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First of all, as I write this on Sunday – Happy Birthday to two rock icons.

Stevie Winwood, whose long and illustrious career is perhaps exemplified by his screaming keyboard intro to Spencer Davis’ Group  “Gimme Some Loving”  turned 76 today (okay, yesterday for those who are a little slow.)  A big cake for him, and instead of candles, perhaps 76 “Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys”. Wiki

And in other significant news, on May 12, 1965, one of the all-time rock GREAT tracks was laid down – and we got “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. Wiki II  Has there ever been a GOOD rock and roll session when that song hasn’t come out sometime?

Two years ago, Thailand decided to decriminalize marijuana. What a country… non-stop partying, gorgeous women (well, HOPEFULLY women), legal pot…woo hoo!

Not so fast…I am sure many of you have seen news articles in which the Thais have expressed their sentiments that Westerners behave like, well, like the kind of folks who would come over for nothing but drunken debauchery. They cite the history and monuments of the ancient kingdoms, and ask that tourists respect the folks who live there. They want tourists, but not the obnoxious ones. Now, one of those partying draws may be on the way out.

The prime minister of Thailand, the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis two years ago, said Wednesday that he wants to outlaw the drug again amid concerns that the lack of regulation had made it available to children and increased crimes.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin wrote on the social media platform X that he asked the Health Ministry to amend its list of narcotics to again include cannabis, and issue new rules to allow its use for medical purposes only.

After cannabis was decriminalized in 2022, it was initially said that it would be allowed only for medicinal use, but in practice the market was unregulated. It has prompted public backlash and concerns over misuse and crime.


Reminds me a bit of Amsterdam – a once free-wheeling drug trade there had to be reregulated to get the drugs off the streets, and restrict their use to coffeehouses. One mayor, Femke Halsena, wanted to make the drugs illegal again a while back.

Here in the US, while many states have made some drugs legal at a state level (in conflict with Federal law), there are states like Washington which are walking back their legalizations in the face of rising drug-related crime. Who could have guessed THAT would happen.


Only vaguely related question: we keep hearing of convicted murderers whose chosen execution drug is unavailable. Supposedly we are intercepting tons of fentanyl at our borders, and it is supposedly incredibly lethal. Wouldn’t it make everyone’s life easier to just use an ounce or so each to send off the murderers?



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I second that idea but it should be used first on those who traffic it into the US.


We have become a nation of potheads.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts I smell it every single day on my way to work, on my way home, and just whenever out in public…

The number of dipshits who seemingly can’t cope with anything unless they are high is absolutely astonishing to me…


There isn’t a major city in the South where you can’t smell it 24/7. Atlanta, Nashville, Every city in Florida, All of South Louisiana.

The effects are awesome though. Since so many people are high you can pretty much make them do whatever you want, so long as it involves minimal effort on their part and you don’t spark their paranoia.

The government was already tracking everything and everywhere everyone was doing and going but now they are so much easier to control too. They didn’t really think it through though. They can pretty much be controlled by anyone.


The effects are awesome though. Since so many people are high you can pretty much make them do whatever you want, so long as it involves minimal effort on their part and you don’t spark their paranoia.

F*ck’n amen to that. The They (the lizard people and their human cattle slaves) musta turned up the 5G control network during The Season of the Bad Cold® and subsequent mass gene-editing/graphene PSYOP scheme.

GD wrong way drivers are out of freak’n control here in the land of Connec-duh-cut.

Amazing the power of suggestion on high retards with no morals and nothing to lose, on their ways ‘home’:




It supposedly has medicinal qualities. One guy I served with in 3ID made a Facebook post a couple of years ago showing the mountain of pills VA had given him. He was tossing all of those and using medical marijuana instead. Hopefully it’s still working for him.

On the flipside, you have those who “need” marijuana or other drugs but don’t understand dosage or proper use. My meth best friend was happy as hell to get his medical marijuana prescription and hit up the dispensary once a month, but after a while he started supplementing it. Despite having no business driving in the first place, he kept a bong in his truck and would hit it, while driving, not grasping that DUIs aren’t just for alcohol. Then again, the same guy started selling his Adderall and buying meth when he wanted a fix, then was shocked when a random drug test popped hot. He though amphetamines were all the same on tests.

But yeah, we are definitely a nation of low awareness potheads. If it helps with pain or other issues and you use it in moderation, cool. I do the same on the very rare occasion I get pain pills or anything else stronger than Motrin. Knowing my family’s addiction issues, I keep a log and stick to the minimum dosage. If you’re constantly getting “baked” or need a little reefer to deal with everyday life, not so cool.


I can’t speak towards it’s medicinal qualities. The FDA has never approved it for anything. I do know that my brother smoked the hell out of it for 20 years until he went across a center line in his Alfa Romeo convertible one night and was literally run over in the driver’s seat by an F250. Good we had him cremated because there wasn’t much left to put in a casket. He already had three DUI’s for weed and didn’t even have a driver’s license anymore.


People’s Democrat Republic of Kanuckistan has long been a nation of potheeds


In fact…..Veterans Affairs Canada has been paying for 3g/day since 2015….3 years because widespread legalisation
I prefer edibles and concentrates like hash rosin and shatter


Our very own ChipNASA must be on drugs if he thinks that our Beloved OAM is gonna “Gimme Gimme Some Loving”. He can’t get no satisfaction in his quest.

I’ll see myself out…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(as I’m laughing)


Since you broached the subject…


I would like to think she has more standards than to do that with anybody here.


Michigan Legalized pot recently and a town (Menominee, MI) I drove through now has a section of Pot distribution businesses. I live in WI and cross the border to MI to get to my cabin. Traffic has picked up and almost all the cars in line at the drug business are non MI residents that come across the border for drugs. Pots not legal in WI, so they cross the border to get high. Multiple billboards along the roads let you know where to buy and how high you’ll be. Its a disgusting blight on the city of Menominee.


It’s just cannabis, not meth. Those are probably minivan driving soccer moms picking up some gummies for date night.
Shit, alcohol causes far more damage to health and society.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This is why we can’t have Nice Things.
Give an inch, destroy a mile.


So, which ones were smoking prior to this video being shot.

Army-Air Force Guy

“Back in the high life.” There, just tied the two subjects of this blog together. (Love that song, BTW.)


Just in…

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Why would you use illicit fentanyl?
Pharmaceutical fentanyl is dirt cheap.


I think the Chinese provide fentynal for smuggling. We could use that for the death penalty. Doesn’t matter clean or dirty… just make sure it’s enough to do the job. Won’t be any shortages.