Ric Flair claims that he was disrespected, gets contradicted by video

| May 12, 2024

Ric Flair is a retired American professional wrestler. He is now 75 years old. He was a part of a group of people celebrating the graduation of a family member at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza. Flair sounded like he had too much to drink. He ended up in a verbal altercation with the employees. Flair was eventually kicked out of the restaurant. He later generated a post on X saying that he spent $1500 “to be disrespected more than he had been his entire life.” Unfortunately for Flair, the video from the restaurant tells a different story.

From Bounding Into Sports:

The video, which appears to be from a surveillance camera, circulated on social media on Tuesday.

Flair can be seen telling a bar employee, “I didn’t do anything wrong except spend money and put this place over and bring my family and friends here. That is bad for you.”

When the employee asked why it would be bad for him, the 75-year-old 2 time WWE Hall of Famer said that he would disparage the restaurant on social media.

And he did.

Flair asked the man behind the bar his name. The man replied, “Nicholas.”

“Nicholas what? Nicholas D***head,” Flair responded.

Flair denied doing anything wrong, but the employee insisted that he had accosted the restaurant’s manager.

Flair denied this. The employee said Flair “cussed” at him.

“I didn’t say one cuss word,” Flair insisted.

We don’t know the full context of what happened, but in the video the restaurant employees appear to be behaving professionally and being reasonable while Flair continues to be antagonistic.

In the video, Flair can be heard offering a female employee a $1,000 tip to tell the male employee he was haggling with to “kiss my ass.”

The bar employee said that he wasn’t asking Flair to leave, but he was “cut off” from any further alcohol service.

Flair called him a “dips***” twice. Then he said that the guy should “come outside and talk to me like a man.”

Another customer at the bar asked Flair, “Do you want to come outside and talk to me in the parking lot? Because I don’t give a s***.”

Additional reading:

Hanson, J. (2024, May 8). Ric Flair says he was “disrespected” when he was cut off from a bar. Now the video is out. Bounding Into Sports. Link.

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Old tanker

Betcha he doesn’t retract anything even though he was caught on video. In this day of cameras everywhere, especially in businesses it is not unusual to have everything on tape.


My nearby city just spent big dollars to install a camera system
that has all the intersections monitored along with some other
unmentioned areas. You can spot the cameras everywhere.
Just take a look at all the videos on the Daily Mail website.
Some ex Signal guy should come up with the “CamJam”.
It slices, it dices and nobody see’s nothin.


Most newer cam systems are IP based and send data to the server via internet and can be hacked. Yup, this ex Signal guy does a lot of cameras now. Ya’ll should see the systems in trainee barracks now. I can see everything but in their rooms. Thank God that wasn’t true when I was in AIT. I admit nothing, call my lawer.


“…professional wrestler…” *snort* You misspelled professional attention whore, besig. Way back yonder I did Sound Systems setups for various bands and functions, including “professional” wrestling. The stories I could tell. No sport is more “fake and ghey” than wrestling…or as we say down heah…”rasslin'”.It was very comical, to me, to see/hear the “contestants” talking trash outside the “squared circle” and then playing grabass in the locker room, best of buds. Even funnier when they’d have the Ms Thang arm candy fawning all over them when everybody knew they had a down low thing going on, “playing for the other team”. One requirement for the sound system was to have extra mics under the ring to help amplify the sounds of the body slams.

Good Times!


Great times watching Killer Kowalski on a Sat afternoon
growing up in the Boston area.
Now you got me searching my memory for other names.
We knew it was fake but nobody dared say it out loud.


Haystack Calhoun.


Dominic DeNucci, Gorilla Monsoon, and George “The Animal” Steele!

Last edited 2 months ago by Eggs

Georgeous George

RGR 4-78

I can barely remember watching his matches, hell, they may have been reruns, success is success.

It was with the advent of television that Wagner’s in-ring character became the biggest drawing card the industry had ever known. With the networks looking for cheap, effective programming to fill its time slots, pro wrestling’s glorified action became a genuine hit with the viewing public, as it was the first program of any kind to draw a real profit.[18] Consequently, it was Gorgeous George who brought the sport into the nation’s living rooms, as his histrionics and melodramatic behavior made him a larger-than-life figure in American pop culture.[

RGR 4-78
Commissioner Wretched

I work weekends at a local Animal Safari as a tour guide. The largest alpha-male bison in our herd is known as “Gorgeous George.”

Green Thumb

Superfly Snuka.


Ric Flair ripped off / copycatted Gorgeous George Wagner,
who was long dead (1963 at age 48)
10 years before Flair dressed up and acted the same way.

comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

“Bulldog Bob” Brown.


The Iron Sheik.


Ya Jabroni !!!


Chief Jay Strongbow


Bruno Samartino.


Daddy took me to see Gorgeous George way back the…

Last edited 2 months ago by Eggs

I have only been to one pro wrestling match. I spent more time watching the crowd than the performers. Very entertaining.


With more than 20 WWE championships, John Cena is the goat. That man has (acting) skills


Damn. We are using some staff officer vocabulary today!



Fat, drunk, stupid and old is no way to go through life son..


The Nature Boy is my favorite wrestler. From Georgia Championship Wrestling, NWA, to WWF/E Flair was the man. Nobody was better in the ring, and dong promos but his personal life is an absolute train wreck. I don’t doubt that he was drunk and out of control. Its sad to see one of your favs screw the pooch. I prefer to remember him with the 4 Horseman & JJ in steel cage match against Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff and The Road Warriors at the Norfolk Scope just like below.

Those were the days…

Last edited 2 months ago by HT3
Prior Service

I can let most typos slide, but I’ve got no interest in a “dong promo.”


Loved Georgia and Florida Championship Wrestling. NWA was the pinnacle of entertainment in the 80’s. Gordon Solie calling the action in his deadpan, serious voice added the element of realism to the action.

I bought a Greg Valentine shirt that said, “I Broke Wahoo’s Leg”.



That photo of him at the link looks like he stole the haircut
from Biden but I suspect it’s the other way around.


Is that a rooster tail in the back of his haid?


I think it’s called a DA….ducks ass.


Just in case any of you were wondering, the Nature Boy was a Viet of the Nam draft dodger who never served.

Highest number called for a physical was 215, his lottery number was 179.


DADT wasn’t a thing then IIRC, Claw Daddy. Maybe he blew a kiss to the Doc?


Thank God I did most of my alcohol related stupidity before videos. Bad enough to have it replay in my mind without having it broadcast to the world and preserved forever.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

AMEN! to all of the above.
(I wonder if I’d still be kicked off a local college campus for certain shenanigans-it’s been about 50 years or so)


Stylin’ and profilin’ … to be the man you gotta beat the man … Whoooooo!!

Green Thumb

Duse, he could walk the ropes.

Enough said.

Green Thumb

That’s dude. Errors attributed to day drinking.


True story from the Persian Gulf War / post Desert Storm –

My section had THE tent in our unit compound in Saudi Arabia.
We had a TV…. AND a VCR…. and became the “theater tent”.
We only brought along a few tapes, BUT family in the USA
started sending us MORE (AFTER the war was over,
and we were doing sand time waiting for our flight home).

The most popular VCR tapes?
More popular than Cheers…
More popular than Missing in Action and Chuck Norris movies…
More popular than The Three Stooges…..

>>>>>> Japanese Female Tag Team Wrestling <<<<<<
Almost all were like this.. and these VCR tapes packed the tent.

RGR 4-78

Now, that’s entertainment!