Dan Noyes uncovers more PPE waste.

| January 22, 2022

From what I am being told Dan Noyes has already uncovered several more locations…  so we can expect a Part 3 and more.

In San Benito County thousands of boxes of PPE are not only sitting outside in unwieldly stacks, but heading to the recycling center to be shredded. The county is investigating, but says the more questions they ask, “the bigger the hole gets.”

The person shredding all of this PPE told Dan:

“I understand how bad this looks,” he said, “Optically how wasteful this is. We didn’t come to this place without trying. We put in a great deal of effort to find a place where they can be used.”

Ahh,  no I don’t think he really does understand how bad this actually “IS”.

Full Story HERE

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Dan is one of the last of what I would consider “real journalists” around.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another case of Kudos to Mr. Noyes, I wish there were many more Real Journalists out there like him but alas, today’s milquetoast liberal media does all it can to stymie and censor those who strive to really report the news like he does.


Blue state thing?

RGR 4-78

The working class and the poor are nothing more than “grist for the mill”, comrade.

That we are abused by our “betters” is necessary to bring about “change”, for our benefit.


Da, comrade, for “greater good,” you know. Is so hard I need dacha on Black Sea and unlimited Stoli and filet mignon, of course.


Too bad for them we’ve got the carpentry, blade making and rope tying skills.
It’s about time, the one the little prince of NYC, Michael Bloomberg foresaw.



“Gavin Newsom Clarifies Calling Train Thieves ‘Gang'”


KUDOS to Dan Noyes for reporting all of this.


“Gavin Newsom Clarifies Calling Train Thieves ‘Gangs’: ‘Forgive Me … They’re Organized Groups'”

“Union Pacific Railroad Criminal Rail Thefts Went Up 160% In The Last Year”


“Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative,” he clarified. “They’re
organized groups of folks that move from site to site.”


Definition of “Gang” from the Oxford Dictionary:

“An organized group of criminals.
“a gang of bank robbers”


And now the DA is blaming Union Pacific for the robberies, citing their “lack of security.”

What a blithering fuckin’ idiot. I hope UP pulls its business out of the state, like a lot of businesses should.

Hack Stone

And when businesses implement safety precautions to protect their employees, cussomers and merchandise, they are accused of bing racist.

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as “oppressive”.


LA deserves it.

A Proud Infidel®™

Typical liberal, blaming his/her/its problems they’ve caused on everyone else.


Gavin Newsom is a cocksucker and no two ways about it. That’s the best I can say for him.


Newsome compared it pretty easily (and accurately) to a “third world country,” but was afraid to use the proper terminology later and describe the organized criminals as gangs.

I bet if Trump likened it to a third world country apologies would be demanded and all on the left would feign outrage.

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Our tax dollars at rest.


Our tax dollars being shredded…


I am thinking the cost of all this abandoned material should be deducted from some key part of California’s federal funds. Lawmaker’s security perhaps?


OK that’s it if the rest of you won’t say it I’ll be the first one to man up.
I’m Gay for Dan Noyes. 🤣
OK maybe not gay, gay but I’m gay for his reporting and his diligence. It makes me all giddy😝😚😍


Did a thrill run up your leg?


My GF and I were just watching the vid and I said the same, “I’d lick it for him and make you watch” is the direct quote.


Some driver need to go back to How to Secure a Load School.
I’d say this is ‘unbelievable’ but this whole situation has been a lesson in how government will screw up anything it touches.

Anyone here familiar with the movie Brazil? We there.


The United Spot.



Yes! This came up as an ad when I played the above. TouYube ‘gets’ me https://youtu.be/jTlEPIqaqMg


That chipper would look great hooked up to a prison.
Change my mind.


UFB!…Shred the people responsible for this fiasco.