Family of Fallen Marine Sues Alec Baldwin

| January 20, 2022

Alec Baldwin

This story is becoming interesting. I’ll give you the really quick version and you can watch or read more for details.

* Marine LCpl Rylee McCollum is killed in Afghanistan, one of 13 killed in Aug
* Alec Baldwin sees the story and reaches out to the family
* Baldwin donated $5,000 to Rylee’s sister Roice, with instructions to pass on the money to Rylee’s widow and newborn child, who had a baby that Rylee had not seen
* Roice, the sister, posted a photo on Instagram of herself at the gathering at the Capital on Jan 6, 2021
* Baldwin sees the photo and asks on social media “Are you the same woman that I sent the $ to for your sister’s husband who was killed during the Afghanistan exit?”
* Seemingly based on the photo, Baldwin calls her a “rioter” and an “insurrectionist”
* Family sues over, in their view, false characterization and defamation in public
* Roice MacCollum claims she was just there and did not participate in the storming of the capital building, and was cleared by interviews with the FBI

Here is the exact exchange:

Baldwin: When I sent the $ for your late brother, out of real respect for his service to this country, I didn’t know you were a January 6th rioter.

Roice: Protesting is perfectly legal in the country and I’ve already had my sit down with the FBI. Thanks, have a nice day!

Baldwin: I don’t think so. Your activities resulted in the unlawful destruction of government property, the death of a law enforcement officer, an assault on the certification of the presidential election. I reposted your photo. Good luck.

Here is one link:

Here’s another:

Here is another link that provides the breakdown in video format:

This is a shame.  The fallen Marine’s sacrifice gets lost in all of this bickering.  It will be interesting what shakes out.

Here is his photo in case his sacrifice becomes lost in another story that has the potential to overshadow what happened to him.

LCpl Rylee McCollum

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Retired Grunt

Jesus, I don’t wish ill upon people as a rule but I’m kind of wishing maybe he would have over drawn that pistol and maybe that bullet went somewhere else or under pulled and maybe disconnected his testicles. May my creator forgive me.


Can’t hit/disconnect what he doesn’t have.

A Proud Infidel®™

Alec Baldwin can take a shit in his hand and slap himself.


Redundant …(h/t to GT)

“ ordure, meconium, excreta, ejectamenta, jobbie, sullage.”


This dumb-fuck has just committed all the elements of the tort of defamation per se: A false allegation of a crime, attributed to the plaintiff, that was published to third parties. He has accused the widow of committing the crimes of insurrection and riot, even after she told him she did nothing more than attend the rally, without violating any law. False accusation of a crime is slander or libel per se, thus no proof of economic loss damages is required. And punitive damages are awardable. Baldwin published the defamatory statement to 2.5 million social media followers. He persisted even after the woman informed him that she had been interviewed by the Fan Belt Inspectors who found she did nothing illegal.

Anyway, that is my ex-lawer legal opinion. I will await the opinion from our well known legal skolar, the mendacious mollusk.


He should learn to quit while he’s behind.

Skivvy Stacker

Alec Baldwin…from zero to zero at the speed of light.


I hope to God that the MacCollum family get justice and the expense of Alec “FAG” Baldwin.


After Alice Ballsloose spends all his fortune to atone for his sh^tbaggery, may his worthless soul only be able to afford the cheap seats of hell.

Daisy Cutter

An educated guess here:

  • Balwin felt that $5000 was a small price to pay for image repair. It was made public, so otherwise, we would never have heard about it.
  • Keeping the first point in mind, when he saw the Instagram photo of the woman at the Capital, his immediate fear was it would all backfire on him and he would be criticized for supporting that family.
  • Baldwin sought to get out in front of all this by publicly distancing himself from the woman, in a very public way I might add.
  • Once Baldwin dug his heels in, there was no turning back. Accusations had to suggest reality.

Baldwin would have been better off simply privately sending a check with a note that said “Sorry for your loss. I thank your husband for his service and sacrifice.”

Even if there is an implication later, who would blame him for knowing or not knowing someone’s political status or inclinations to attend events.

This is why I think there were strings attached and he had a strong desire for the act’s outcome.


This is what happens when a rally of about 125,000 peaceful attendees,
and then a protest by many of them, with about 3000 knuckleheads,
starts out good, and then turns ugly.

The leftwingnuts want to pretend they can’t tell the difference
between peaceful protesters and knuckleheads,
and try to label the whole 125,000 as “insurrectionists”.
Worse, they get the MSM to go along with much of it.

The rightwingnuts want to pretend the 3000 knuckleheads did nothing wrong,
denying and minimizing,
with 2020 BLM protests for rotten apples and bad oranges comparisons.

No surprise, the nuts and bolts on both wingtips want to get their own off,
while overdoing it to the other side.

And now, dipshit Alec Baldwin just fell into his own trap.
F AB. I assume the 30 Rock reunion show is now off, for good.



The comparison is apt. The left wing riots of 2016–2020 were an attempt to change the legitimately elected government. BLM, Antifa, etc can only be described as insurrectionists.

The fact that Joe got elected and the media stopped covering the violence does not mean it has ended.

Does the high “crime rate” ring a bell? No, it is not a “high crime rate”. It is a continuation of an insurgency.

What happened on Jan 6 was ill conceived and silly, but it was certainly NOT an organized, funded, and planned insurrection like we saw all of the past presidential term.

Had 2016–2020 happened in Iraq we would have surged to stop it.


No word on when he will take the money donated to BLM and other “charities” back for “activities resulted in the unlawful destruction of government property, the death of a law enforcement officer”





When Baldwin dies, I hope it is penniless and alone. He is scum

Name withheld by request

Classy behavior from the pillar of The Hollywood Elite.

Green Thumb

Baldwin probably needs the money back for his own defense.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Im sure that Alec Baldwin will find some Hollywierd Attorney who will defend him all the way to his last dollar!


It is difficult to hold someone accountable for the actions of others. Roice admits she was at the protest, but did not go inside. If people want to call her an “insurrectionist” that is on them. If “true threats” are made against her, that is on them.
The widow and the other sister are a different story. Baldwin accuses them of being at the Capital on January 6. They were not.

His statements concerning them are reckless and false, casting them in a false light.

Baldwin also accuses the three women of causing “the death of a law enforcement officer,” which again is a lie and definitely libel.

The younger sister should get a little because she was there and the only lie is that she caused the death of someone.

The older sister and the widow should get a lot more as they had nothing to do with Jan6th and Baldwin should have known that.

McCollum’s sacrifice is getting lost in this, or shall I say “buried” in the scum and slime that is Alec.


He will lose this lawsuit if it goes to trial. His comments are defamatory per se. His lawyers should convince him to get out his checkbook and settle.


Can we tell him when he has a enough zeros behind that healthy first number?


This is what happens when an over indulgent loud mouth makes disgusting opinions and has a aggressive approach and attitude to just about everything. Being in the public eye requires maturity and a sense of responsibility that Alec Baldwin clearly lacks. Over and over again in the media even from way back in the day when his career was just starting out he had a temper and was a nasty individual. Money has always bailed him out apparently from past indignant faux pas. From accidental murder to insensitive and insulting comments this guy has checked all the boxes. Its time he retired and shut his hole for once.