Pentagon puts 8,500 on alert status over Russian-Ukrainian War fears

| January 24, 2022

We got tips from more than one of y’all that the five-sided puzzle palace has put 8,500 troops on alert over fears that Russia will (again) invade Ukraine. The last time they did it, Biden was Vice President and the point man on US-Ukraine relations. While he was soft as an overcooked noodle on Russia, Biden was pretty heavy handed on Ukraine, to the benefit of his idiot coke-fueled son Hunter. I can’t imagine why Putin feels emboldened to take more of Ukraine’s territory again.

In the last few days, the US has started to pull people from our embassy in Ukraine. Which is always a great sign, right? Biden basically said that Putin can invade Ukraine. Well, he specifically said he’d be OK with a “minor incursion.” Which isn’t surprising, since Biden was fine with Russia’s last “minor incursion” of Ukrainian territory.

Word is the USS Truman carrier battle group is deploying to the Med. We have two carrier battle groups in the South China Sea, as China continues to test Taiwanese air defenses. On USS Carl Vinson, one of those deployed carriers, just today an F-35C (the Navy variant of the Joint Strike Fighter) crashed. Early word is the pilot ejected, but 7 sailors were injured. 

And now we’re putting troops on heightened readiness. Good thing we haven’t been stressing their capacity for extended operations by constantly employing them in domestic operations and discharging those who don’t want the experimental vaccines. At least our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has studied up on “white rage” the last year. Here’s hoping the relationship he fostered with his Chinese counterpart (when he told him that he’d call and warn him of any potential attack on China from the US as a heads up) will be reciprocated when/if China makes a move.

I foresee a weak-kneed response to a Russian “minor incursion” into the largely ethnically Russian eastern part of Ukraine. We’ll put some symbolic but largely pointless sanctions on Putin and his inner circle, but the little green men will occupy the sudetenland ethnically Russian area. Meanwhile, China’s lebensraum operation into Taiwan (which Biden has similarly voiced whimpering support for defending) could simultaneously create a “minor incursion” there too. Appeasement is always an option, right?

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I now can see it as the 2022 .version of the battle of the ALAMO. Where’s Davey Crockett when you need him now.


“You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.”
Davey Crockett


Minor incursion here… minor incursion there… pretty soon
your talking real incursion.


Quick, someone get Hillary on the phone to advise Creepy Joe on how to handle things if the embassy is threatened


Welp, who amongst us DIDN’T see this one coming? Sniffy Prezzy Xiden gotta change the headlines from all of his failures. I’m more concerned about OUR border, and the invasion there, than I am about the Uke border. But I guess that Hunter has to protect his interests there. And you know that as soon as we get waist deep into a war with Russia, the Chinese Communists will jump on Taiwan, the Norks will hit the RoKs, and Iran will head toward Tel Aviv (that’ll be a mistake on your part, Mad Mullah). WWIII here we come.

Alamo? Nah…more like Custer at Greasy Grass.


I was just reading something about a new chip manufacturing
facilty being built in Ohio by Intel. You can bet it has to do with
the real prospect of losing Taiwan (Formosa haha).
You could see this coming at least thirty years ago.


If you know, you know.


The ballad of the Infantry, Ukranian
Worth the click.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

I Liked that shovel video. Watched it standing up and I think I got a case of dry trench foot.


That’s a well-done video but ol’ Poe’s wondering why it’s in English, even the titles.

Think maybe they’ve been planning all along on getting some English speaking troops?


Damn!!! That HAD slipped ol’ Poe’s slipping memory…


Their generals study the Romans instead of Kendi X whatsisname.


Rorke’s Drift with Sabaton!
BBB detected!



Not-damn-thing happens…… until it does.

Get food, have; water and the capability to make more, heat, lots of security, etc.

The issue is: if they go, state or non-state actors will destabilize the network(s) we require to maintain our lifestyle (not that they need help to further degrade) and the ground you currently stand on will quicksand very, very fastly. (remember the last 2+ years?)

