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| January 21, 2022

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SLO County Sheriff’s Office says shooting in rural Paso Robles was self-defense

A man was shot in rural Paso Robles on Tuesday night, in an incident the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is describing as self-defense. Deputies responded to a report of a shooting on the 14000 block of Chimney Rock Road around 10:50 p.m., according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

The incident initially was reported as two trespassers in a car on the property. According to the release, Daniel Enriquez David, 67, was inside the home and confronted one of the trespassers.

The Sheriff’s Office says the two got into an argument and David fired a shotgun at the car, shooting a man identified as 37-year-old Michael Fordyce, of Paso Robles, in the face and the shoulder.

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The Tribune

Ill. store clerk shoots, kills suspect during armed robbery

By Evan Denton
A store clerk in Illinois shot and killed an armed robbery suspect and will not be facing charges at this time.

“After a preliminary review of surveillance video and witness interviews, it appears the use of force by the employee was justified as self-defense and for the defense of others inside the store during the robbery,” Rock Island County State’s Attorney Dora Villarreal said.

The store clerk explained to KWQC why he pulled the trigger.

The incident occurred Tuesday night at Blackhawks Tobacco & Vape in Rock Island, Illinois. According to police, three robbery suspects, all wearing masks, entered the store. One of them had a gun.

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I now think the only way to control handgun use is to prohibit the guns. And the only way to do that is to change the Constitution. — M. Gartner, then President of NBC News

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Did the Rock Island County store clerk use a Rock Island Armory handgun?


Blackhawks Tobacco & Vape?! How dare they! My probable ancestors are offend!!!!

Btw feelz bad story, reportedly Mr. ‘His name is Robert Paulson’ Meatloaf made the jump to hyperspace and is off to his great reward.


*Meat Loaf. All apologies.


I’ll bet that Bat flew right past Hell and didn’t need a dashboard light to find Paradise. Rock and Roll Heaven is putting the Band back together. RIP, Good Sir, your music helped keep us from getting cold and lonely in the deep dark night.


And now Louie Anderson.

We’re *FUCKED*.


If not a FGS, then certainly a 2022 Darwin Award nominee.
Includes video (with WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT disclaimer).

[Motorcyclist fleeing LAPD dies in head-on crash broadcast live on TV]

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Oh this was FGS and DRT too.
Clap Clap.
He took out his own trash.
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Last edited 2 years ago by ChipNASA

….. on a STOLEN motorcycle, no less.
As the Vietnamese say….
“You no number 1. You number 10 !!!” (the worst).


Satire here, but entirely reasonable in some third world countries:
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About the “self defense shooting” in rural Paso Robles Ca. This is just the end of a incredibly stupid feud, that involves multiple illegal marijuana farms, on property that is claimed by one man, but actually owned by another, who never knew the 1st man leased out the 2nd man’s property to a 3rd guy for an illegal marijuana farm, who didn’t pay the rent, so the 1st guy kicked them off the property and took over their pot farm in retaliation, making the 3rd guy pissed off and call the cops after he confronted the 1st guy who shot him (thus the “self defense” story)…and they all have past criminal records, except the 2nd guy who wants everyone off his land and to take the pot farm with them.

Yeah, we got some real inbred winners in the north county area.