Governor Gavin Newsom’s Homelessness Council lost track of $20 billion in spending

| May 11, 2024

A representative from the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (CICH) was unable to answer questions related to the $20 billion spent since the council was set up. The representative said that CICH was dealing with quality issues, so they did not have the metrics available that could detail how the $20 billion was spent. He assured the California Assembly Budget Committee, that they, CICH, was working expeditiously to address this issue.

From Fox News:

“You come to a budget committee, and there’s no numbers,” Democratic Assemblymember Phil Ting said to Newsom’s housing and homelessness officials during Monday’s budget committee hearing. “How many people have we helped? How many people are off the street?”

“Because that’s what people want to know,” he added.

A California Interagency Council on Homelessness (CICH) executive responded that they’re dealing with “data quality issues,” so metrics are not yet available for how more than $20 billion was spent since the council’s inception.

“We’re working expeditiously,” executive officer Meghan Marshall said.

“What does that mean though? We spent billions of dollars, and you can’t tell us at all how many people we’ve helped,” Tang said.

Megan Kirkeby, deputy director for the California Department of Housing and Community Development, told lawmakers in the committee that the state didn’t previously require them to track its progress on spending or the viability of its programs, adding it’s not “something to be proud of.”

CICH, the blue state’s hub for coordinating the state’s homeless programs, shifted blame to local cities last month in an emailed response to Fox News Digital’s inquiry about the failure to track the money. A senior spokesperson said municipalities “are primarily responsible for implementing these programs and collecting data on outcomes that the state can use to evaluate program effectiveness.”

Additional reading:

Joseph, J. (2024, May 10). Blue state Dems turn on Governor as homeless council can’t account for 20 billion in spending. Fox News. Link.

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Old tanker

To be fair, spending other people’s money is the forte of the dems. Keeping track of it, obtaining results, actually accomplishing something with it, not so much. Same for responsibility.


Dems don’t lose money. They funnel it to their friends without recording it. They fund political causes secretly. And then claim someone made an honest error or the republicans did it.


Just ask Sam Bankman-Fried and the Ukrainians about those sizable political contributions made to politicians who approved all that aid.
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Hack Stone

$20 Billion lost on “helping the homeless”, and over $100 Billion lost on the High Speed Rail. Who did they hire to monitor the ledgers, the Clinton Global Initiative? And don’t forget all of the entitlements that they are handing out to the “newcomers”. California is the financial equivalent of The Hindenburg crashing into The Titanic.


DiBlasio Financial (formerly Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.)

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics.

Army-Air Force Guy

Geez, they could’ve taken all that money and built a couple desalination plants plus some piping to pump water into ag country, and help with that 20 year drought.

RGR 4-78

The potential for political graft is there, but significantly smaller.


The Dems wanted to hire 80,000+ new IRS agents to keep track of private citizens money. Perhaps California should hire 800+ agents to keep track of public tax money.


Where’s the money? In the pockets of the politicians, their lackeys, and the crooks running these homeless agencies. Listen to Adam Carolla, the funny half of the duo, from the Man Show. He lives in LA, and he has many rants about the homeless problems. The people that run these agencies make $250K a year plus whatever they steal through back-channels and slush funds You think they’re going to stop the gravy train? If homelessness ended, they’d out of a job. Its California AT ITS BEST!!!

Hack Stone

Much like the Racism Industry. Once America stops being racist, the money stops flowing to Al Sharpton.

A Proud Infidel®™

Along with Jesse Jackson, they both make big sums of money off of pimping racial unrest.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was going to say that the moola shmoola went south into the pols deep pockets. like guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa used to say, “wined, dined and pocket lined”


Glad I read the comments before posting what you just said. Saved me a bunch of typing and typos.

Skivvy Stacker

Com de revoluteeon dey will loose dere heds.


Let’s see… $20,000,000,000/ 172,000 homeless people in all of California = $116,279 each.

Sounds like the problem is completely solved. No way there could be even one homeless person left in the state with that level of spending.

Wait… You don’t suppose it could be that they don’t have the numbers of people helped available because they kept the money and didn’t help anyone? We should ask Commissary.

Last edited 2 months ago by 5JC

You can bet every penny of it found a home.


Or homie.


His empirical data doesn’t include anything that could be construed as not helping the cause.


I’m shocked he hasn’t showed up to tell us this is a good thing, and totally reasonable…

Army-Air Force Guy

Yep, all Trump’s fault.


Oh FFS! And this, Girls and Boys, is why we can’t have nice things…and why grubermints all over the country have indebted We, The People with uncounted billions/trillions in debt. Commiefornia got the grubermint they deserve…and voted for. Y’all do see the future for our Republic when Noisome & Company are (s)elected to become prezzy (if we last that long), doncha?


he’s gonna have to compete with Gov Polesmoker from Colorado… he’s got the same aspirations, and the same commie mindset. screw em all!

Hack Stone

This shit only gets better. Looking forward to a Gavin Newsom Presidential run.


Wow. Well, fair is fair. If they do it for the junkies, might as well do it for the alkies. 🤣🍺🥃


Look how well methadone has gone. /sarc


It could always be worse:

Good movie with an awesome soundtrack!


The ease with which that “yoot” inserted that suppository indicates quite a bit of practice with such insertions.


‘Ted, my father never bought a drunk a drink. What does that mean exactly?”

“It means he was a good man, he was honest and he never added to the troubles of the world.”


Imagine if you will, a Newsom/ Pritzker ticket. You know he would pick somebody just as shady, I mean, fiscally responsible as he is.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m not surprised, we’re talking about a State that distributes drug paraphenalia to junkies in the guise of “public safety” along with “safe sites” to get stoned among other things. I only wonder how much of that money went to the politicians who pimped that boondoggle?

Hack Stone

The same with Philadelphia. Open drug markets in Kensington with zombies passed out on the sidewalks, but don’t you dare consume a 16 ounce beverage that contains high fructose corn syrup, that shit is bad for you. The government needs to set up “safe consumption zones” so that people can safely ingest these dangerous sodas. And they should be conveniently located at major intersections and highway off-ramps. And while consuming these threats to life, might as well throw in a burger and fries. They can call these places “fast food restaurants”.


Maybe,,, check their net worth before and after! They are politicians after all


Off shore accounts????


Martha Stewart still unavailable for comment.


I’d be honored to audit those funds for a modest fee and certain formalities. As it were, I am not really confident that they want to know what happened, from an accounting point of view.

USMC Steve

Just look in their pockets.