I don’t give a wet fart what happens in a world 7 timezones away, what I care about is that every stopgap we’d normally have be gone, and have been replaced with incompetent or greedy assholes. Shall I remind you?

Que War Pigs:

The Stranger

I’ll see that and raise you this, from one of Dio’s pre-Rainbow bands. Back when he still played bass in addition to singing. It’s almost like he knew he would be singing for Sabbath later.

Here’s Sabbath with Dio doing the same song off of their “Live Evil” album:

That is still my favorite version of the song. Yes, I know it was an Ozzy song, but Dio had an incredible set of pipes. Just seems to work with this song. Especially the outro…

Last edited 8 months ago by The Stranger

Apropos… (Meanwhile, the Chicoms are laughing their ass off and prepping to move on Taiwan.)

The Stranger

Funny thing is, Country Joe served in the Navy prior to embarking on his music career.


Most of the “protestors” did it cause it was one big ass party. I was just a tad too young for Vietnam. My brother, though, spent 16 months over there as an artilleryman. I hated the way my brother and his brothers and sisters got treated by these scummy “protestors”.

When I was in college, I sat down with one of my profs and we talked for hours about Vietnam and the protest movement. He himself was a Korean War vet, though that didn’t come up much in our chat. Anyway, he told me about a BIG “protest” at the college I went to and how as he was walking through the main plaza, a guy ran by with a woman on his shoulders. As they barreled by, she shrieked, “Isn’t revolution FUN?!”

I do not like Carter for a lot of things, but I despise him for granting amnesty to all the pussies that ran to Canada and Sweden. Same brother (who was not a big fan of the Army to the day he died) told me that he thought about going to Canada, but that he loved the USA and wanted to be able to come back.


(continued from above) I think that was an honorable thing to do. I never asked him what he thought when Carter did his dirty deed, but he sure must have felt stupid.

Okay. Rant over.


Yep. All the distractions in Ukraine, and the CCP is making multiple air incursions of Taiwan’s air defense space.


Appeasement? Sure stopped Hitler cold in ’38…

A Proud Infidel®™️

I just wonder how badly Joke Biteme will fuck this up, sadly my bet is that he’ll fuck up at least ten times worse than Jimmeh Kahtuh did on Iran as well as giving the Panama Canal away.


He’ll do whatever Klain and the cabal put up on his teleprompter.

biden dummy.png

Who knew Jeff Dunham has been lending Walter to 0bama?

The Stranger

Walter is more intelligent than Biden even without someone’s hand up his back.


Am keeping touch with nephew (4ID at Carson). If the balloon does go up….


Who will draw first blood.

Russians in Europe?

China in Taiwan?

North Korea in NW Pacific?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’d say there’s little chance of Fatty ‘lil Kim-Cheese starting anything because Commie China doesn’t feel like having to deal with that and he’s way too beholden to them. Russia and Commie China on the other hand KNOW how weak and incompetent Joke Biteme is and won’t hesitate to steamroller him.


Even if they don’t do anything now or this year, this will at least give those two a better view of our readiness and ole’ Joe’s (lack of) resolve.

Though if they did choose to boogey now, I personally doubt the U.S. or NATO could do much about it. We may win a war against them, who knows, but we’d know we were in a fight. I dread thinking about the casualty numbers.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO ‘lil tubby Kim-Cheese has far more to worry about from the ROKs than he does anyone else.


I don’t think Chunk Lee will ever do more than the usual truffle shuffle.


8500? Surely, Comrade Josef Poopy Pants, this is not a joke malarkey, yes?


The pink Tanks with rainbow flags and claymore’s full of skittles is just too much…..


In other news, the Navy just lost an F-35C out in the South China Sea. Seven Sailors injured.

‘Navy fighter jet crashes during carrier landing in South China Sea
The pilot ejected safely as the jet was landing aboard the USS Carl Vinson.’

Navy fighter jet crashes during carrier landing in South China Sea – ABC News (

‘A U.S. Navy fighter jet attempting to land on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea had a “landing mishap” on the ship’s deck Monday that left seven sailors injured, including the pilot, according to the Navy.

