and says some blatherskite thing like “We’re prepared to defend something-something-something as part of our territorial whatever” – something like that.

On the other hand, people more familiar with what’s on in Ukraine do have their own views of it, and are concerned about Vlad’s troop/armored stuff movements.

From the article:  Theresa Fallon, director of the Center for Russia Europe Asia Studies, said one “frightening” aspect of the news reports was that US intelligence believes Putin may hold nuclear exercises in the region over the next month.

Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world with an estimated 4,500 warheads, and any such manoeuvres would send a serious message to NATO, she said.

Fallon also noted Europe has not seen such large troop movements since the Cold War.

“In order to have peace you must prepare for war so you have to consider all possibilities. And if there should be, God forbid, a war there would be high civilian casualty rates among the civilian population,” she told Al Jazeera.

Polyanskiy, a Russian representative to the UN, called the US media reports released over the weekend “madness and scaremongering”.

“What if we would say the US could seize London in a week and cause 300K civilian deaths? All this based on our intelligence sources that we won’t disclose,” said Polyanskiy. – article

My own view of it is simpler: tell Vlad to put a sock in it and start making a deal with the government of Ukraine to build him a port and a navy yard (for ship construction) on the Black Sea. That way he can have his desperate wish for easy access to the Med, so that his poor old tin cans don’t have to go wandering around the North Sea in this kind of weather!

But that’s just my viewpoint.


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“Wars and Rumors of Wars.” “The Bear from the North…” If the Red Army was to decide to roll thru the Ukraine, it would make Sherman’s March look like a case of malicious trespass. IMO all of this is simply sabre rattling. If Vlad was coming, he ain’t gonna advertise it. ‘sides that, Xi needs for the Olympics to be done with before he jumps on Taiwan. It is also my opinion that sniffy prezzy joe is stirring this pot to distract from his total failure as the “leader” of the free world. Hell’s Bells, most of us saw this coming last year.


Olympics end, Russia kicks off its sh*t, China waits ’til we’re committed there then hits Taiwan… file under “Duh!” for concur.


All this saber rattling is really about this:

Putin thinks if he threatens Ukraine, the West will accept his demands more easily.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All about putin getting what he wants from the supreme ruler biden who is a soft touch.


We haven’t been in a war for nearly a year. Those invested in defense contracts are going broke.


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Just you wait…..not too many months from now, ….


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Oh, boo hoo, fatbody Vindman not happy about Biden’s handling of Ukraine… you can’t make this up:


Vindman can tell which hand is feeding him, h e just can’t figure out which hand to bite. He fails the first assessment of honesty: he can’t seem to stay bought.

Hack Stone

Perhaps LtCol (R) Vindman can volunteer his services to defend his ancestral homeland. As a retired military officers, he can be a valuable asset in deterring Russian aggression.

As to (see what Hack did there?) Joe Biden not doing enough for Ukraine, has LtCol forgotten that Biden had the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden?

Forrest Bondurant

If Russia invades Ukraine, Jen Psaki will probably say something along the lines that Russia did so because the Ukrainian border was encroaching on Russian troops.

Last edited 2 years ago by USMCE8Ret

Bulls*** on all of it. War, war, war. We haven’t had one in a year. Dig up recordings of Eisenhower, military-industrial, yada, yada. Remember Smedley Butler! It is noise. People breathing old air, expelling old ideas. Putin did not get where he is by being stupid. Biden … Jury is still out. In July 1914, diplomats thought they knew things, but they were looking at a dark mirror.