The pilot of the F-35c fighter jet was able to eject safely and was recovered from the waters where the carrier, USS Carl Vinson, is operating.


Herbert J Messkit

I’ve been watching videos of Russians railroading vehicles. Not a pt belt or road guard vest in sight. They don’t stand a chance.


I’ll bet they’re also walking backward on flatcars while ground-guiding vehicles. They’re well and truly fooked.

Last edited 8 months ago by SFC D

Plus, they don’t have those cool cargo tie-down straps and turn-buckles from C-130’s like we stole from the aircraft every time we did a jump in Germany. We used them to tie down our APC’s on the railroad cars instead of the steel cables and ordinary turn-buckles. Those nylon cargo straps could be installed in about a quarter of the time it took to use the cable ones.


In 1996 we rail loaded from Tazar Hungary to Germany. The Hungarians wrapped about 6 loops of heavy wire from the truck shackles down to the flatcar, then stuck a long bar in the middle and started twisting. Loads quick but it’s a major sumbitch cutting all that wire loose.


I’ve been trying to think of a job I hated more than tying down vehicles with those $%^&* steel wire cables. Can’t think of one.
Had to try to tie down an M113 on a flatbed trailer once. Guess the driver drew the short straw or they were out of lowboys. Spent most of the day trying to get those effing cables secure enough where they didn’t slip.For some reason the driver was pretty picky and kept testing the setup. I’ll bet that was a looong slow drive for that driver.

Last edited 8 months ago by timactual

Due to our thefts from C-130’s, my platoon had enough of those nylon load straps with their rachet buckles so that we didn’t have to use the wire cables with turn buckles. Just before I left for the RVN, they told us the next soldier caught stealing them on our jumps would get an article 15. Then when I made it to RVN, on my first C-130 ride, to An Khe, we were strapped to the floor of aircraft with those same nylon load straps across our waists as we sat on the floor in rows. Maybe it was karmic payback for all the ones I had my soldiers steal in Germany.


There may or may not be 5 or 6 of the aforementioned straps at D’s Cantina. I admit nothing. Call my lawer.


Where did all you guys get the room to carry all those goodies you collected found over the years? I could barely handle all the stuff I was supposed to have.


Yeah, I remember that “last class” seating arrangement. That “seat belt” arrangement was a joke. Maybe it was for preventing everybody from sliding to the rear during those “assault” takeoffs and keeping the center of gravity from shifting too much (I hear that being tail heavy during takeoff is a bad thing). It sure wasn’t good for anything else.


They probably don’t have drip pans under any of those vehicles, and the soldiers aren’t likely giving any thought whatsoever to using the correct pronouns.


Forgot the chock block, rotating amber warning light and added reflectors for safety!

Slow Joe


Do they have power armor, jump jets, laser guns, nuclear hand grenades, anti-tank combat spit, and orbital drop off capability?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone recalls during the “previous administration” that the Mainstream Media claimed Orangeman was going to drag us into WWIII, all of the Left were on Facebook were posting comments that Donald trump’s voters should be done at the Recruiting Offices to show support for his pending military defeat. So we can look forward the “78,000,000 plus voters” who put Biden in office to be shipping off to Parris Island before the weekend is over.

And when Putin sees how many US service members have completed their Anti-White Supremacist Training, he will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.


…and, our own Southern border is complete chaos. Joey, Knee Pad Harris, Mayorkas, etc… doing their damndest to ensure the destruction of America. Inviting the entire 3rd world over. RIP, Us of A.

Hack Stone

In all of those action adventure movies during the 1980’s, whenever there was a world crisis, the President would get on the phone and recall one individual back on Active Duty to set things right. We currently have a major crisis brewing on the Ukraine – Russia Border. President Biden needs someone who can operate alone, has total disregard for his own well being, is an experienced military Officer and knows the internal workings of Ukrainian bureaucracy. Cut to Joe Biden in The Oval Office picking up the phone and saying “Get me Hunter Biden!”


“Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit smoking crack.”